Massive board in the urban interior

Massive board in the urban interior

The main difference between the traditional parquet and massive board — floor covering made of solid wood — lies in the size. Wood slats have small dimensions, characterized by dimensional stability and provide field maneuvers during installation. Here and «Christmas Tree» and «ladder», and other patterns. Another thing is solid wood length of 0.5 — 2 meters. (The rustic building is used and longer material.) Place the large strips obtained mainly decked manner. The width of the array ranges from 6 to 45 cm, thickness — 18 — 40 mm. Work layer — thickness up to a butt joint — from solid wood more than the parquet. Therefore, theoretically, solid wood provides a greater number of subsequent resurfacing, and the service life of the floor longer.

But the respectable size of the board, the more difficult it to maintain the stability of the linear dimensions of oscillation of temperature and humidity. But such jumps occur, especially with the onset of the heating season. Humidity around 30% (or even less) — most often in the absence of active life, ie laundry, cooking, wet cleaning — leads to deformation of the floor. Boards shrink, the gap formed between them. Blame for the «spoiled» a certain floor. As a general rule, and manufacturers and sellers, and companies specializing in the installation, try to protect themselves from frivolous buyers array is difficult to use. For this reason, the desire to have sex and expensive natural desire to save incompatible.

If you can not maintain the necessary conditions, it is wiser to choose among the more expensive materials: a stable of exotic breeds or array, specially treated. The fact that a number of exotic species, especially native to the humid tropics, characterized by high hardness, density and by their nature are not likely to change in linear dimensions. There are also special heat treatment technology, improves the stability of the wood at the cellular level, reducing its ability to water absorption. Heat-treated wood is characterized by a dark color and also the high stability, extends the designer line. Light wood tones changed to dark chocolate or burgundy, reminiscent of exotic species.

The value of solid wood, as well as the cost of parquet, wood selection affects. This is a rather conventional category, has nothing to do with the standards, and which is determined by the manufacturer. Products are sorted by several parameters: texture (pattern cutting), the presence of knots, by the absence of sapwood (young the layer at the very crust) and various defects (cracks, lesions). Within a single species of wood planks, the same tone, with single knots, will always be in the minority. They form the highest category «Selekt» or the «Elite». Classified different in tone, including differences of colors, with lots of knots, forms the lowest category — «Rustic». Somewhere in the middle is the category of «nature.» You can find other selection titles.

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