Liftoviki — Self industry.

Liftoviki - Self industry.

In May of this year in Moscow, TGC «Izmailovo», hosted anniversary XV National Congress liftovikov Russia — industry forum, which traditionally holds an annual Omori «National League elevator companies and municipal infrastructure.» Over the past from this point a few months there was a lot of events, the situation in the industry has changed in many ways. Including the August 2, 2010 President of the National Union of Self-Regulatory Organizations elevator MA Waxman and President Omori «National League» FA Lyachin signed a Cooperation Agreement establishing a framework for cooperation and interaction between the two organizations in the regulation of social and labor relations in the elevator industry to address the problems of productive employment and social protection of workers in the industry, technologizing work processes and humanization of labor, improving working conditions of the elevator industry , the development of self-responsibility, self-reliance and creativity of social partnership in the industry, as well as information and analytical and organizational cooperation in the field of voluntary certification.

Deputy Head of the Expert Council of the Committee for Construction and Land Relations of the State Duma, VA Gerasimov, whose work many years associated with the life of the Russian elevator complex, supported the position of MA Waxman:

— It is right that established the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations, which must determine all the technical policies and represent the interests of the entire community of elevator. This concept has already been approved, and we should all support it. Only then can we work together and work well — so that our elevator was competitive in all respects, or imported products may take on domestic producers on our own Russian market.

General Director of the St. Petersburg factory lifting equipment UAB «Enterprise» Parnas «» EI Kaiser started his speech with a brief excursion into the recent history of the elevator industry. Meaning «the era of romanticism elevator» lift the country’s life, according to Eduard Iosifovich, «can not be overstated!»:

— On the basis of the profession «liftovik» NACE codes are not divided, formed a new community, a true friendship ensued leaders, businesses, regional organizations were born full confidence and, as a consequence — the business has gone!

Emotional report EI Kaiser shook all those present, his opinion on the self-regulation, the structure of the elevator industry association, elevator on regional industries with the understanding adopted by many liftoviki.

As always, with great attention the Congress participants listened to the report of the Chairman of the Committee and the Commission for self-regulation on the construction and housing and communal services of the Russian public organization of small and medium business «Support of Russia» EI Shlemenkova. He stopped at one of the most pressing issue at the moment — certificates of admission to the works.

-Preparing changes to the Town Planning Code, aimed at to remove the problems of small businesses related to self-regulation in construction. Regarding these amendments is collecting comments, proposals and arguments. If liftovikov have something to say to changes in the existing legislative framework for self-regulation, now is the time. This can be done through the «Support of Russia», and through the Ministry of Regional Development, and it is possible to apply directly to the State Duma Committee for Construction and Land Affairs, which is headed by Martin Shakkum.

As you know, created headed by VS Pleskachevsky National Association of self-regulatory organizations, real estate managers. May it consists of 31 SROs from 27 regions of Russia. The cooperation agreement recently concluded National Union lift self-regulatory organizations with this structure, according to EI Shlemenkova, it can be regarded as a positive fact:

— First, all four lifts self-regulatory organizations have signed this agreement. Second, to establish relations with organizations — the actual customers of your work, with direct business partners. National Association of self-regulatory organizations real estate management established under the Federal Law 315-and is not mandatory. At the same time it developed a draft document, which should be at the legislative level to introduce compulsory self-regulation in the housing and communal services from next year.

According to EI Shlemenkova, all these processes confirm liftovikov desire to interact and overcome their problems together:

— But before you join in one or another community, you need to clearly understand what the problem should be solved. When we create a kind of community in a professional manner and we intend to capture a specific segment of the market, limiting the access of other business entities — such tactics is usually the desired effect does not. On kakoy- period of time it can operate, and then going on about the same thing that is going through the Russian automobile industry. After all, if you do not increase the competitive quality of its products, not to form a convenient system for the user, then, of course, as a result of such companies and organizations still suffer grief, unable to withstand competition. The situation in the elevator market, and not only on him, quite stiff and serious. Competition intensified and at the expense of Russian companies at the expense of those who are happy to come to our market and now has the opportunity to, for example, in connection with the depreciation of the euro. In such a situation, probably liftovikov task is not to compete with each other and to organize mutual disassembly, and to focus all their efforts on creating conditions for the establishment of a competitive production system and the organization of work with the consumer. In this respect, it seems to me, a long time ago it’s time to think about the creation of the National Programme for the Development of the elevator industry in Russia. In my opinion, the need for such activities is evident. Otherwise, we will gain a number of serious problems in the future, because no matter how much we have concluded contracts, the consumer will choose what quality, cheap and easy to maintain.

