In the USSR National Economy in 1964

In the USSR National Economy in 1964

Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of the USSR in the sixth spring-summer season is organized in a new way. A total of 73 exhibition pavilions, of which 23 are devoted to various branches of industry and transport 26 — Agriculture 14 — Scientific and Cultural Organization, 8 — building.

Staged by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s task is to make the promotion of science and excellence more active is reflected in the work plan of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR. It is planned to organize exhibitions, shows, special expositions and traveling exhibitions.

Materials Pavilion «Horticulture, viticulture and beekeeping» acquaint visitors with the achievements and prospects of the development of these important sectors of agriculture.

Your stand entitled «Each ton of fertilizer increases the yield of 1.5-2 tons,» says the experience of the largest horticultural state farms of Krasnodar Region — «Garden-Giant» and «agronomist», — proven benefits of the new system of fertilizer recommended by the North Caucasus Zonal Research Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture.

The stands dedicated to chemistry, experience shows farm «Koktebel», the Crimean region, has applied foliar fertilizer vineyard macro and micro fertilizers concentration: superphosphate — 3% ammonium nitrate — 0.1%, potassium chloride — 0.5% and potassium permanganate — 0.04%. As a result of three to four feedings grape harvest has increased by 10-15%. It also described the use of herbicides for weed control in tree trunks bands, growth substances and chemicals that reduce the premature falling of apples. As a result, the farm «Bogucharovo» (Tul.), Chkalov and «Foothills» (Crimean region). And in many farms of the Moldavian SSR harvest fruits and grapes increased by 25- 30%.

New insecticides against pests and diseases of fruit trees and vineyards — Sevigne BI-58 (rogor) keltan, zineb, ziram, figon — much improve the quality of commercial products. This is confirmed by the work of Melitopol Experiment Station Horticultural Experiment Station and Mleevskoy gardening named LP Simirenko.

At one of the booths describes the compacted planting of fruit trees, which is of great importance in enhancing the yield of the gardens. On the recommendation of the Scientific Research Institute of Horticulture name Michurin economy midland fruit trees lay on the scheme, such as apple — 8X4 meters, pear — 8X4-3, cherries and plums — 5X3-2,5 meters.

The compacted gardens (7X5 m) farm «St. Michael’s Pass», Krasnodar, get 120 quintals of apples per hectare. On the portions where the distance between rows of 10 meters and a series of 8, does not grow more than 80 kilograms.

The valuable experience of the collective farm «Red gardener», the Moldavian SSR, says exhibition stand dedicated to the culture of fruit trees on slaboroslyh suspensions. Moldavian Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine (DP Andryushchenko) developed a rapid method for growing seedlings by grafting intermediate dwarf rootstock.

Bookmark perennial plants on the mountain slopes and ravines, on uncomfortable land — additional reserve development of horticulture. This tells the experience of the Sumy Regional State Experimental Station, which has developed a technology development slopes. In 1963, the experimental farm station on the terraces raised 97 quintals of apples per hectare. Cost of hectares of terraces napashnyh not exceed 32 rubles.

The farm Kirov, Andijan region, civilize pebbly soil and now grown 100-110 quintals of grapes per hectare.

Nizhnedneprovskiy Sands — a large base of the Ukrainian SSR for the production of table grapes very early and early ripening. In 1963, five large wine-growing state farms grew 15.3 thous. Tons of berries. By the end of the seven-year area of ​​plantations on the sands will increase to 18.5 thousand. Hectares.

In the experiment farm «Tavria», Kherson region, «Gelendzhik», Krasnodar Territory, and «Arteni» Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, the exhibition stands of the pavilion introduces the development maloudobnyh plots and agricultural machinery vineyard, located on the sand, humus-carbonate rocky and schebenchatyh soils.

An important factor in increasing yield — irrigation. A convincing example is the experience Labinsky a fruit of the farm, Krasnodar Territory. The annual harvest of strawberries for 10 years, an average of 105 quintals per hectare. Last year the 109 raised, and in the link

VV Duzevoy — 137 quintals of fruit per hectare. Landing is a two-line (90X30X25-30 cm), grade Chernobrivka. Fruiting crops watered by furrows, young — irrigation.

Grow the highest yield is half the battle. It is important to keep it in order to supply the population of fresh produce throughout the year. The exhibition shows the structure fruit storage capacity of 50, 200 and 500 tonnes.

State Farm «Malorechenskoe» Crimean region, last year laid the deposit of 300 tonnes of table grapes. Net income from sales of grapes — 164 thous. Rubles.

Pavilion «Horticulture, viticulture and beekeeping» in August and September, organizes traveling exhibitions, combining work with their All-Union Seminar on important issues. In August, gardeners — participants of the seminar — to visit the best economy of Moldova and learn from the experience of creating gardens on slaboroslyh suspensions. Winegrowers learn the experience of complex mechanization in the Moldavian machine-station. In September, in the Crimea it will organize the second Exhibition and Seminar gardeners growing peach both the early appearance of fruit stone fruit, and vine-growers to discuss the issue of increasing the production of table grapes.

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