In the country have …

In the country have ...

Today, not many actors can boast of its demand for over 45 years. Honored Artist of Russia Gennady Matveyev may, but does not brag. But it is colorful and richly tells about his friends, their village and their holiday trips to their cottages. Behind this remarkable artist dozens of theatrical works, as in many TV series, filming at the famous directors in the no less famous films. «Dark Eyes,» «A Few Days in the Life», «crew», «Do not go, girls, get married,» «The House that Swift Built», «Let sleeping dogs lie», «Shirley Myrli», «The Magician» — this is not a complete list of pictures with his participation. The songs that he writes and sings — these are songs by the real Russian soul. I have no doubt that this amazing, talented, open-minded person draws its inspiration from the surrounding country house of nature. I imagine my surprise when I heard, «his garden I do not have, but I dream …»

This is where rustic expanse.

Of course, I would like to have a summer residence, but it is somehow did not work out … no construction I have never worked … Perhaps that is why it is impossible to giving. And our Russian nature I love, not the word. My childhood was not far from Moscow. There was a year-round playground in Rassudovo the Kiev railway. My mother worked there as a teacher. So the pre-school years I spent in a village surrounded by nature … And then, in the winter — the city (going to school), and again Rassudovo summer, but summer camp … So, in spite of living in the center of Moscow, has always gravitated toward the village more than the city. All my friends know this and so always invite me to visit and hopefully take with joy. Most often I go to the country to the actor Sergei Udovik. His house is in the village Bezumovo in the Tver region. In those places beautiful river Holding. One of its advantages — it with fish. I come visit all ready, but with a guitar. While the hosts are busy garden work, I go fishing to the river. This is where rustic expanse! .. At such moments, good verses added. However, before the record is not reached: the fish begins to bite, which is much less poetry … In fact, I’m writing songs for a long time, but rarely. Singing mostly friends sometimes gives concerts. It would be more likely, but the time is not enough for all: touring productions shooting. While on the other hand, Udovik also very busy. In addition to the theater a permanent job in the movies and on TV shows, but, podish you build a house, trees nasazhal children grow. We must seriously think about giving. Nature resting body and soul, especially the river.

Returning from fishing, and friends and garden in order, and check point heated bath — awaits guests. My contribution to rural recreation — the songs, and even of the fish in the river nalovlennoy cook signature dish — «Fish in secret.» You, so be it, I will tell. The fish is cleaned, rinse well, pat dry with a towel and carefully rub with salt and spices. Then wrap in mugs and smear a secret … The secret is easy, especially if you have to hand the clay. The clay should be slightly diluted with water — that’s the whole secret. By this time we must be prepared coals and ashes. Only it is necessary to smear mud all the fish, then put it in the ashes and sprinkle the coals. After 20-30 minutes the dish is ready. As they say, bon appetit!

«But the heat more — important.»

But, of course, the central event of the village recreation — a bath-and-a guy with a song-Eden. That’s when you really exempt from all urban problems. Bath we love, we go in the steam room several times. Infusion for a bath we do ourselves. If the court in June, then we take linden flowers (250 g per liter of water), pour boiling water and leave for 5-6 hours (until the room is heated, but insisted). And at any time — currant leaves (fresh and harvested for future use for the tea). These leaves a lot of ascorbic acid, and so this pair is good for colds and generally strengthens prevention. Tea leaves are harvested only. We must take the young leaves, slightly dry in the shade. They were then rolled up, covered with wet burlap and left overnight (8-10 hours). Then finally dried in the shade, you can on the porch. The leaves are brewed for drinking, and the steam room. Parimsya, relax, let the songs sing:

«A cure is a long-standing

And should be treated baths!

Only the heat more — important …

Yes big oak broom

According to the white shoulders of loved ones,

On the chest, back and foot …

By years past, over the years! «.

And then the traditional feast songs, anecdotes, memories …

Lyudmila Zaitseva sometimes asks me to take her to the country. His car is not, and it is independent — all trying to make itself, in front of do not like to ask, as we had in the «Pike» studied together, so, like, as well as relatives. Ludmila comes from the Kuban — a peasant’s daughter — she had known from childhood, of Labour and return the land requires. Still dreaming of a summer residence. Now, he is trying as much as possible to go there.

Lyudmila Zaitseva: «I’ve always admired people of the earth.»

My roots are from the far East Kuban farm. They lived hard, poor, got up early, worked hard. Mom in the morning on the collective farms, and came home — and again undertook to work. I went for a mother on his heels, helping on the farm, was never CIT. My mother dreamed that I learned to be an economist, but I was determined to become an actress. Several years she worked at the Ryazan Youth Theatre. The room in the dormitory cold, lack of money, supporting roles — leverets, chanterelles. Trips to distant villages for three performances a day. After unsuccessful attempts to get to the Moscow Art Theatre School, I enrolled in the School of Shchukin. The school is about me all said: «The girl is able to let a girl capable of.» And what can, no one explained.

Life is explained. I used to just pursue itself. Build an apartment for their money. When filming, I had them. I always wanted to have at least a small piece of land, sometimes to breathe fresh air. Before, I could not afford it — it was necessary to feed the daughter — a student, a sick husband, mother … Now it’s a dream come true. I am happy every day spent at their summer cottage.

Friends I have a little, but the more valuable those relationships. When you come to me on a summer residence, be sure to treat you with cabbage pie. And if unexpected guests and no time to prepare, bake pies with apples, especially in the season. Stuffing prepare in advance as jam, only to hold fire for about 15 minutes, no more. I used both as a filling and as a summer jam for tea. The dough is too simple. On board sift 500g flour, in the formed knoll do deepen and put in a cup of sour cream, 1 tbsp. spoonful of sugar, 1/2 tsp. salt 2 tbsp. tablespoons oil to the same slugger 2 eggs and knead the dough quickly. Then I roll off the ball, put on a plate, cover with a towel and leave in a cool place. After half an hour it is necessary to roll out the dough, cut circles, each circle lubricate the beaten egg, put in the middle of the stuffing and pie blind. Sami cakes, too, need to grease with beaten egg. Bake pies in a hot oven. 15 minutes — and you’re done! Delicious! Although my mother’s pies from the Russian stove was much tastier.

Gennady Matveyev:

Up to the very edge of the village,

I’ll think of furnaces.

After all, they are our mothers,

Roofs hold on his shoulders.

This line from the song «Blue Twilight in the village ‘, which I wrote at the cottage cameraman Anatoly Z’s. I love to ride him in the Vologda region, the village Gridnetskaya there nearby village Timonikha — the birthplace of the writer Vasily Belov. I was lucky enough to Vasily Ivanovich closely communicate … And in general, giving Anatoly Dmitrievicha- another story. The man on the ground. No wonder Basil Shukshin all operators preferred the Z’s. And the place where the marvelous …

Outside the village — edge,

It grieves in silence,

Wooden church —

The attraction of the soul.

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