Makar Kilivnik

Makar Kilivnik

Visiting magazine party of the TV project «Everybody Dance» and «Show №1», dancer and singer Makar Kilivnik. Charismatic, charming, open and positive in his smile love with hundreds of girls. Today Makar opens its little secrets for our readers.

Makar, you and sing and dance. Still — Makar more than a singer or a dancer?

I like to do everything, I do not want to stop at the dance. The world is huge, it is necessary to try everything.

I love to experiment! First place will leave dance, and then the music. I think that everything ahead. Makar you still hear more as a singer.

Which dance style to give preference to, and why?

Previously, I worked all styles, but lately I develop in hip-hop, I like it, I feel the dance.

You traveled to Azerbaijan in the spring. What did you do there?

It was a small project selection round of Eurovision. We have participated in the selection, together with Azerbaijani children. Number of Farid, who finished in second place this year, the organizers engaged in Ukraine, they did show. I met with Farid, supported him.

Whose workshops do you remember most?

Phillip PAC MAN, CAMILLO, Chachi GONZALES. Everyone I took something. PACMAN have had three master class: at two we were dancing, the choreography and the third was not, he told us about dancing, philosophizing.

Name three of its most striking quality.

Energetic, concise, charismatic.

Makar, is it true that you are very easy to meet girls?

It all depends on the situation, and who I am. If I like a girl, I’ll be ashamed to come and meet you. If for the sake of interest, I do not hesitate.

Was such a case: is at the crossroads of Porsche, which sits behind the wheel of a girl, and you sit in this car and say, «Let’s go ride?»

Porsche Cayenne? I do not know, most likely — no.

If not for the dancing and the music, what would you like to do?

Definitely, it would be something creative. Perhaps some kind of organizational activity. And yet I’m interested in directing, I’m just doing this faculty.

This is your first degree?

Yes, I was in Kharkov, but it did not happen. The first project «Everybody Dance», where I «fell» into two sessions, and the next year I got to the «Show №1». That’s how I became a dancer.

Everyone who likes to dance, but had never been in the master classes of Makar, do not waste time, go dancing! Makar and mood lift and teach dance. And we wish Makarov did not stop there and new creative successes.

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