«Liftoviki» received the first approvals for the performance of work

& quot; Liftoviki & quot; We received the first approvals for the performance of work

April 22 in Moscow, TGC «Izmailovo», in the framework of organized ADS «SO» Liftservis «together with» Ruslift «workshop» Issues of pricing and the estimated valuation in the elevator industry, «the first time were awarded certificates of admission to perform types of work in the construction industry two organizations dedicated elevator LLC «SU162 Mosliftmontazh» and CJSC Company «Liftremont» Lytkarino.

This is a significant event for the building and especially for the elevator industry, as these companies are included in one of the first self-regulatory organizations in the construction sector non-profit partnership «Inter-regional association of constructors» (NP «MOC»). Presentation of certificates of admission to the works can be called one of the first steps on the path of self-regulation. For liftovikov particularly important that Director General of ADB «SO» Liftservis «IG Dyakov was a part of the permanent collegial body NP «MOC».

One of the most important mechanisms of self-regulation in the construction and elevator industries transition from a system of licensing for a certificate of admission to the kinds of works that affect the safety of capital construction.

The request for clarification of the most exciting and challenging issues we have addressed to the Director General of the ADB «SO» Liftservis «IG Dyakov.

On January 1, 2009 stopped issuing new licenses in general, and the previously issued will be stopped from 1 January 2010. This means that the deadline for all construction, and related organizations must gain admission to types of work performed by them in their respective self-regulatory organizations. Otherwise, they will not be able to function.

The transition to a system of self-regulation, like any innovation, raises many questions, doubts and raznotolki. Moreover, in some regions liftoviki believe that the license will be valid more than one year, and of self-regulation and tolerance have no information.

LIFT: What is dictated by the decision to cooperate ADS «SO» Liftservis «and NP» MOS «?

IG Dyakov: First of all, in order to preserve the integrity and protect the interests of the elevator industry in Russia. If we did not, then tomorrow the construction industry is beginning to clean up their hands liftovikov installers. As we expected, builders rushed to burn themselves this kind of work as the installation and commissioning of lifts. And having received permission to lift types of work they could for the money by luring professionals create your elevator unit and issue approvals. What is called the distributing industry, spray it, and in the near-term loss of lift installation of specialized companies.

We understand that we just need to intervene in this process and to become one of the supervisors of the train, which is already gaining momentum.

18 March «MOC» is registered in Rostekhnadzor, on March 27 signed an agreement on cooperation between the NP «ISO» and the DSA «SO» Liftservis. » We came back, and by proxy from our elevator companies, I was elected to the Board. We had to give five organizations from the Association, but we have kept the elevator installers sector from the gradual disappearance.

Certificate of admission to work will give NP «MOC». I, as a member of the Board, I have the right to participate in this procedure.

LIFT: That is the main goal has been achieved?

IG Dyakov: Yes, we had to take the necessary to save the industry niche, involved in the process, and made it in time. Now all the construction companies that claimed by the lift category, transmitted to us «Liftservis.» And we have to evaluate and say: Stop! It is not a specialized organization of the elevator, this kind of tolerance it is not allowed. So far, no builder failed. Now considered 150 companies, and also specialized elevator, no one claims to lift jobs.

LIFT: This is the main, but probably not the only goal of the partnership ADS «SO» Liftservis «and NP» MOS «?

IG Dyakov: We are working not only for the protection of the elevator industry, we, in fact, open the eyes of the builders, explaining to them the obvious thing for us. We explain to them that they will simply not be able to provide 35 types of work and about 1000 subspecies specialization. With the deployment of our work in NP «MOS» all beginning to understand the specifics of how this is serious, responsible and even dangerous. None of the self-regulatory organization is not able to independently carry out this direction and have as many specialists. It should be divided into subtypes. This was confirmed by President of NP «MOS» E. Bassin.