EI Shlemenko said that «the Support of Russia» proposed to revise the FZ-94, so that the price is not the determining feature in choosing the winner in the construction field, including installation and commissioning — in the elevator sub-sector. Moreover, the decline in prices at the auction should not exceed 5-10%, and even better — the price should be steady, constant, especially in the competition for government contracts.

Asked about the point of view of «support» to the legitimacy of the listed types of work, affecting the safety of capital construction, installation and commissioning of lifts which, in fact, the safety is not affected, EI Shlemenko said:

— The main problem, which led, in fact, to the fact that we could not exclude the operation of self-regulation by the federal law number 148 — the lack of unity within the sub-sectors of the elevator.

Unfortunately, we in the legal framework is still no document that would determine what actually works really affect the structural safety of buildings and structures. And in general: what is meant by security of buildings and facilities? We talked a lot about this, have spent more than one discussion. I think the process is resolved when it is adopted by the actual technical regulation on safety of buildings and structures. But today, there are lots of people and organizations, it is not interested in withdrawal from the compulsory self-regulation at least something. Furthermore, the national associations of building self-regulatory organizations insist on the expansion not only of the List, and the issues that they would like to monitor. For example, they believe that SROs should be given the status of self-regulation is out of their hands and want to monitor the implementation of technical regulations. That is, the national associations are seeking to increase the control load on the enterprise. It’s clear: where there is a particularly tight control, there is, first of all, and there is corruption.

And most importantly — any control should be based on a completely objective evidence and principles. Otherwise, with the organization or any other business entity can understand completely subjective.

Deputy Director of the State Policy and Regulation in the field of technological and nuclear safety of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation Alexander Evdokimov told the audience about the state policy in the field of nuclear technology and safety, focusing on the most pressing issues for the lift industry, including those related to self-regulation and the 624-th order of Ministry of Regional Development.

According to AS Yevdokimov, 624-th order of Ministry of Regional Development — is a «sensitive issue» on the agenda, he can not be removed, not only in terms of the installation of elevators:

— The list of works that affect the safety of capital construction, a lot of work that cause many of the dissenting opinion of the federal executive bodies. I can say that this issue is not closed. I believe that it is necessary to bring to a conclusion, to a normal reasonable solution.

The ambiguous situation caused by this document, says AS Evdokimov, «associated with the imperfection of our legislation in terms of development of normative and legal acts»:

— If the Government has instructed the Ministry of Regional Development to develop this document in the framework of the order or decision of the Government, it would need to coordinate with all concerned federal executive bodies: Ministry of Natural Resources, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Energy, etc. Accordingly, each federal agency would have expressed its position, which would be taken into account in the final version of the List. But since this document has the status of an order of regional development, and the coordination with other federal agencies for adoption was not required. However, the response on the matter, really big enough.

Regarding self-regulation institute, AS Evdokimov said:

— Compulsory self-regulation exists in the two areas will soon be three. Firstly, it is the Town Planning Code. Second, from January 1, entered into force on the federal law on energy conservation, it relates to elevators and elevators, because in all the regulations indicates that the equipment must comply with the legislation in the field of energy efficiency. It stipulates that the work associated with elektroobsledovaniem, energy audits and issuing energy passports for enterprises and objects of regulation will be implemented within the framework of self-regulatory organizations in this field. The third sector, which introduced a mandatory self-regulation, is heat.

Statement by the Deputy Director of SRO «Rusekspertlift» A. Gursky was devoted to Government Resolution № 782 of 02.10.2009, «On approval of the technical regulation on safety of elevators.» Andrey began his speech with the answer to the question — what actions were taken to implement this resolution in the meantime?

— According to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Engineering Center «NETEEL» developed three national standard.

1. GOST R 53781-2010. Elevators. The rules and methods of researches (tests) and measurements for the certification of elevators. Rules for sampling.

2. GOST R 53782-2010. Elevators. The rules and methods of conformity assessment of lifts during commissioning.

3. GOST R 53783-2010. Elevators. The rules and methods of conformity assessment of lifts during the operation.

They were approved and registered Rostekhregulirovanie March 31, 2010. These documents are under the last edition and will soon be published and made available for review.

In addition, the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 209razrabotan new standard «Elevators. General safety requirements and installation of the device «, which should enter into force simultaneously with Tehnicheskimreglamentom» On the safety of lifts «in October 2010.

