Mars Attacks!

Mars Attacks!

Martian Gothic: Unification

They wanted to create a «Resident Evil on Mars» …

Sometimes it is better to play than talk. Aside from creating a unique atmosphere and a serious sci-fi story and do the actual game. Formally speaking, a great, poignant screen is absolutely not enough. It should be, you know, and to think about the gameplay …

Memories of Juan of the Dead

«It is very similar to the Earth, Mars is the damn, that’s what I’ll tell you. Yes, my friend, and do not make round eyes. I know whereof I speak, I swear his spetsnaz icon. I remember the commercials in ’96, we climbed into one house and … asking how I managed to climb to their homes in the 96th and 23 years later look like a cucumber? Yes, if I had known … Do not be hanging out with you on the eatery and sat in an expensive restaurant with a gorgeous lady. Champagne, wine, crab, grouper … Everything is as it should be. Then white dance, lady, arm in arm, a limousine, a penthouse, extinguished candles … What? WHAT?! A Mars … Well, look further.

So it looks like the Earth is simply unimaginable, this Mars. Outside something is a bit unusual: the oxygen in the atmosphere on the strength of 5 percent, and the pressure is slightly does not match. And most importantly — they have cold nights. Go out, byvalocha, on the street, inhale deeply the fresh frosty, and then — lo and behold! — On the thermometer minus 100. Hands feet and jogged to the base — not simply by chance.

But the colonists … they know some all dejected. Well, here you are, a normal, it seems people tell me, would you decorate your room in the style of … uh … neoretro any? Or, say, baroque or futurism, eh? … Silent finger to his temple … And they twist as the chain broke. Will you come into the room — and there is! Any zavitushechki, zagogulinki … No, beautiful, of course. But the head, her-her spin. And to further show off, they all-all-all the corridors and even the most narrow passages named after Earth’s streets and avenues. You walk down the base, chew a sandwich after Madison Avenue porachivaesh left, reaching the corner of Broadway and Wall Street, and then — straight to Times Square, there’s no getting lost. Is not Earth!

Do not believe me … and rightly so — we did not eat sandwiches. We are on Mars ate very little. Why is that? And you can imagine what these zombies smell of? Why am I talking started — we then in a family house with the same fighting ghouls. Just, you know, something to profit fully prepared: pistols, ammunition heap herd breaks … And then some stuff happened: like came on the same ship, and went to the base to different inputs … Well, then I also thought — why?

Jill … Matlock ie, half the time we were there, next to the suit and stood. He chews nicotine their rubbish. And we Wesker … ugh, yeah that’s me … with Kenzo worn throughout the base, trying to get each other. Even then I finally became convinced that people with specific problems head — a system of permits come up with! Oh, psychiatrists them cry … Well, God bless them with colored cards. Green, blue, brown, red — all the colors of the rainbow. That I am still somehow understand though why one person instead of one set of a such a standard pass — still not realizing.

However, these lt; censoredgt; cards strewn across the base (as if on purpose) in such places that were before them as long as possible to get! I found a purple piece of plastic and remember that — hello from Karaganda!

— Dragged to the desired door for five minutes or ten. And there, in some music boxes, bollocks is already yellow. Kind of like hints, «Take me and blow back, yellow door from here far away.» Well at least pneumomail safes and they worked fine — so I makarom of extra cards and getting rid of things: transmit or store companions left, until better times.

But these zombies we just got. You know, they did not take! Doing five shots from a pistol, he kind with the hoof-falls, but fifteen minutes later and again gets old adopted. Again, it is necessary to waste ammo, and because they are at a premium, if the run — down the drain. I tried tvaryug leg kick, but where there!

— If the air beat. And they, undead Martian, clutching his neck and bite well! And so strange enough — as if from a distance. It seems that dodged, but no — still would get, even if you are on a good meter separates. A passionate young lady between my bed and the wall so pressed that much thought — give up the ghost. Barely escaped, two health injection then had to do.

In general, we have merged out slowly. Bored on this «Vita», and unsafe. The mansion far more pleasant to walk around, you’d better believe me. By his badge spetsnaz «(Story of Chris Redfield, fighter unit STARS, written by me, Mikhail Sudakov.)

List of complaints

«Allenby Bernard, President of the Earth Alliance, a memo!

Sir, you asked me to test installed on all computers in the database «Vita-1» game Martian Mayhem. Reporting on the results.

Sir, our database are very powerful computers. MOOD, artificial intelligence system is the most sophisticated self-learning system in the world. Non-removable media stored in its bosom terabytes of information, and the illusion of virtual reality indistinguishable from real life. It is strange for me to see in a modern computer game graphics level of the mid-90s of the last century.

Models of the three main characters are ridiculous and suggests a fascination with Cubism designers, whose fan I can not consider himself. Persons totally inexpressive and movements do not look very natural. Furthermore. When the control you character raises his pistol and ladies in this position try to turn, the body is clearly separated from the legs and scrolled in the manner of the mounting nut. Animation of all kinds of zombies typical and recognizable — it is a key phase in a passionate obhvatyvanii any of the main characters of his limbs and subsequent convulsive twitches.

Riddle left a painful impression, exactly like (good in general) story — the vast majority of the information has been received by me from computers miserly hand scattered base. Notes found in the suicides and zagryzennyh not bear absolutely no information — logically, and should not be, but in this case about the storyline and can be no question. Puzzles are reduced to the same downhill through the streets of «Vita-1» (this is a joke? — To name it in honor of our house?) And sharing out tricky found objects: it will take Kenzo, the key will send Matlock and gray-brown-crimson card keep.

But the two most probably a big problem — it’s totally reborn and by and large completely superfluous in this zombie game (I even silent about their uncanny ability to attack at a distance and therefore do not let you manage the character of the chosen by the corner), and the ultimatum -degenerativnaya save game system that allows you to only do this while interacting with computers and so rare that the most offensive, a limited number of times.

The above-mentioned disadvantages do not allow me to give the game a rating higher than two and a half on a five-point teach-scale.

Always yours, Judith Harrovey, head of «Vita». June 17, 2017. «

Martian Gothic: Unification

Web site of the game:

Developers: TalonSoft ( and Creative Reality

Publisher: Take 2 Interactive

Publisher website:

Graphics: 3 Sound: 3.5

Music: 3.5 Management: 3

Difficulty: average plot: 4

Interesting: 2.5

System requirements: Windows 95/98, Pentium II 266+, 32 MB RAM (rivers. 64 MB), 4x CD-ROM, 3D-accelerator (4 MB).

Additional Information: 450 MB of hard disk space.

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