Efim assured that the NP «ISO» will help liftovikam register as a self-regulatory organization has for the reason that they can, these types of work take over. Moreover, a preliminary proposal sounded completely take 2930 points of the list of types of hazardous work with all subspecies. It is the matter of time. The main thing is that we begin to trust.

LIFT: At the same time you insist on that liftoviki in no hurry to engage in building self-regulatory organizations?

IG Dyakov: We are friends with the builders, but we know his worth and will defend their interests. I appeal to wait in the elevator industry self-regulation, before 1 January 2010 year, we still have time.

I will assume that the state will never agree to something that had a lot of self-regulatory organizations. It’s simple arithmetic greater the SRO, the more staff is needed Rostekhnadzor to control their activities. Therefore, try to create, in principle, possible, but register it? This is the first thing.

Second, why else I would not recommend to succumb to calls for builders? For highly specialized organizations, plumbers, electricians, etc. liftovikov the size of the compensation payment may be reduced by half. The question is under consideration in the second reading, and the likelihood of a positive decision is high.

Now we are doing everything in order to prepare the elevator industry to self-regulation. And if that happens, then our self-regulatory organization will consist in the construction of the national CPO and CPO national utilities. There is no contradiction to the law. We can have jobs in the construction industry and utilities.

LIFT: As a specialized lift organizations must prepare for the procedure for obtaining certificates of admission to the works? By what criteria is the selection?

IG Dyakov: There is a list of documents that the organization must take to get those or other tolerances. For each species and subspecies of work must meet certain eligibility requirements. While there are some pilot version, but they will be further developed, change is likely to become tougher and accepted by the Council. The process has only just begun. He just went. With many issues we are facing for the first time.

LIFT: For how long is the admission to the works?

IG Dyakov: Admission is given without time limits, but it must certify each year. List of works can either increase or decrease. That is, the application for admission is modified, and the tolerance is. Unless, of course, did not deprive. At any time the organization can check. Once a year, a self-regulatory organization is required to recheck its members, it is obliged to do so. In addition, the Commission may leave emergency signals from the field, and after finding out the situation or impose a fine, or to deprive the delinquent organization certificate of admission to the works. To redress attracted means of a compensation fund.

Lift: In some cases, the organization can deny the certificate of admission to the works?

IG Dyakov: If there is a violation of certain requirements, failure to comply with standards and regulations that are adopted in the self-regulatory organization. Or not at the proper level performed special orders, terms of the contracts. In such cases, the issue of deprivation of access to the works submitted for the Council, where a decision is made.

LIFT: What are the advantages of the new system tolerances compared with previously existing licenses?

IG Dyakov: First of all, that everyone is responsible for their type of work. After all, the difference between self-regulation with the issue of the admission of the license? The license was granted and forget. And admission is confirmed every year and monitored, self regulated organization is responsible.

Lift: One of the main problems: what to do if the license validity period has ended, and a certificate of admission to the works have not yet received?

IG Dyakov: Indeed, this is one of the most painful and troubling issues have already been precedents litigation. Such organizations with expired licenses little bit, but they are and they are not protected. It seems that soon there will be additions and clarifications of Rostekhnadzor, some action during the transitional period should be. Either before 1 January 2010 will earn voluntary certification system, or we will introduce the members of his inner witness ADS «SO» Liftservis «having legal effect

LIFT: You may like to comment on the differences between the non-profit association «SRO» Rusekspertlift «Omori and» National League enterprises elevator and utility infrastructure «in the area of ​​voluntary certification?

IG Dyakov: I will say this: unfortunately, in the elevators was a consensual act of voluntary certification «Russia ekspertlift» and «RZHKS.» The organization «Roszhilkom munsertifikatsiya» deals with a system of voluntary certification of municipal services and public utilities. However, in practice there are crossing on the subject of lifts, although in principle it is clear that the system of voluntary certification RZHKS approved Rosstroy Russia, and the system of voluntary certification of «REL» Rostekhnadzor as valid in law «On industrial safety.» I think the task to coordinate the actions of two voluntary certification systems.