Working group at the SRO «ADS» Liftservis «» designed and made available for Technical Regulation and Metrology and Ministry of Natural Resources set of rules that are currently in the process of approval:

1) «Elevators. Organization of safe operation of lifts «;

2) «Elevators. Organization and carrying out the modernization of elevators in the Russian Federation. «

The first establishes the requirements for safe operation of elevators, the second contains the requirements for their modernization.

According to AV Gursky, almost all the work to be carried out in connection with the adoption of new technical regulations, prescribed in the relevant documents, and can be manipulated. It remains open only the question of elevators, commissioned before the entry into force of the new Regulation.

AV Gursky said:

— «Rusekspertlift» as the association of engineering centers that are in accordance with the technical regulations should retrain as test laboratories and certification bodies, carries out various activities to this procedure took place as much as possible painless, and by October we were quite willing to comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations . Otherwise it will be fraught with serious violations of safety requirements for use of lifts and elevators.

Then AV Gursky moved to answer questions.

Q: Technical Regulations states that a record of entering into operation of the elevator is allowed to make only person authorized to lift a specialized organization. How this time is reflected in the national standard?

AV Gursky: In accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations, to the maintenance of elevators is permitted only specialized personnel elevator organization. The order like this: installation company draws up a declaration in the register of certification bodies and lift passes to the customer, and then the owner of the lift starts or does not start — it’s his right. But he must ensure compliance with technical regulations regarding exploitation. It is important the presence of trained and certified staff. The owner of the elevator or take it on themselves, or enters into an agreement with a specialized organization of the elevator. Run lift to lift employee specialized organization.

Question: Who will make an entry in the passport?

AV Gursky: Record a passport makes specialist appointed by order of the elevator organization. This order remains.

Q: Regulations no distinction between construction foremen organization Installation and operating a construction company. The first part says that the builder draws up the declaration, and then says that the builder makes an entry in the passport. But it is not specified what kind of organization, there is no explanation of what is a builder assembly, and what construction company operating. Because of this, it is not clear — who is who. And to be very clear understanding — who is making a record in the passport.

AV Gursky: If we look at the installation procedure, then the owner should get mounted lift, all of the documentation that comes with an elevator, and a declaration of conformity. Features of the commissioning procedure are painted in the standard «NETEEL» on the order of entry.

Confirmation of the words MA Waxman that «a lot of our laws promote disunity liftovikov» has become a hot debate over the legitimacy of classifying installation and commissioning of lifts to the types of work, affecting the safety of capital construction.

The position of the president of the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations on the need to gather in a single chain of all activities related to the elevators, as part of the same legal act supported by the majority of the Congress.

BF Violin proposed to apply to the Government of the Russian Federation with a request to bring the installation and commissioning of lifts from the list of works that affect the safety of capital construction projects. FA Lyachin noted that, in his opinion, of lists is not finished. We talked about this and other members of Congress.

— I am sure — said General Director of «Eonessi K» VI Kolupaev — that the legislation is not perfect, assignment installation and commissioning works to hazardous types of work — a stretched question. After all, in fact, the safety of the building the elevator is not affected. These works, apparently, will withdraw from the List. We do not know how it will go as legislators, but let us once again turn to him. And if I had been against the withdrawal of this work from the List, now I insist that Congress wrote an appeal to the State Duma with a request to do so yet.

According to EI Kaiser, many liftoviki paying the money for joining the SRO building, now fear a repetition of «leapfrog imposed from above,» and that is what prevents them to vote for that in the List has not been lift works:

— Humanly all perfectly understandable.

VA Gerasimov said that the State Duma, in the face of VS Pleskachevsky, acknowledged the error in law, and now we can expect some positive changes.

— I ’42 worked with elevators — said the FA Lyachin — and I can authoritatively say, do not affect the installation and commissioning of the safety of the construction of elevators. And can not influence!

— There is an objective opinion, — I took the floor EI Shlemenko. — The objective is when true. And the truth is this: elevators do not affect the structural characteristics of buildings and structures. But as a consumer I do not care who develops lifts, mounts them, serving, etc. For me it is important to get a full range of services at once. So for you, perhaps most importantly, as a minimum, take shape as the sub-sector, it is a closed technological cycle, to ensure that at each stage of your work carried out as well as possible, the most professional. For this purpose, including Congress exists, there is a need to withstand competition. My advice is to express an opinion and to fix — and it will make a difference in decision-making.

