Males with nedokomplekt paws

Males with nedokomplekt paws

Six years ago, we wound up Vas. I believe that cats and dogs do not start is because they are a great success infest themselves. People can make mistakes, even in the selection of the breed, to say nothing about the individual compatibility! And any sane at the time of weaning the kitten from the maternal nipple able to put the right person in the eye, and if he’s not allowed to impose on itself more and paw, it’s not a cat wine. Therefore, you are required only a sincere intention «eye-shatitsya» and your beautiful animals will not be slow to appear. Sometimes — taking into account the new technologies.

Wasicka at the time of our meeting was about Pobol two but less than three (on the conclusion veterinarian). Odintsovo shelter cat fronted after a stormy youth, placed his photo on the Internet, among other candidates pristroystvo. The usual gray muzzle, some thousands. We can say uncompetitive. And note: the cat had only three legs. But … by the time our apartment biocenose several months go by without living creatures, and my mother decided it is time to correct the situation. Last shelters for sites. Somehow, when you look at it is this very ordinary cat she almost heard: «Take me, I am, yours!»

And now all the formalities to be completed shelter, mother inaugurates the carrier, and the left front (surviving) leg confident steps into new territory. Half an hour later all it seemed that Vas always lived here. Vas seem fully shared this view, mastering the apartment both horizontally and vertically. Of course, he had to climb the curtains can not, for that still need two front paws, and choose a place to land more carefully (and, incidentally, nothing upsets and breaks), but otherwise we did not notice any lameness. Regretted only one thing: it does not have with Vasik and his friend. Manual shelter for some reason believes that the second cat is better to take after Vas get accustomed to the new location (I think that is really meant, «Look, you do not return this cripple»). Cat of the week so accustomed that he remembered the sacred principles of territorial smaller felines. When we looked to the four-legged neighbors a friendly visit, he expelled two sensitive cats and even knocked on the head cat that tried to his flippers on neutral territory. All these years, Vas categorically claimed a monopoly on living space and of «their» people, not wanting anyone to divide the attention of the hosts. The rest of it — the cat, «pleasant in all respects.» Cozy, neat, cares for house plants, column-kogtedralku loves and dreams of overfishing sparrows and airplanes. In this dream, he rushes from window to window, taking off on the window sills (the windows, of course, tight mesh). Frankly, we still did not understand what the problem is with his trёhnogostyu?

The problem of course, there are

There are several possibilities to lose a limb or two. For example, amputation after fracture, which for some reason can not be spliced, or in lesions of bone cancer. You can even be born with nedokomplekt feet, and even describes cases where unlucky mother bit off a limb from a kitten. The earlier in life the animal is forced to do three or two feet, the easier adaptation occurs: the transfer of the center of gravity, balancing, resetting of the central nervous system, muscles and gain compensation, etc. Trёhnogie cat run, play and jump and home contents do not experience any difficulties. Four claws need to climb on vertical shafts, and this will be our pleasure disabled available. If the lost hind limb, reduce the power jump, if the front — it will become harder to land after a jump or held on a narrow site. On one front leg more chances to break and cause personal injury and much less likely to hold one paw prey, so this loss is considered to be more traumatic for the cat. The common problems are overweight and care for those parts of the body that are put in order with the help of the lost limb.

Mature cats, especially deprived two limbs adapted usually difficult. Some have to build a cat version of a wheelchair.

What can we do?

To the adaptation process was successful, we need training. But the cat should be offered feasible tasks that it has not received new injuries and suffered defeat after defeat. Loads should increase along with the successes. In addition, all cats are different: one gets away on the remaining legs an hour after the operation, the other in a state, looks like a depression, and moves only with the help of others, is to not remove it «Elizabethan collar». One cheerfully jumps into his toilet and tries to dig the filler remaining legs, the other has to re-accustom to the tray. Features of behavior seen in the postoperative period, so the veterinarian can help with the preparation of the rehabilitation plan for your cat. But there is a common, basic recommendations.


The animal should be comfortable, warm, soft place. At first, the cat facilitate movement Vertical: Arrange the chairs so that she could make two small jumps where before did one great; where possible, organize slopes and ramps.

HYGIENE. Before the tray should be easily accessible, and it — it is easy to get. High skirting better shoot. Delicately watch, you do not need your help? Incidentally, it may be necessary not only to re-learn the tray, but in personal care. If the cat can not wash their faces half, wipe it with special wipes or a soft cloth dampened with water.

FOOD. On the one hand, and the water, and the food must be accessible without any problems. On the other — it is important to avoid overeating, as the weight increase and without the increased load on the limb of a cat. The problem, in one case can solve fractional feeding small portions, in other — temporary transfer to a low-calorie diet.

TRAINING. Very important. At first, they can be «lazy» — catching Mota bow under his nose, and can be prone. What toys your cat prefers? They will help bring back a taste for movement.

Relations with neighbors. If the house several cats, a decrease in the capacity of one of them may lead to changes in the hierarchy. At first, the cat with a disability is not yet fully know their new opportunities, can not quickly escape from danger, etc. This is the case when the owner has to intervene in the case to limit contact with other animals.


Hard to believe that from time to time someone compassionate owners did not try to accommodate obeznozhennoy cat artisanal prosthesis. Surely such cases in history have been. But in 1950, the American media has officially told about a cat from Maine who lost the front foot in the trap. The owner has fitted him to the cult of the peg, which enjoyed not only the cat while walking: he once caught a rat, having beaten her senseless wooden «foot.»

Today it’s time to high-tech prostheses. They are, as you know, are more expensive stakes, and for operations to pay thousands of dollars. However, we know that two two-legged cat acquired such prostheses. In 2005, at the University of North Carolina they supplied George Bailey, and in 2009 in the United Kingdom conducted the world’s first transplant of two bionic prosthetic hind legs cat named Oscar.

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