General Director of «MOS» MU Viktorov told about the progress of the process of introducing a system of self-regulation in the construction industry, including in relation to the issuance of a replacement license permits access to the works of the difficulties it entails.

He noted that the establishment and functioning of SROs attaches great importance to the law on the formation of self-regulatory organizations in the building of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed one of the first. Now districts require envoys from regional ministers and heads of departments of regular reports on how the process goes. At the same time registration of self-regulatory organizations held with some predictable difficulties, because the SRO is not just a non-profit partnership, is the legal form of association, which was fixed public functions, including the assessment and inspection. This also applies to authorization for admission to the implementation of types of work.

Mikhail believes that compared with pre-existing licensing new system of tolerances is very efficient and the most effective. Self-Regulatory Organization clothed real, very strong powers.

If previously delinquent deny the license the company has been very hard for a long time and only on the court, but now you can suspend admission during the week. The decision is a collegial body self-regulatory organization. The company has the opportunity to contest it in court, but first suspended her right to work.

I am 100% sure that corruption, vzyatkoemkost in construction due to this will be sharply reduced, sure MU Viktorov.

He said that in the region, apparently in connection with the peculiarities of Russian mentality, he repeatedly stated: everything is for sale, and access will be able to buy it!

Well, let’s say, says Mikhail. Whom you start buying? Take a collegial management body, which acts in this case as an expert. Firstly, its work is paid, he concludes, and is responsible for this. If his work impress not very professional with him afterwards just will not be the case. Next, the second level of the executive body of the CEO. By and large, if you buy a director, to pay a bribe, it will serve as a kind of hook. At any general meeting of such things can swim outside. A normal person will not go to such. After all, there are 15 members of the Council, and that all CEOs, they must have poor people. That is a bribe swells to such an extent that it loses all meaning. Therefore, we believe that the system is self-regulating organizations are absolutely devoid of such a characteristic phenomenon for Russia, as a bribe, and the more kickbacks.

MY Viktorov suggests that more than 300,000 have already issued and valid licenses from 1 January 2010 to 80% of the market will simply leave in their self-regulatory organizations are not accepted. Among them are many opponents of self-regulation. This one-day firms, affiliates, officers started to participate in tenders and competitions.

They are taking the bread out of our real business, says Mikhail. Here is the whole foam is gone. Work on the old rules, dumping, to carry out the low-quality will not succeed.

With respect to the lift section as part of the NP «MOS», he explained that there were some sort of two levels of government. Already implemented the scheme, when the representatives of the community in the face lift «Liftservis» directly involved in the decision-making process, and the right is clearly established. If a company writes an application for admission to the installation and commissioning of the types of work in handling equipment, the decision is made by the DSA «SO» Liftservis. » This applies to both specialized organizations and large holdings.

General Director of «MOS» said that in the near future will be formed more stringent requirements for the issuance of tolerance. And, first of all, it involves the qualification structure:

There has already been a precedent that companies trimmed jobs: they claim to 20 species, and leave 8. Why? No matching frames. Where specialized education, experience, training? In Russia, a catastrophic situation with the staff. We are very far behind Europe and the United States, where investment in staff, training is one of the main items of the budget of any company. The system of self-regulation will change this situation.

MY Viktorov gave an explanation for the formation of the second management level SRO national associations of self-regulatory organizations. If now every self-regulatory organization alone has the ability to develop internal standards and requirements, already from the beginning

2010 law they will approve common rules across Russia: technical standards for a system of assessment, to issue tolerance to the system of vocational training, etc.

President of NP «MOS» E. Basin invited the members of the Council to consider the issue of establishing interregional specialized in lifting mechanisms branch NP «MOC». In case of a positive decision kinds of installation, commissioning and scheduling of elevators and other hoisting machinery will be fully transferred to the newly created branch. And while NP «MOS» has ADS «SO» Liftservis «assist in the preparation of the Association for registration as a self-regulatory organization.

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