In the Kuban

In the Kuban

Gardening in the Kuban region — an important sector of agriculture. In the collective and state farms of the Krasnodar regional administration of production and procurement of agricultural products in the last five years, planted about 40 hectares of gardens. In the Krasnodar Territory organized 31 specialized farms with a total area of ​​orchards and berry 21,500 hectares (18% of the area occupied by the fruit and berry crops in the province), vineyard acres 3437. All these facilities are subject to the trust horticulture, fruit and plodopitomnicheskih farms.

By the end of the seven-year period for each farm will be the average for 1000-1200 acres of gardens and 100-200 hectares of vineyards, mostly table grapes. In addition, the farm pays great attention to the development of animal husbandry.

The seven-year plan for orchards and vineyards, farms propose to meet in 1964.

Practice shows that only in specialized farms gardening can be a highly profitable industry. According to long-term data, mainstream economy harvest fruits average 20-30 quintals per hectare, and specialized — 50-60 quintals, and the marketability of the fruits have 2-3 times higher.

In the industrial centers of shipped products mainly specialized farms. In 1963 they were sent to industrial centers and resort towns of 15 thousand tons of fruit in the general terms of all shipments of the fruit of the Krasnodar regional management of production and procurement of agricultural products 14.3 thousand tons. In these farms developed cadres of skilled gardeners, better implemented advanced methods of farming.

Products Krasnodar farm «Agronomist» is well-known workers of Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk, Kirov, and even the island of Dixon. In this farm 2238 hectares of gardens, 90 hectares of vineyards. It harvests the fruits of 50-60 tons per hectare on average.

Due to the drought in 1962 and 1963 harvest fruits at the farm, «agronomist» down, but even in bad weather conditions we are raised in 1963 to 40 quintals of fruit per hectare over the entire area. The brigade I (foreman VN Bogoduhov) on a plot of 30 hectares of fruit collected 136.5 quintals per hectare in team 3 (Brigadier PN Hawks) 32 acres — for 135.6, and at the Department of 4 300 hectares of cultivated area of ​​120 quintals per hectare,

Far beyond the Kuban State Farm knows «Saddam Giant.» Its gardens occupy 2174 hectares. Over the entire area of ​​fruit-bearing plants in 1963 are collected at 87.8 quintals per hectare fruit.

Brigade I. Kurakin on a plot of 40 hectares grown fruit yield 130 quintals per hectare, and in the Department I (the manager Ruban IV) received 191 centners per each 132 acres.

State Farm «Red» is widely known and enjoys an excellent reputation as a plodopitomnicheskoe economy. He grows planting fruit trees, roses and lilacs; orchards and vineyards occupy 991 hectares here.

State Farm «Red» is located in the northern part of the province, where the natural conditions are less favorable for the development of horticulture. However, the high level of agricultural technology enables the economy every year high yields of fruits — in 2-3 times higher than in non-specialized state and collective farms of the same area. In 1963, the average yield is pome fruit crop amounted to 66 tons per hectare, and cherries and cherries — about 80 quintals.

Tips Comrade Khrushchev the use of hillsides under fruit plantations and vineyards have been enthusiastically received by our specialists.

The flagship in the mountain gardening is considered to be farm «St. Michael’s Pass»; It is located in the Tuapse region and its land stretch for 60 kilometers along the Black Sea coast, going through the valleys of the mountain rivers far into the mountains. Orchards and vineyards in the sector employs 2 273 hectares. According to long-term data, the average yield of the fruit is not the case below 80-90 quintals per hectare, and in 1963 have grown an average of 170.3 kilograms.

On deck 2 (control VS Sobolewski) to harvest the fruits of 241 hundredweight from each of 116 hectares. The brigade R. Kovalenko on a plot of 35 hectares of fruit collected 345 quintals per hectare, and in the link EF skins — 412 quintals in each of the 17 hectares.

The Trust six mountain state farms; Gardens in these farms were established mainly in the last two or three years and occupy 4037 hectares. By the end of the seven-year period in each of them will be not less than 800-1 000 hectares of commercial orchards.

All specialized farms Trust completed the production year (1963) with a profit. Total income amounted to 11.1 million rubles at the plan of 5126 thousand. Economy fully paid off with the government on all kinds of supplies of agricultural products. The average yield of fruits collected 70 tons per hectare, while in non-specialized farms the edge — no more than 30 quintals.

In specialized farms the leading sector — fruit combined with dairy cattle and the industrial processing of non-standard agricultural products. In 1963, the yield on the forage cow trust in state farms was 46.7% higher than in the other collective and state farms.

Our farms have developed canned fruits and vegetables 13.5 million standard cans, fruit juices and extracts 8000 tons, 800 tons of dried fruits.

Canned goods, manufactured in state farms at significantly lower cost, and the same quality as products of canneries.

Our task is to build in each farm fruit processing plant; 12 farms are already workshops; construction is conducted by bank loans.

In specialized farms gardening pay little attention, land reserved for gardens, used badly. The gardens are scattered in small patches at state and collective farms, izrezheny, they do not repair or seal. Most farms gardening unprofitable.

In the future, fruit and grape plantations need to lay large blocks, mainly in specialized farms.

A major problem we believe irrigation of gardens in the steppe part of the region. Many years of practice is increasingly convinces us that without irrigation in the steppe part of the region can not expect to receive a stable, even middle-harvest fruit, nor can there be lasting gardens with high marketability of fruit, especially valuable varieties of winter.

Trust is taking steps to build irrigation networks for irrigating gardens. In the next 1-2 years the gardens of the farm «Agronomist» and «Sad-Gigant» almost the entire area to get water, which will increase the fruit yield is 20-30 thousand tons.

Encouraged by the decisions of the February (1964) Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU, the fruit growers of the Kuban achieve a sharp increase in production! fruit, berries and grapes of high quality.

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