Metallurgy: Ultralight STAN

Metallurgy: Ultralight STAN

Instead of traditional ALLOY frame, so common in rolling mills, magnetic CITY Metallurgy OFFERED lightweight design stand with MNOGOVALKOVYM caliber. The idea is so obvious that instead of asking, «How did it?» — Naturally ask another: «Why is no one think about before?» Is likely to blame tradition — quiet and eternal enemy of innovation.

Pencil break easily, and break it is unlikely to champion in weightlifting. The reason is clear to every engineer. «What you are comparing bending with stretching?» — He would say. The rolls of rolling mills work unfortunately bending. We have to make them thicker. Forces occurring when rolling is transmitted through the bearings to the base. She also has to work bending. The result is not very elegant design. This is particularly noticeable lack mnogovalkovyh calibers where bending occurs simultaneously in multiple planes. The complex and cumbersome stand was a major obstacle to the wide dissemination of this method of metal forming having the weight of redeeming virtues of modern rolling left mnogovalkovym caliber relatively narrow area — they are used only for the production of pipes and profiles of hard alloys, that is, where do without them is almost impossible .

Virtually all stand with mnogovalkovym caliber have a scheme based on the placement of the deforming rollers in the frame by means of devices of the radial displacement of the rolls relative to the axis formed by these caliber. This scheme, born a century ago, the usual scheme of the duo stands and is a source of major disadvantages. Over a hundred years of development stands with mnogovalkovym caliber no one dared to depart from it any essential. All changes were reduced to unimportant variations in the mechanisms of moving rollers.

The solution of the problem turned out to be remarkably simple. It was developed at the department of mechanical equipment of metallurgical plants of the Magnitogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute named after GI Nosov at the initiative of assistant professor, candidate of technical sciences I. D. Kostogryzove. He proposed to link pairs of support rods deforming rolls, so that the axis of the rod and the rolls proved to be parallel. This allowed the effort to close the strain on the system of metal rods, poles and axes to get rid of the bed itself. Simplifying the structure due to these changes is obviously also reduces the size and weight of the cage, respectively. Rigidity caliber achieved by reducing the size and number of parts of the mating surfaces.

The achieved effect is even higher if the axes of the rolls are hollow and they accommodate rods connecting respective support axes. If the hoses used as an axis, it is possible to receive the stand with roll axes of translational coupling, in which the support axes are absent altogether. This is a qualitatively new scheme.

Ideas of a new direction in the design of stands with mnogovalkovymi deep calibres developed and tested in the laboratory. The novelty of the designs developed by ID Kostogryzovym collaboration with other members of the department, as well as VNIIMETIZa and some hardware plant, confirmed by the USSR State Committee — received 26 decisions on issuing certificates of authorship on applications for stand with translational coupling elements of the power circuit.

Already done about thirty (including 17 directly Institute) copies stands with different diameters of the rolls from 24 mm to 200 mm. The very fact that such a large number of manufacturing stands in the educational institution, which has no significant industrial base, confirms not only the vitality of ideas, but also the relative simplicity of its implementation. Comparison of new stands to the known, having the same roll diameter, shows that their weight is 3-4 times lower for an equal or even greater rigidity gauge! Now work is underway to determine the feasibility of the implementation of the stands set up in the various processes: the production of high-strength reinforcement about the die with a periodic profile, production of shaped wire compacted strands and drawing.

Developed design and rolling mills coupled with translational components of the power circuit. The drive rollers can be done either on the landing gear of the hub, or by setting the rollers on rotating shafts arranged in linked rods cushions.

The use of these cages solves one of the most serious economic problems. The fact is that over the last twenty years conducted intensive studies of metal forming processes in mnogovalkovom caliber to create a promising technology. But most developers are based on old notions about the equipment, and therefore the study ended only reports and dissertations.

Over the right path was chosen team of the Department of metal forming Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute. Here, under the guidance of Professor Doctor of Technical Sciences VN Vydrina parallel development of technologies address issues of improvement of designs of stands. The rationale for this approach to solving technological problems confirmed the introduction of a number of developments in the production of Chelyabinsk.

This experience has allowed Magnitogorsk and inventors to find an elegant solution to a serious technical problem. The simplicity of the idea and the prospect of the progressive elements of the power circuit due not only found many supporters, but also active participants in development. Among them, a senior fellow at the department of technology of metals and hardware production Candidate of Technical Sciences A. Kayukov, Head of the wire VNIIMETIZa candidate of technical sciences X. N. Belalov. In attended and the evening department students who performed graduate work under the direction of D. Kostogryzova. They were produced in 1978 the first four stands. RM Aksakov and NA Filatova co-sponsored inventions. Three sites, including 23 invention patents in the USA, Germany, Japan, Italy and the German Democratic Republic. The case for the early commercialization of stands with mnogovalkovymi caliber.

And the key to success here is interested approach to management VNIIMETIZa, MGMI and specialists of a number of metalware and metallurgical plants.

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