Many of us prefer to build houses thorough, solid and capital. The house was built for centuries, of course, it must be brick.

□ irpich strength is one of the leading places in the building, yielding, perhaps, monolithic reinforced concrete. And he almost equally good resistance to both vertical and lateral sliding and shear load, which eliminates the need for reinforced seysmopoyasov, putting joists directly to the load-bearing walls, as opposed to the construction of the foam blocks. A good fire brick provides a high degree of fire brick buildings. A large heat capacity of the brick makes living in a brick house is very comfortable: in the heat of the thick brick walls keep their cool, and cold — cool slowly.

fly in the ointment

In bricks only one drawback: it has a relatively high thermal conductivity, so any brick walls have to make too thick, or spend a lot of winter heating fuel. It is understood that the walls are too thick in the holiday home inappropriate. To reduce the cost of heating, where this is acceptable for reasons of strength, does not use full-bodied, and the so-called effective (hollow, slotted) brick, wherein about 50% of the volume of the cavity occupied by air, which significantly reduces its thermal conductivity. In addition, the applied foamed bricks, in which sawdust is added during baking: burning, they form a porous structure, which also make the material warmer. The combination of both methods were born porous ceramic blocks.

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