IACS: 5 years for the benefit of energy

IACS: 5 years for the benefit of energy

March 6 in the framework of the exhibition and conference «Russia Power 2013″ for the fifth time was the final stage of the Youth program «Investing in the future», organized by the International Association for Corporate Education, in conjunction with the Corporation PennWell. The current situation in the system of professional training is not ideal, so IACS is aimed primarily at supporting young and talented professionals.

2007 a group of leading industrial companies the idea of ​​creating the International Association for Corporate Education (IACS) to determine the mechanisms of cooperation in the field of corporate education. Over the years, identified key areas of activity, including the promotion of corporate education, including at the international level, as well as the consolidation of the efforts of large and medium-sized businesses, education and government to develop various kinds of instruments, contributing to the development of human capital.

To create conditions for the development of youth and human capital Russian Association conducts project and program activities. The approach is characterized by the depth of IACS and the use of modern technology, which can effectively solve problems of companies on «work with young specialists» (the construction of professional and career paths of young professionals, career and industry maps, etc..).

Under the theme of IACS organizes specialized formats of interaction between employers, educational institutions, federal and regional authorities in the following areas:

«The sale of the profession» — programs and projects aimed at the recruitment of young professionals, increasing the popularity of certain professions and trades (both industry and individual companies and enterprises), increasing the number of students opting for a rare specialty, educational institutions and professions, building image Employer recognized by young people and students.

«The territory of a career» — programs and projects aimed at building young management personnel flows in the region and in the company, designing a matrix of possibilities to build vertical and horizontal careers for young people, taking into account the needs and opportunities of the region and the company.

The Association has developed a portfolio of solutions seed technology business for CCI Samara region, projects for the Government of the Ulyanovsk region, Perm region. Conducts specialized courses on career development, taking into account the specifics of the region, professional orientation actions aimed at changing ideas about the prestige of the profession, the organization of communication with parents, the formation of an actual matrix of social prestige of the profession and future projections change the professional world.

«Involving young professionals.» One of the key instruments for the formation of loyalty to the employer and increased motivation to achieve professional results are special events and competitions, one of which is the youth program «Investing in the future.» That is the project manager told the youth programs IACS Denis Krivosheev.

— For the fifth year in the framework of Russia Power IACS is holding a contest among young specialists of companies, students and graduate students, with the aim of drawing attention to them by the engineering community, and representatives of companies. Over the years, the competition over 45 universities sent their members were sent some 350 works that have completed more than 500 students and young professionals from more than 30 regions of Russia. Traditionally, the definition of winners is in several categories in the field of energy. The first invitation to tender, we sent in October last year. Applications filed 119 participants from 35 regions of the country — only 84 projects. For the first time the final stage takes place internally, ie Reports finalists, which 23 work directly heard here. In each category, three finalists. As a result of performances by the competent jury, composed of representatives of universities, trade journals and partner companies, will determine the winner. One lucky person will receive the Audience Award by voting online IACS www.makonews.ru and chat during the finals.

Search Members, according to D. Krivosheeva carried out on several channels of information. One of them — a direct mailing. Over the years the event has accumulated an impressive base of not only young professionals, but also the energy of universities across the country. Finally, the translation through partner companies, including this year’s «RusHydro» SO UES, Schneider Electric and Enterprise Academy Rosatom. So, about ten projects submitted by employees is SO UES.

Before you become familiar with the names of the authors of the best works, a few words about prizes. The winners in each category have the opportunity to take part in the Innovation Forum of young power engineers, «Fast and Furious 2013»: Playground «Energopolis», which will take place in July and organized by the State Corporation «Rosatom» together with the IACS. During the forum, lectures, workshops, master classes in three main areas: energy efficiency, safety and innovation. In addition, the event includes an extensive cultural and sports program.

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