As a result of voting on the issue in the first paragraph of the outcome document — «Address the participants XV National Congress to liftovikam Russia» — reads: «Continue to seek recognition of all kinds of elevator operations as a single sector of the economy, thus considered one of the most important tasks of this direction — a conclusion Order number 624 of the Ministry of Regional Development Russia kinds of works on installation and commissioning of lifts. «

Against this vote in Congress General Director of SRO ADS «Liftservis» IG Dyakov (representing the interests of 187 members of this organization, in accordance with the protocol number 3 of the general meeting of its members from 22.04.2010 years), Director of the Association «Rusekspertlift» Y. Orlovsky (on behalf of the 85 members of this organization, in accordance with the protocol number 5 meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Interregional Association of expert organizations «Rusekspertlift» from 19.04.2010 years) and President of NP SRO «Molo» VA Silence (on behalf of the 277 members of this organization, in accordance with the protocol number 8 of the general meeting of its members from 22.04.2010 years).

Later, on May 25 at the website «Elevator organizations in Russia» — was posted private information «XV National Congress liftovikov Russia — or the end of the elevator romanticism», which shows the statement VA Silence, IG Dyakov and Y. Orlovsky. This statement contains «categorical protest against:

1. Withdrawal of installation and commissioning of elevators Ministry of Regional Development of Russia orders number 274 and 624;

2. to make the national Congress liftovikov Russian the status of the supreme body of the elevator industry, empowerment liftovikov speak for all countries;

3. dowry to the Executive Committee of the National Congress liftovikov Russian the status of the authority conducting the functions of the supreme body of the elevator industry in the intervals between congresses.

The position of the Russian lift association on the issue of withdrawal of installation and commissioning of elevators Ministry of Regional Development of the orders number 274 and 624 MA President SART Waxman expressed and at the XV National Congress, and in other industry activities. For example, June 29, 2010 at the regular meeting of the Board of the National Union of Self-Regulatory Organizations lift Max Aizikovich said:

— Our goal, as we have always said is that all activities related to the elevators, to transfer the mandatory self-regulation and to gather in a single chain as part of the same legal act. Including transfer from the Town Planning Code of lift jobs in the mandatory self-regulation is not at 148 th law, but by a separate federal law. A single industry should regulate the uniform federal law otherwise arise unnecessarily complex organizational lining.

Another issue on which participants of XV National Congress expressed conflicting points of view, was the question of whether the National Congress considered the supreme organ of the elevator industry. Doubts about this are quite logical and not only due to the apparent paucity of the delegates at the XV Congress and, accordingly, represents only a small part of the sphere of Russian enterprises elevator. The main argument, which appealed to supporters of the need to consider the views of the National Congress of the supreme body of the industry — an agreement signed by industry leaders November 6, 2009. However, since then the situation is very serious — radically — changed. Now, as the industry’s highest coordinating body is the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations.

— Self-regulation — is already a fact — with the view expressed by the general director of the Russian Association of elevator CA Chernyshov at the XV Congress, it is difficult not to agree. — I think it’s time to end the unnecessary expenditure of energy. After all, if we analyze our publications: magazines «Elevator» and «Liftinform» information from sites elevator organizations and the forces that brought for mutual struggle, on the one hand — it is worthy of respect, on the other hand — it is a pity that such a powerful the potential was spent figuring out relationships. Involve civil society organizations, «Support of Russia», «Business Russia», various ministries, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, public figures, and the State Duma committees. You understand that the potential of our capabilities is enormous? And it would be better to direct this effort not disassemble about self, but, for example, how V.V.Lukin advised to amend the 185th Act to increase the volume or replacing the elevators, which is a bit easier in methodological Recommendations approved by the Fund utilities. But in view of the enormous potential of the sector and administrative resources, it is quite doable. Today we could not get the order of 5 000liftov and 15 000-20000. And I can say with confidence that this is the true figure.

SA Chernyshov said that the end of May 2010 as members of the SRO in the elevator industry registered 600 organizations.

— A huge plus — organized by the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations, we recorded as an industry, — says Sergey. — At the conference, which was conducted in April CPO «Molo», «Rusekspertlift», «Liftservis» was clearly voiced M.A.Vaksmana position as president of the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations. His position is the following — to stop any differences on the issue of mandatory self-regulation and self-regulation to solve the problem of compulsory all work related to the elevators. The flywheel, which was promoted the elevator industry in government, continues to spin. Today we see that these issues are still dealt with in one form or another and, of course, go into a constructive dialogue.

