In the twelfth year of my life, I began to hunt for gun stealing my older brother. It soon caught the scene of the crime, he was tried by the court and the family received a strict reprimand with an indication of all the muck of my action. However, the judges, including my mother, every one were passionate hunters. They knew that the offender, who had gone on this path, incorrigible. So I handed over the ownership of a gun with all accessories: Hunting — do nothing — but do not steal.

Alas! Hunting without a dog duck-sided, and marsh and forest game limping on both legs. And I sops entices for a Boxing, an old setter my father. Four-legged rascal pretended that he was listening to me, as long as I remained for him treats. He walked with me, finds game and did rack. But make sure he ate a meal and I have nothing else, calmly go home and on their own. Old rogue on my hunt turned a blind eye: the so — pranks, smuggling.

Then I bought twenty cents, hired for the snouts of dogs, stray beckon. It happened to fall on the looters brazenly devouring murdered my game. One proud contempt mug which I hate more than forty years, somehow learned to bite off just a taste of the heads of my ducks. After firing all disappeared: no duck or a dog. I listen: crunch and champing in the slum. With life-threatening to climb through the quagmire, and broad mound despicable face licked over the headless duck!

What to do? I had to rub shoulders with the dregs of dog breeds. They could smell, as though it could somehow be ready for take-off game, and stagger blindly so very hard.

From the set of random dogs with whom I hunted all youth, the vast majority of godilos not only the gallows, but few of them they were not without some merit. Among them Kronides, purebred doggie, slightly reminiscent pointer appearance, was a bright personality, determined my dog ​​world.

Kronid I bought forty-five cents from a drunken hunter who beat him anything, for that horrible, even for nothing, and, of course, is not fed. In the hut, where I lived on hunting, Kronides got straw matratsik, abundant food, and no one was hit. It would seem — for habitation, and heaven. Kronides ran away as soon as I left him alone. Two hours later the same hunter, swaying and giggling, offered to buy me a dog.

— But this is Kronides?

— Correctly. Kronka, he is.

— So I bought it!

— B eerno. Only he, then, to escape me again, and so is mine.

— How much for it?

— Poltinnichek. And even then Piglet lacking. For you, it means, hehe!

I paid for three days Kronides excellent hunting performed his duties, then disappeared. Boozer led him again and again sold. Here are found the fool! Well, I have a factory of fifty dollars or something! And worst of all, what kind of pleasure Kronidke there, drunkards, where the beat and do not feed!

I did not take his eyes off good, very obedient little dog, and soon spied clue to his disappearance. Hearing a prolonged, strong whistling, carrying from somewhere in the gardens, Kronides even threw a cup of food, ran away and disappeared. What is the point to beat him, and for what?

I paid fifty dollars more and began Kronides. I stroked, fed him, constantly referred to by name, playing, fiddling with it, repeating all the time: Kronides, Kronides, Kronides. He was lying in the sun in front of the hut, when we heard the call of a whistle, and has already jumped, going to run, but I leaned out the window and shouted:

— Where, Kronides? Back Kronides!

He shivered, glancing in the direction of the whistle. I ran to him, caressed him, supported him wavering dark will. He stayed.

Power whistle on him over, stopped and extortion fifty dollars, but I have that was not enough. I called the former owner of my dog ​​and suggested approach, whistle, shout as you like, and when it was gone Kronides the call, I just said:

— Kronides to me. Home, Kronides!

He returned with a guilty wagging his tail at my feet. Boozer left with insults, saying that Kronka the hands strayed. He was mine.

Decent setter dog should only retrieve game, as it allowed some concessions and feed the bird, but the hare even notice she has no right: hare hounds deal. Kronides lawlessness and very nice combined the dignity of all breeds. He is extremely obsequiously standing over hollows faithfully caught lined duck and persistent and dimensional barking drove the hare. When his soft nature to me such a versatile talent really liked; surely we would proohotilis together a number of very nice year, if in the first winter after we met dearest little dog not eaten by wolves.

