Liftoviki on the threshold of change.

Liftoviki on the threshold of change.

In the previous issue of the magazine «Elevator» already gave a brief summary of the 10th seminar «New in lifts», held on 1-2 December 2009 in Moscow, TGC «Izmailovo». Its traditional organizers — JSC «Joint-stock company» Elevator «and Omori» National League of enterprises elevator and communal infrastructure «, which directs the member of the Expert Council for Construction, Housing Policy, Housing and Utilities of the Ministry of Regional Development of the FA Lyachin. The seminar was attended by about a hundred executives elevator enterprises and organizations from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and many other Russian regions.

As the importance and richness of meaningful event aroused great interest and resonance representatives elevator and related industries, we continue to publish the proceedings of the seminar.

As the main organizer of the event FA Lyachin took over the lead after the friendly words of greeting to the assembled colleagues outlined the main topics of the seminar. He stressed that the discussion offered the really important issues, and so the workshop will bring «serious, very competent people, influencing the course of events in our country, which will tell what is really going on, where are we going, what means that we are waiting for, what are the options for those or other actions. «

First, FA Lyachin reminded that 98% of all elevator companies fall under the category of small and medium business, so the seminar will discuss the problem of the development and protection of small and medium-sized businesses.

A detailed report on this topic and on self-regulation in the All-Russian public organization of small and medium business NP «Support of Russia» the chairman of the Commission for the construction and housing and communal services of the organization EI Shlemenko. Noting that «the process of transition to self-regulation of dark and treacherous places a lot: the law is not laid out, and methodology of its entry into force is not thought out, and global experience in this regard is not», — Evgeny pointed to another very disturbing problem:

— The trouble is that, unfortunately, the system of self-regulation is very widely seen as a tool of additional opportunities for myself. For example, I am not afraid to say that some of the self-regulatory organizations after received the SRO status, significantly increased the entry fee, increased membership fees, introduced a fee for a permit to each type of work. And accession to the self-regulatory organizations for small and micro-enterprise has become problematic.

As Chairman of the Committee for Construction and Housing NP «SUPPORT» EI Shlemenko outlined the position of his organization:

— Viewpoint «Support of Russia» is as follows. We believe that anyone who is able and willing to work should be able to do it. Any fee for entrance to the market is totally unacceptable. Many issues related to the relationship of artist and client, can be solved within the existing civil law.

FA Lyachin stated that in the elevator industry was formed several activities, several large organizations of the industry. And now one of the most urgent tasks — to combine efforts, as it was in 1992, to work together to move forward and grow, and not ruin the overall business — home elevator industry. He suggested that now liftovikov communication has become more closely knit, really interlining. In this connection, in the course of the workshop was a detailed explanation of the work of Omori «National League elevator companies and municipal infrastructure,» NP «Russian lift association» and the Russian public organization «Support of Russia».

One of the priority and vital for liftovikov moments FA Lyachin called the approval of the new Technical Regulations «On the safety of elevators.» Theodore A. said that this trans-st technical regulations in the industry, which was signed by the Government and, consequently, for the development of other similar documents it will be a kind of a flag pattern. The new regulations come into force on 14 October 2010. Before May 2010 should be prepared by a set of rules, the new regulations that will ensure the implementation of this Regulation. Who is doing all the lifting community — Technical Committee for Standardization TC 209 «Lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors and lifting platforms for people with disabilities,» Omori «National League», NP «Russian lift association» and other interested individuals and organizations.

FA Lyachin reported that, in accordance with the technical regulations «On the safety of elevators,» first introduced the mandatory certification of elevators. This is big news because, according to previous requirements PUBEL, subject to mandatory certification only five basic units of security. Moreover, the new regulations for some reason from the list displayed former master node lift — winch.

Another important point — the new edition of the Technical Regulations no engineering centers, expert organizations. Paper operates a new concept — the certification body. There are three principles of certification and conformity assessment principles on which those procedures will be carried out.

The report, made at the seminar, Chief Designer SV Scherbinsky Elevator Plant Pavlov commented in detail how is the implementation of the decision of the Russian Government on the approval of the Technical regulation «About safety of elevators.» Sergey told about any national standards and codes of practice are being developed and what action should be taken to ensure that the new technical regulations could work:

— For the 6 months prior to the entry into force of the technical regulations must be published and is secured by special decree of the Government of the Russian Federation a list of national standards. Not later than 5 months must be issued national standards for yourself. They are carried out on a voluntary basis, but in full compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations. Now Standardization Technical Committee «Lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors and lifting platforms for people with disabilities» TC 209 is actively working on the creation of the regulatory framework. Technical regulations «On the safety of lifts» — a document that has a high status Resolution of the Russian Government, and therefore all have a duty to implement it.