The battle for the conclusion of the elevator work order number 624 Ministry of Regional Development is completed. The work of translation of the Town Planning Code, in the new law. For the elevator industry is very important to implement the decision of compulsory self-regulation of all kinds of lift works. For centuries, we comply with the requirements of industrial safety and the past ten years, guided by the law on industrial safety, which clearly indicated that the issues related to the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of elevators, assigned to the field of industrial safety, and therefore the need for additional requirements and solutions. In other words, this system became a separate, and we used it for many years. I believe that, given the reform of the legal framework, we have to maintain these requirements of industrial safety.

SA Chernyshov said that one of the main objectives of the Russian lift association — support of domestic producers of goods and services in the elevator industry. It is very much useful for this purpose is made in close cooperation with the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services. It is important that in many provinces, there was an understanding of the need to support the domestic manufacturer is. At the same time, said SA Chernyshov, the Russian lift association is not against the participation of foreign manufacturers as investors and co-investors in projects related to the lift building complex. But these investments have to be really invested in jobs, equipment, advanced technology.

— Our factories are quite competitive, — assured Sergei Aleksandrovich, — to produce quality products. Now we switched to energy-saving technologies, such as Scherbinsky Elevator Plant, received a certificate for their products Tiu. Develops and implements new technologies Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant. In addition, in our ranks, new manufacturers. In May, we took in RLS another near Moscow, the company associated with the production of elevators, — «Sitilift», which is headed by SD. Babichev.

According to SA Chernyshov, today domestic lift manufacturer seeking to ensure that their production is redirected to the region, as told EI Kaiser.

— Our biggest lift building plant ready to set up joint ventures in the regions, to place your production on the territories — has addressed to colleagues SA Chernyshov. — According to my information, about 5-6 similar projects are under development in the Sherbinskaya and Karacharovsky plants. Therefore, colleagues, it is not necessary to look somewhere far abroad, in Russia there is a real, proven partners who will not let you, — assured the Director General of the SART.

SA Chernyshov mentioned an alarm from the Far East region, which is undergoing massive construction of houses for which the federal budget massively buy Chinese lifts. Obviously, such a situation can not be allowed, and today this problem is solved actively.

— If you are using budget funds, then let them be directed to support domestic producers — once again called on Director General of the SART. — If there is equipment which for some parameters Russian factories can not produce — is another matter. But in the municipal sector, mass housing, our elevators are quite competitive. Speaking of our, I, first of all, I mean the members of the Russian lift association where the greatest number of integrated manufacturers of elevator equipment.

Director General of NP «Roszhilkommunsertifikatsiya» AD. Kochegarov spoke about the prospects of development of the system and its capabilities in terms of collaboration with elevator companies and organizations.

Report professor of «Construction Management and Real Estate Management» Moscow State Construction University and the Graduate School of construction organization, expertise and real estate management NV Samosudova completed the first day of the Congress. Natalia V. gave details of how the elevator specialized organizations to efficiently and effectively build and manage relationships with management companies.

Deputy Director of the expert-analytical department of the state corporation «Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services» V. Lukin opened the next day of the meeting of the Congress report on the interests of all liftovikov theme: «On the prospects of the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services. Replacement and modernization of elevators. «

About what is happening in the elevator industry in the pricing and valuation of the estimated general director ADS «Liftservis-Moscow», DA Dyachenko:

— After the first memorable performances Prime Minister, when he expressed his well-founded anger on estimated calculations and estimates for the construction, there have been some fundamental changes in the structure and in most of the estimated-normative base of 2001 (hereinafter — NSC-2001). As evidence of overstatement of cost of construction projects explosives. Putin cited the argument that, for all components of the resource estimate calculations: workers’ wages, material resources, operation of machinery, which cost Russia several times less compared with European countries, the total estimated project cost is considerably higher. Although, according to the laws of pricing, and estimated to be in times less than in Europe.

While acknowledging that the previous period of the SNB-2001 were made redundant, «freedom», the state has a clear policy of centralization and mandatory process in the estimates.

