Laboratory beauty.

Laboratory beauty.

Every day we use perfume and cosmetics, and the appearance on the shelves of new shampoos, masks and paint business as usual for us. Often, casting a skeptical eye product, we decide — it’s the same product, only in new package! But a tour of the center of the L’Oreal Global Hair Research allowed to look at the kitchen, where they create these products and make a lot of work is put into the development process.

To put on the market cosmetics brand new product, you need an average of seven years to check and test it! L’Oreal, each year increases funding for research, believing that it is the trump card in the creation of new and quality products.


How much attention is paid to research L’Oreal, we can see, looking at the built in the center of last year L’Oreal Global Hair Research in Paris, the creation of which was invested 100 million euros. This is the most important of the six regional research centers, others are in Japan, China, India, America and Brazil.

The huge building area of ​​25 sq LLC. m every day come to work 500 employees — many professions, and they have one goal: creating more and more new tools for hair care.


In the center is not only a huge laboratory, but also a unique, patented technology, allowing to carry out deep and detailed studies. For example, imagine a robot that simulates the washing of a head. So determine what happens to the hair color after a certain amount of washing. Thanks to such assistants save time and get accurate results. In turn, with the help of the machine, simulating ultraviolet rays, it is possible to determine how sunlight affects the hair dye, as it is stable and secure other significant matters to improve the paint formula.

In addition to the tests are not only different types of hair (thin, thick, curly, straight), but hair samples of different races (for example, they are imported from Asia, Africa, the different regions of Europe). It is necessary to match the characteristics of the formula means hair in specific regions. For example, the composition of the funds of the same line, made for Latvia and Japan, it will definitely be different.

Some of the rooms resemble a large research center beauty salons where every day come to the volunteers who agree to participate in research. They wash, dye, style your hair, to observe the impact of the different means of hair and scalp, as well as to assess their effectiveness. The day is held 250 such tests!

L’Oreal also conducts and «emotional» test. This requires the simulation of a bathroom and a hidden camera. Scientists observe how people react to the packaging of the product, the smell, clearly convinced as it is convenient for use, and so on.. For example, the producers were surprised to discover how many mistakes do women using foam hair. But exactly how to apply means it depends largely on the outcome. These observations allow L’Oreal to get rid of the least drawbacks do even more convenient and enjoyable use of hair products. Also carried out a comparative testing of two different products — existing and improved version, to see whether the new formula effectively, or «old» shampoo still like most of the new, improved. When you come out of a huge laboratory center L’Oreal Global Hair Research, there is a feeling that in this building, where there is robots, complex formulas and futuristic vision of the future, not the 2013th, and 2333!

The long road test took place and the newest line of products for hair care Elvital Total Repair Extreme. It is designed to care for damaged and dry hair. The line includes not only the shampoo, conditioner and mask, but double whey concentrate and SOS Testing has shown that after a five-time use of shampoos, conditioners and double serum 74% eliminated signs of split ends.

New restoring composition, enriched with strengthening technology LAK1000 and ceramides, struggling with deep damaged hair and split ends. It acts on the entire hair to the tip: fill external cracks and split ends to the last millimeter. As a result, the hair longer so often there is no need to cut them to look well-groomed. It is also important that these products are suitable for very thin hair, because their composition, rich and full-bodied, not make the hair heavy and they do not break.


Working on the new color tones, L’Oreal is closely following the developments in the world of fashion and offers the most current colors. Although paint Preference for over forty years has a stable place on the market of paints, L’Oreal continuously replenishes palette according to the latest trends. The latest development — Preference Absolute Platinium -For expressed platinum color. This paint can lighten hair on the eight tones, so that is suitable for dyeing dark hair. Besides L’Oreal improved formula, an elixir by adding Hi-Shine, enriched in valuable oils. It drowns out the smell of ammonia, making the process much more pleasant color. This elixir gives the paint a shimmering brilliance. It shall be accompanied conditioner platinum, which is used several times and contains pigments cold tones, thus removing the yellowish tint.

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