SV Pavlov said that Scherbinsky Elevator Plant, as one of the developers of national standards, placing all the information on this site Enterprise: Where industry professionals can not only get acquainted with the progress of the work on these documents, but also to express their views and comments. This will certainly help the industry work together on regulatory and technical framework, in which all interested representatives of the elevator industry.

— Once again I urge the lifting community to pay attention to this very important topic for all of us and to take an active part in the discussion — called SV Pavlov colleagues.

Continuing seminar FA Lyachin reminded that since January 1, 2010 shall cease to apply a license confirming the right to carry out construction works and by-laws that would give the opportunity to work on a large scale yet. Rostekhnadzor expects that in early January, there can be a very difficult situation. In turn, the Federal Licensing Center considers that the period of validity of licenses for some time will be extended. All these questions really important liftovikov provoked a lively reaction participants.

During the seminar was over what to think and what to discuss, in connection with two conflicting laws, which are directly connected with the introduction of self-regulation. Federal Law № 315-FZ says voluntary participation in self-regulatory organizations. This document is contrary to the assertions of some time later, a federal law № 148-FZ concerning the construction and only require mandatory membership in the SRO.

EP Kaiser, General Director of «Enterprise» Parnas «» self-named institute serfdom, General Director of «Center Elite Lift Service» SA Gribanov — collectivization. Participants noted that there is no such contradiction in the law of any country in the world, so the situation can not be left in its present state. It is necessary to seek a reasonable solution.

With great interest the audience accepted the report of the fundamental pro-rector for scientific work of the State Academy of professional retraining and advanced training for managers and specialists of investment sphere, Professor, Ph.D., Candidate of Military Sciences, a member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia PA Zhbanov. As a member of the Coordinating Council of the self-regulation of Moscow, he had been authorized to participate in the development of documents related to self-regulation, certification, etc. PA Zhbanov in detail all aspects of state regulation and self-regulation in the construction and housing and communal services.

The creation and work of the Expert Council for Construction, Housing Policy, Housing and Utilities of the Ministry of Regional Development and participation in the section of the elevator — a big step forward and hope for a positive change for the whole community to lift. FA Lyachin, a member of the Expert Council, spoke briefly about his work:

— Naturally, the National League has proposed a work plan for the Council of Experts, which includes one, in our opinion, a very important point — a program of modernization of the elevator fleet of the country. UEFA has monitored the Russian elevator Park, and it turned out that today, indeed, more than 30% of elevators spent his working life. Perhaps these figures are not correct, because the data provided by regional administrations, which for obvious (financial) reasons, they tend to dramatically underestimate, because the reconstruction and replacement of elevators need to seek money. But still, even if we take 30% — a huge number of lifts.

If you really have an interest in the work of the Expert Council, and that interest should be, and if you have any suggestions to the Ministry of Regional Development, some threads for testing, then articulate them. Then we can incorporate them into the plan of the Expert Council. Now there is a very serious topic being discussed self-regulation — is working out 274 goPrikaza.

Director General of NP «Russian lift association» SA Chernyshov, as in the recent past, the responsible employee RTN competently laid out what innovations are expected in relation to the safe operation of elevators in 2010, analyzed in detail, and gave them a rating.

— Why do I think the old system of supervision effective? Because it is a state. Yes, we are all professionals and we try to work well, but we, as owners of elevators, the idea that tomorrow will come with verification state inspector, to stimulate the conscientious work and comply with all safety requirements. From 1 January to Rostekhnadzor shall enter into force the Federal Law № 294-FZ «On the Protection of the Rights of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the exercise of state control (supervision) and municipal control.» According to this law, the inspector has the right to come RTN checking the owner or operating organization only once in three years. And this despite the fact that since October 2010 Technical regulation «About safety of lifts» cancels participation in the commission of inspectors entering elevators in operation, that is, Rostekhnadzor will not be responsible for the receipt and testing of new elevators.

It seems to me that the lack of proper state control, supervision will create a problem of non-compliance and regulations, and since October 2010 — the requirements of the Technical Regulations. Maybe I’m wrong. I would like to hear your opinion on this issue.

