Mark Bernes

Mark Bernes

Moscow, Kursk Station, 1929. In the capital from Kharkiv arrived blond boy. And of course, with the dream to conquer the capital. On the first night at the train station to find out from the local boy the desired address and the next day, I pestered the Bolshoi and Maly Theatres. By the way, an enterprising young man quickly realized that with the surname Neiman does not go far.

And because almost immediately he came up with himself great-sounding new name — Bernes.

The first effort of the young adventurer unsuccessful: he was enrolled supernumerary at once both referred to the temple of arts and had every right to represent the «artist of large and small academic theaters.» In just 9 years, the name Bernes learned the whole country, he became one of the most famous actors of the Soviet Union, a favorite of millions. Needless to say, Bernes enjoyed the increased attention women.

Paola with violet eyes

When Mark told his friends that he will marry the most beautiful actress, 19-year-old Paola Lipetsk, all took it as a joke. But after two years, Paola, prima private theater

Korsch, where adopted and Bernes, left her husband, a wealthy engineer, to Mark. And they lived happily ever after, despite the fact that Bernes was poor and always on the third cast. About their marriage there were many rumors, gossips claimed that Mark fools left and right. Which of these rumors were true and what is idle speculation, now it is very difficult to judge. But the memories of his friends, Bernes always enjoyed spending time with beautiful women, which is clearly not happy Paola. And answer the questions of friends, he tells his wife after returning home after a binge, «Hello, dear,» and it is all the rest, they say, for it says Paola. However, their marriage lasted a quarter of a century, and they even had time to play the silver wedding.

Then Paola seriously ill, doctors diagnosed cancer. Their daughter Natasha was only four years old, the girl was late, really welcome the child to the couple. The family played out a real tragedy: Bernes, eternal breadwinner earner and, reputedly, a man-flint, could not become the mainstay and support for his wife. He suddenly scared to death. His family recently died from cancer, and his father’s sister, and he, strange as it may sound, fear of contracting the deadly disease.

I felt unhappy Paola, it is difficult to imagine husband stopped to chat with her, ordered the housekeeper to split the house into two halves, divided all things. No one could convince Bernes Paola lend a helping hand. She died in the hospital where her husband was never in two months, not visited.

Fatal accident

Yet when it came to fight on the love front, everyone knew Bernes not retreat ever. Love wins have been for him fundamental. It so happened that in the heart of a young, extraordinarily beautiful actress Isolde Izvitskaya (she played the role Maryutki film Chuhraja «The Forty-First») in the fight to take two — widowhood Bernes himself in-law of Khrushchev, Alexei Adjoubei, who was 13 years younger than his opponent. All friends advised Bernes step aside and not to communicate with his son the main man in the country. But Mark N. reacted to the concerns of friends lightly. Belle Iseult chose Bernes — and he was happy. But the unexpected happened: Bernes on the streets of Moscow violated the rules of the road and fled the scene. Isolde was in the car with him. Police caught up with offenders, admitted driving a beloved actor, and sent a couple of the world. But the protocol was saved and instantly recognized it rejected the opponent. Adjoubei then headed by «Komsomolskaya Pravda» and certainly took advantage of a good opportunity to put the opponent in place.

Here and began to Bernes dark times. The press began to publicly discuss his moral qualities, the way in film and on stage was closed. Opala actor lasted three long years. All this time, Bernes survive duplicating films. With Izvitskaya they broke up … However, many years later, Alex Adjoubei apologized Bernes.

I must say that with all their problems Bernes able to understand. It was said as a man intelligent and enterprising. Yes, he was not the most talented actor — and yet its place among the most popular actors of the country himself miraculously provided. Bernes had amazing talent to determine exactly what will be a success with the public, and has always sought that intimate tone, which immediately makes the song timeless hits.

Ideal woman

When his daughter Natasha went to the first class, Bernes was near. Among the other parent first-graders, he noticed a friend of the photographer "Paris Match" Lucien, who introduced him to his wife Lily. Since September 1, 1960 Bernes met his future wife. At the first parent meeting they were at the same desk, sparks flew and love between them. And after two months, despite the 18-letshoyu age difference, Lily moved with her son to the house Bernes. Lucien was outraged — every parent meeting ended in scandal. Lily was not happy at first marriage: the whole of Moscow gossiped about infidelity Lucien. Young woman certainly dreamed of another share. The Bernes she sought to protect herself and love — and I found it! Mark N., to the surprise of all, calm down, his adventures no one else could hear …

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