Accordingly, last year was very rich, even in comparison with 2008, the decisions and orders that contain regulatory requirements. This is an order from the Ministry of Regional Development Russia 11.04.2008goda number 44 «On approval of the development and adoption of standards in the estimated valuation and pricing in the field of urban development»; Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation from 18.05.2009, № 427 «On the procedure for determining the validation of the estimated cost of capital construction, construction of which is financed with funds from the federal budget»; number of orders Russian Ministry of Regional Development to abolish the regulations and the approval of new assets, the estimated rate of construction, installation and commissioning. Among them is an order from the Ministry of Regional Development Russia 04.08.2009 goda№ 321 «On approval of the state estimate standards for equipment installation, overhaul and commissioning of the equipment,» containing the main collections of standards for the installation, replacement, modernization and repair of equipment elevators.

There was an important order of Ministry of Regional Development of Russia from 19.05.2009, № 183 «On the system of voluntary certification in the residential complex of the Russian Federation» Roszhilkommunsertifikatsiya. ‘» In the process of implementation of this order immediately and Omori joined the «National League» and the system of voluntary certification of «Rusekspertlift.» But we have to inform the Assembly that we have received quite a devastating blow by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. Russian Ministry of Justice sent a letter to Russian Ministry of Regional Development of May 5, 2010 with a proposal to cancel the order number 183 due to the fact that it contains the regulatory provisions, but had not been registered with the Russian Ministry of Justice in the prescribed manner.

Dmitry assured that members lift self-regulatory organizations will be informed of further developments.

Head of Department «Legal regulation of construction and the FCC» State Academy of Professional Retraining and Professional Managers and Investment Specialists (GASIS) SL Filimonov announced the development of common approaches for regulatory in the elevator industry in Russia.

Director, head of industry certification center Omori «National League» MP Yaroshevich colleagues explained the main points relating to the certification process. The topic is new and raises many questions.

Chief Expert of the Center for certification Omori «National League» OSH VA Seljutin made a detailed report on labor protection in enterprises of the elevator industry.

Despite the difficulties associated with the economic crisis, the ups and downs of lawmaking and differences between the major defendants in the elevator community, the industry continues to live and grow — creating modern elevators lift manufacturer, developers — innovative projects.

Head of the new technology Scherbinsky Elevator Plant DY Gankevich spoke about the new products that are developed and produced at SCHLZ.

General Director of SPC-47 «Power» EP Ishkhanov made a presentation on modern management systems. Development Director, chief designer of «cross-NIAT» VA Andrushkevich highlighted the main trends in the development of dispatching elevators and building equipment. On the modern solutions based on scheduling ASUD-248 told the General Director of the NGO «Tecon-Automatic» SA Lukichev. Head of new products JSC «Omutninsk Metallurgical Plant» VP Zalewski made a presentation about the production of grinding rails in accordance with the 180 7465-2007.

So, XV National Congress held liftovikov Russia. One would expect that it would be very difficult, too much for this was both objective and subjective reasons. Indeed, the industry is going through a difficult time. Yet to a large extent XV National Congress achieved its goal. «Liftoviki — for their industry» — under this slogan worked Congress in May 2010. And it’s not just a pretty phrase.

Gathered not random people, but, really, patriots of their industry, real specialists, professionals — the same lift brotherhood, the level of interest is never limited to banal commercialism.

— At the Congress came to the interested people, heads of organizations and enterprises of the lift, — said the FA Lyachin — and Congress took place!

The debate is perhaps too hot, the debate — not humorous, opinions — often the polar opposite, assessment — quite unpleasant … And in general — a sincere atmosphere and lively participation in the search for the most effective ways to develop the industry, active interest in her life, the pursuit of for a constructive dialogue — all directed to one thing: keep the elevator industry is inseparably united.

FA Lyachin briefly about to start work on the organization of the V Forum of the elevator industry:

— Our exhibition «Lift Expo Russia» — the second largest in the world in the field of materials handling equipment. We have already concluded an agreement with VVC. Again we provide the newest, modern pavilion № 75. Work is proceeding.

Recalling that it can not be ignored with the regions, without which it is impossible to carry out a major industry event, EI Kaiser appealed to his colleagues:

— We have no other choice, my friends. It is necessary to consolidate and gather all together. Let’s meet at two, and three or four days. First — the members of a union, then — the other, and then meet together and discuss our common problems together. And even if it remains 30 people, does not care about them, too, can not. Well, it’s true, I say that if Congress passed earlier in time than the Conference Molo, today there would be much more delegates. People just are not able to arrive in Moscow every 10 days. This is not from Peter to come. I ask the Congress decision to record in a categorical requirement fellow Muscovites gather a minute we more deliberately. And then there will be full support. It will be a legitimate meeting, and then we will decide what is necessary, and the vote wrong.

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