California boy the same straight road in the movie, as the son of the minister at MGIMO. Jeremy Renner did not escape fate, although he tried, studied psychology in college and computers (well, yes, yes, one can see calling). However, already in the 18th he had to submit to the inevitable — so began first episodes in the series, then the role in the film, then the principal and the second plan. Renner is now 40 and he is firmly entrenched in the role "polugeroya" — For the hero-hero texture a bit lacking. However, his jaw quite square, and the body is pumped enough. As for the dramatic arts, the time will tell.

The elder son at present gets no paternal mill, and the dubious fortune to wipe behinds all the youngest offspring in turn. Not surprisingly, Renner grew workaholic and categorically refuses to start their own family. But Jeremy got himself two dogs, a few nominations "Oscar" and other awards, as well as a career that goes uphill.

Lately you shoot in one action movie after another, not tired?

J. Renner: I’m not specifically choose them. Just anything suitable in other genres I still do not offer, although I would not mind. I would like to, for example, in some musical play, develop their musical abilities. I like to sing, even karaoke — oh, long time since I do not do. I love to play guitar, write songs. But the action I really love — when you’re playing in such films necessarily stay in good physical shape.

From musicals to the militants — would be an interesting career jump. What else would like to try?

J. Renner: To be honest, I’m in this regard go with the flow. It offers a good comedy role — take it and for it. What matters is that the work was interesting to me professionally. And that was not boring. I do not like a long time to do the same, can not stand routine. I just need to constantly learn something, learn something new.

Now many of your colleagues have re-classified in the directors. There is no desire to try yourself in this role?

J. Renner: Not yet. It’s pretty hard, direct and to play simultaneously. I remember what had Ben Affleck in the film "The Town"So long as to delay the new beginnings, and I is as good an actor. Although the post-production process is interesting to me, I like to browse the raw material, and during the filming of trying to understand why the director puts some scene just so and not otherwise. And recently, I was interested in the process of editing the footage, I even sometimes present in this case.

What reaction do you expect from your audience?

J. Renner: I like it when my characters or movies alarming or frightening people because people can learn something only through fear. When a person is afraid of something, the chances are that he will make less mistakes in life.

What a picture of you in particular way?

J. Renner: I find it difficult to choose. You ask any parent, any of his children he loves. Unlikely to respond.

Do you wonder that the press and the audience talking about your movie? You read reviews?

J. Renner: I see no reason. Everything is relative: anyone can like my work, and some do not. The main thing I love his paintings, I like how they are made. Every her film I look at least twice, the first — check the details, all I did as he wanted, and the second time already appreciate the mood of the film as a whole.

What do you usually do when you run out next shooting?

J. Renner: First, how to house some sleep, then go to see the family, meeting with friends, doing garden. I like to do things around the house, I’m a homebody by nature, very calm guy.

There is talk about your close relationship with Scarlett Johansson …

J. Renner: We are good friends and have known each other for more than ten years. We are very comfortable to communicate, there is an understanding between us.

Sports like?

J. Renner: Yes, since childhood. I drove with friends in football, played volleyball, skiing. Who regularly engaged in the hall, I go on training in Muay Thai. I am doing stretching.

What about food?

J. Renner: I love to eat at all. Shooting the awful miss sandwiches and beer, which I can not eat to gain weight. Plus, I’m also a sweet tooth. But in general I unpretentious food.

What do not you like?

J. Renner: When it’s complicated, it confuses. I try not to dwell on anything. And I like people that are easy to go through life, to perceive life’s difficulties. It should be easier.

What do you regret?

J. Renner: I do not like to talk and reminisce about the past, do not see the point, to change something for nothing is impossible. The future, too, no one knows about it, too, it makes no sense to talk. So I decided to just focus on the present and the fact that I have. I am a realist, I live here and now.

Do you think that you appreciate loved ones?

J. Renner: I am very loyal person, and if someone or something to love, I’ll be faithful to the end. Including friendship: only let us dare to hurt my dear friend, if I do not answer for themselves. For friends, my house is always open, I’m ready to do much for the sake of friendship, a friend I am always ready to help any way I can.

You have a big family?

J. Renner: I have five younger brothers and sisters. One of the brothers about a year. When I learned about it from his father, I was shocked. It’s such a strange feeling — embrace a brother who is younger than you by 40 years.

You know how to deal with children?

J. Renner: Of course! In my eyes grew brothers and sisters, I nursed them, changed diapers and everything. But the great nurse did not call, I hope I will not be asked to sit with his younger brother. I already have a goddaughter, daughter of my sister, I am enough yet.


You could see Jeremy Renner in these films:

Angel (1999-2004)

Long ago, before the damned "Twilight"bloodsuckers in the world dominated by Buffy and Angel, a vampire reforged. In the 11th episode of the first season "Angel" He starred Renner.

The Hurt Locker (2008)

The film is about the sappers in Iraq, then I walked "Avatar" in the nomination "Best movie" (he was much more boring), but Renner "Best Actor" We were promised but not given.

The Town (2010)

Crime drama, a second chance at "Oscar". Renner plays a robber with suicidal tendencies. Who stubbornly substituted, after catching a bullet.

The Avengers (2012)

Then there are all gods, aliens, secret base, Johansson slinky, the enemy inside and a lot of other stuff. Net feast of the spirit, the hand does not rise so deprecate.

Witch Hunters (2013)

Fans of the genre spit bile: Hansel and Gretel grown chasing witches and doing it stupidly. Even Gemma Arterton in a corset does not save the situation.

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