CHRONOMETER included in the package SPORT CHRONO 1970 EURO. To cool the brakes Lever front suspension is equipped with deflector like 911y on the front 38%, and in terms of handling it is more restive. Although the Central Motor Vehicles in the fast corners is not easy: at the entrance to prevent the demolition of the front wheels require loading brake and then we cling. Tightly! Motor at high speed sounds like a great superspeed sewing machine, and therefore it seems that the Cayman S «scribbling» bends, solidly attached to the canvas by invisible threads. Heavy steering wheel — another science: that’s how to configure the EUR.

And remember that a strong apple if took a bite — read, managed to fill a sports car in the rotation — vkusnota! Here effect and new millimeters: base increased by 60, the front track at 3640. The surcharge can be enriched «cornering safety net» PTV: Electronics retarding inner wheel.

Of course, on public roads Porsche Cayman S in many ways forbidden at which it fully revealed, it is irrelevant here. Accordingly, it is not so relevant key transition mode active «Sport setting even more categorical and Sport Plus. Is that of interest to potential. Leisure and attraction generous returns with dashing peregazovkoy engine when switching «robot» down, flip the transfer itself (as an option, there is a steering wheel with a larger rudder blades) and relax. The credo of the power unit: «Always!» But again, do not eat the same ones mentioned apples. Body checking for receptions soon tire.

Yes, the speed. The track «Don» — a zone of high risk, one of the emergency in Russia. It is clear why. Partitioning from Krasnodar to Gelendzhik often three-way, and the local and then complete the overtaking on the verge of suicide in the frontal. Cayman S in this plan pleases performance. «The robot» PDK in any mode ready to support a sharp change of pace. A separate button changes the setting suspension stiffness, but without a fight on the track any significant differences were noted.

Changing the «vibes». But like that and «squeezed» Cayman S is comfortable by the standards of sports cars.

But acoustic comfort is not enough: no matter how you go, always noisy. But if you can not be silent, it is more interesting to the ear — can be: you press another button, and the sound of the exhaust becomes angrier. Another button adds external aggression: forcibly pushing the rear spoiler.

At the same time the driver Porsche Cayman S is friendly so that at some point forget about the importance of names. No, not at all scary. In particular, it can be said about the fuel consumption during «strongly mixed» test. The good news: «robot» is trained to automatically shift to rolling with the «disengaged» drive, which, at the request of the company, helping to save a liter of gasoline per 100 kilometers.

To whom is addressed this happiness? Representatives of Porsche recognized that the Ukrainian audience is not exactly calculated models, a variety of buyers. As reasons for the purchase of «first Porsche», «Porsche as a gift» … but no comparison to the 911M is not complete. Now it is more likely to be working in favor of the Cayman. «Like father Like Son…»

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