I am sincerely sorry for him, the more that faced the problem: I need my own real serious dog. By the time I was already in the nineteenth year, I put on the form of student and I knew a lot of hunting science better than those that have been written in my matriculation. On these grounds, an old hunter me the honor: gave me a puppy from the expected offspring of his famous Diana.

If the study of jurisprudence, which I enrolled in the university, I have devoted so much trouble, trouble, attention and labor, as he gave her a puppy education, then surely I would rather remarkable lawyer. But fate has left me with the dogs.

My Dick, born in the early spring growing up in adverse conditions: all the time in the bright sun, among the thick grass. I was preparing for him thoroughly to weed out bone meal, fed him fresh raw eggs, rubbing them into powder shell, cooked carrots for him.

— Nonsense do — sometimes grumbled the old hunter — dogs are not fed eggs. Cook chicken thief.

No, my dick never stole nothing and that my breast was not nonsense, it became apparent very soon. Dick lively outgrown all his brothers and sisters, playfully throws them from the cup with the food and the first bass hilarious barked when they are only food.

athlete, handsome, clever, my dick in the swamp turned fool-fool. He took a stick in his mouth still warm and fun grouse carried me like a rag. No feelings /

■ — On aspen! — Maliciously said the old hunter, I was horrified when told him about the first speech, Dick. — To grow in oryasinu scientist. Shame for all kind of my Diayy.

— The circus can a dog show — maliciously comforted me more — a lot of money composition.

Indeed, Dick my plate to take my hat off to anyone. He is well-portrayed as a dog with disgust refuses goodies offered by an old woman (of lava hands), and happily enough the same piece if to say that he by a young beauty (right hand). Dick hosted the whole presentation, showing how the dog is dead, although the winds fly around her ear and wasps buzzing around her nose that way: ding-deyn. It takes even a bull horn and the dog in the ribs tyk — no, izdohla dog. Suddenly, a wolf and a dog by the tail-wing .. Well, there’s a dog jumps up with a cheerful laemі

Out of modesty, I kept silent about who played responsible roles flies, a bull and a wolf; the audience is always enthusiastically welcomed by the main actor, to bear on the shoulders of the entire play.

During the winter, Dick finally formed and strengthened, improved in the sciences.

He sought out and brought the brush, which combed his coat, and, pushing his knees head TYAK aggressively, so clearly looked intelligent eyes that no one had the heart to refuse such a sweet dog in her request: everything took brush and stroked her Dikё. And a short smooth coat it always shone like silk. Having Dick in his mouth a piece of paper, I said:

— Carry a letter her mother!

He walked behind her cold nose poking into the hands of as long as Ohm did not take the paper. Sometimes, on the contrary, I shouted:

— Dick, bring a note!

O headlong chmdelsya * And my mother did not calm down until I got the papers.

— Doya- * * Men have a dog — I said grimly — ugh! Here kdeaya dog » oaeshu in dog runs, dog selling. Do u have!

I neck of a very sad look. Dick looked at me, puzzled. E * about repeated often and for a long time.

— Buda * howl, • — urged me home — and will povyl: tired. We own dog bread batters.

And then one day I just started to sell funeral bagpipes vile dog. Ditch plaintive howl. I kissed him, fed vsyach * m * delicacies and danced with him wild dance that gave him pleasure yaelichayshvv. Since then, a number of vytem -oodvzhey dog ​​passed without misfires and untrained spectators dumbfounded on the spot.

However, in the Dick continued to hold himself as a moron. Gremyashchy thrill grouse takeoff did not make any impression on him. Duck koїoroy smell, according to hunters, so hot that interrupts the dog feel more noble venison, duck, either living or dead, no voyams «Dick shaft.

With shame, disgust, I secretly hired any suspicious persons canine race, took the notorious villains hunting-dogs: thieves, vagrants and bums. What to hide? I was rude to them. Walk there with different rubbish, and my wonderful Dick, except to say does not know how busy that delivers ponosku street urchins. It was his passion, the kind of madness, his worst flaw, which it failed to wean and which give much cause for ridicule.

I have suffered deeply, secretly. Already I started up a certain Lady, Light Chocolate dog hired on the street. She raced through the swamp, so that it was necessary for her to run, rushed without stand

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