Man and Machine

Man and Machine

Grand Prix Legends.

It is not good, of course, hurt the cult film of the previous generation, but it is necessary. Grand Prix Legends purchased by Sierra On-Line company Papyrus give you sniff. What do you want, and that will snuff.

Actually, that’s not true. If you want fame, it you certainly can not see. The rest of pleasure riders, like gasoline, toasted myaska, burning rubber and even the delicious smell of hay, always at your service. Because the car on the road, you do not hold. Never!

It is finished.

Papyrus team tried very hard all these years, and that still managed to make the simulator with a capital letter. Game Grand Prix Legends is really so good, which depict it all gaming publications worldwide. And even more — it’s too good.

Firstly, it is worth noting schedule. Now that every game is committed (and quite rightly so) to support 3D, you can stop to describe in detail the graphic delights of a product. But Papyrus is truly an achievement. To begin with, the game has a great design. I sense the hand of a professional and a man of taste. On the menus look nice, nice configuration dig. As many have already seen on the Nascar and Indycar, programmers Papyrus such bravado was not to their liking. Actually the graphics engine of the game is made almost flawlessly. Everything is beautiful, polished and «pleasant to the touch language". Very clean graphics — at least, faster version of the game leaves a great impression.

Rides and flies.

Only provided in demo track helps to get only a partial picture of how the game will look a whole. Shtatovskih ring Watkins Glen on the map is too complicated by no means looks. But directly in the cockpit of a racing car you begin to understand how wrong this notion.

The machine is a class «Formula 1" Sample 1967 has nothing to do with the piloting of modern cars. And Papyrus convincingly proves it on your own skin.

Surprise one: the track is uneven. It is not so much about the many slides, turns hiding — we are talking about a cell. The track, like an ordinary country road, runs along the embankment. This means that any deviation from the true course leading to a beautiful flight in a ditch. Apparently, due to this fact the curb in the game are made to be extremely loving. Here you will find everything your heart desires: a thin grid, followed by a crowd of spectators, a large artificial mound, designed to catch the hottest drivers and, of course, soft, inviting haystacks prepared to have decided to retire. In some places the trail to insure a low fence, but such a bonus does not always happen. Result — numerous beautiful flying riders on the route "track-shoulder. » If the path of the car for some reason is the hay, he either gets stuck in it or flying upside down on, just catching the edge of the salutary barrier. Flights to GPL made generally excellent. Things are absolutely impossible in other simulators «Formula» (sort of loop the loop), — it is quite real in Grand Prix Legends.

Surprise two: the machine does not like to listen to the steering speed. As promised the authors, no splashes, in principle, does not exist and does not have a calculated tire tread PC specifically for this weather. Therefore, incidents occur even with experienced drivers. Remember about another: machine 1967 is not too inferior to modern power. Slightly pressing the gas and gently touching the steering wheel to the side, you can hear the melodious creaking wheels and soft-driven (yet) skid. If you do not know what you are doing, it instantly goes into a skid phase of uncontrolled and ends creepy dancing around its axis. If you’re lucky, you make 360 ​​and gazanuv, go further. But nothing prevents your machine gently land right on top of the fence, the protective moat or haystacks. Relax, friend.

By the unpleasant fact of loneliness US route is added a complete lack of opponents. Apparently, Papyrus simply do not have time to finish by the time the AI ​​demo GPL. So that "ringing «no Watkins Glen converted into attempts at fun. Time after time the car goes flying to the driver subsequently unable to enjoy their repeat somersaults.

By car with affection.

Cockpits of the racing machines are made with genuine love. Dozens of small details will help you to distinguish from Brabham and Lotus Eagle. The dashboard, mirrors, box look very typical. But that’s not the point. For the first time Papyrus fulfilled not only the cockpit, and the pilot. Indeed, the driver sits in the car and you see his hands — they are professionally hold the steering wheel as holding the car on the track with his left hand, right-hand pilot shifts gears. Yes, gear change takes time! In a fraction of a second engine roars with a vengeance, then moving to the working sound. Funny detail: you can choose a class, the configuration of the machine — G3, G2, and, of course, GP. And, you know, the behavior of G3 and GP are really different from each other. And not only for the sound of the engine, but also the characteristics of the vehicle as a whole. Of course, stylish move!

Finally, the business card of Grand Prix Legends, independent modeling of the four chassis. With this algorithm, you feel every little bump on the road, every new twist becomes really new. Crazy jumps, right from the point of view of physics "hangs or «on the fences and obstacles — the result of the excellent work of programmers over the said system. The car responds to every movement of the steering wheel — it is necessary to add gas and sharply spin it as you go into a deep pirouette without hope soon to stop. Well, if one of the axes, with all the dope, fly on the edge of the protective fence, despite the impossibility of damage to the vehicle, a corresponding wheel is still separated from the machine (a bug!).

Driving a race car in a Grand Prix Legends is incredibly difficult, but is as much a pleasure. Unique experience! Assessing the «excellent» new product Papyrus, we can only hope that the full version will be just as great. And it would be good developers promised deviation finalized the pilot’s head, who in this version of the game did not look too convincingly.

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