Work with regional organizations elevator is always at the forefront, not paid attention to the so-called regional theme this time. On the creation of non-commercial partnerships and regional self-regulatory organizations made a report to Vice President Omori «National League» EM Voloshin. Director, Head of industry certification center Omori «National League» MP Yaroshevich spoke about how the process of the establishment of regional centers of industry certification. Activities certification centers AGM «Omori» National League «» in the «Roszhilkommunsertifikatsiya» highlighted the Deputy General Director of VB Stepanov. His speech caused a lot of questions, because one way or another affected the interests of many participants.

For the representatives of the elevator industry as employees particularly dangerous areas of activity, of course, are particularly relevant questions of safety and health. Therefore, the participants of the seminar was useful to get acquainted with a detailed concept of the formation of a system to identify and control occupational hazards presented by the general director of the National Association of Labour Protection Centers (NATSOT), Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor NN Novikov. New rules for certification of workplaces commented Chief Expert of the primary trade center certification Omori «National League» VA Seljutin.

Seminar «New in lifts», by definition, involves the presentation of innovative products Lift and related businesses. Chief Designer SV Scherbinsky Elevator Plant Pavlov described the lift produced by the enterprise «tv11tak&». General Director of «E-Lift» JL Gorki colleagues introduced more advanced controller series UEL. The chief engineer of RUE «Mogilevliftmash» NM Ivanov spoke in detail about the production of the enterprise, answered questions from colleagues.

In the speeches sounded lift manufacturer not only information about the products and production processes, they reasoned, to express their views and to evaluate the phenomena occurring in the elevator industry.

Technical Director of Lifting Equipment Factory of «MEL» VA Hramtsov outlined the company’s products, focuses on the history of the plant, the organization of service centers on the problems of training. Providing word VA Hramtsova, FA Lyachin pleased to note that today Victor Afanasievich is an engineering heritage of the enterprise, and Theodore A. prides itself had once worked with Hramtsova.

As always, clearly and substantially the general director of ZAO «Company» Parnas «»

EI Kaiser. He raised the issues of regional producers and to ensure operation of the elevator in spare parts. FA Lyachin presented EI Kaiser as the head of the company, which is the very first assumed the supply of spare parts all types operated elevators in the country today.

General Director of «Center Elite Lift Service» from Volzhsky SA Gribanov Lifting community known for its glorious working career, professional achievements and bold, independent views on the current processes in the country and in the elevator industry as well. His emotional speech caused not only interest but also a lively response in the audience, many of those present supported the views of SA Gribanova. FA Lyachin said Sergey

— It really indifferent person, fun to do my job, is responsible for what he does. It is unlikely that so openly and frankly could perform a man who felt would entail some sins. Let us perceive his statement literally as a cry from the heart. Let us try at least to organize the work of the organizations and to defend the interests of those who are really needed in our industry.

It should be noted that the participants, particularly the representatives of operating organizations, was a great opportunity for direct communication with manufacturers of materials handling equipment. Interesting information and competent answers to possible claims they can get what is called a first-hand. And liftoviki actively taken advantage of this kind of feedback: experts of the Mogilev Plant, OOO «E-Lift» Scherbinsky elevator-building factory, «MEL» give its customers detailed answers and explanations in the process of direct communication.

Such events — a very troublesome, energy-intensive business that requires a lot of time and effort. There is much to consider, organize and prepare. Commercial Director of JSC «AK» Lift «SI Veselitsky and Chief Operating Officer of JSC «Lift» L. Markina — experienced and responsible organizers, and I want to emphasize that the level of preparedness of their activities is always on the mark.

From a business part of the workshop are organically combined informal — joint dinners, friendly feast. Many liftoviki long time and are very familiar with each other, and, of course, pleased to have this opportunity to talk, as they say, and in the cases and on the souls.

Such favorable atmosphere and friendly attitude can create a long-term organizer of seminars FA Lyachin. Almost everyone in the audience knows it, as a rule, not one year, as many are willing to say a friendly word — not a phrase on duty, and often the whole fascinating story.

Traditionally, the event followed by the award ceremony, as many elevator companies and organizations are known for highly qualified and responsible specialists.

This time, under the approving applause of colleagues with the jubilee congratulated General Director of «Liftmontazh-1» from Ekaterinburg Sergei Alexandrovich Melnikov. Then there was the awarding of diplomas.

— I have great respect for those who work honestly — turned to colleagues in his concluding remarks FA Lyachin. — And be honest — this is where quality products and produce, and faithfully serve and comply with regulations, and health and safety, and certification services are provided as expected.

Thank you all very much for taking the opportunity to come and take part in the seminar, learn new information, discuss it together. Let’s be together, let us not hesitate to speak their minds, let us think is not unique, but together. I encourage you to be active, indifferent, to be together. I’d love that we maintain and lift our brotherhood.

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