Late last year, it held a meeting of military metrologists, which examined issues of improvement of metrological provision of arms and military equipment. Opening it, the deputy chief of armaments of the Land Forces, Major-General Yuri Ivanov stressed that improving the efficiency of operational use and to maintain the reliability and durability of military equipment metrological provision occupies a key position. Along with an increase in accuracy of measuring parameters, shortens their recovery, which calls for closer technical basis of metrological support to the places of deployment of troops. For this purpose, we recommend greater use of mobile laboratory measurement techniques to verify more than 80% of measuring directly to the places of their operation, and several times to reduce the time of the metrological service weapons.

However, as noted by the rapporteur, to expand the range of verified and repaired instruments mobile laboratory measurement technology must be equipped with more modern equipment model. Metrology Workshop measuring technique should actively introduce new methods of checking and repair, quickly develop modern measurement technique developed based on the most advanced methods of measurement.

Due to the increasing importance of metrology services in recent years has changed the role of the metrological service, which is designed to provide not only the unity of action, but also the unity and accuracy of the measurements, as well as to solve all the issues on restoration of the instrumentation.

One of the areas to improve the quality of calibration and repairs — wide implementation of computational tools. There are already mobile lab measuring equipment, intended for testing and recovery of measuring in automatic mode and allows ten times increase the productivity of testing works. Well established in the workshops started measuring technology workstations built on the basis of program-controlled model of measuring instruments. The possibility of acquisition of such devices under the control of automated systems for microcomputers allows metrologists calibrate a variety of measuring instruments, including the means of measuring non-electrical quantities.

Therefore, among the priorities for metrologists Chief Metrological Service of the Armed Forces, Colonel Vladimir Popov called the development of the workstations and the modern methods of checking and repair, based on the use of computer technology. This, in turn, requires the measurement technology specialist shops continuous deepening their knowledge and improve professional skills.

Metrologists mainly prepare military schools. In them, thanks to modern equipment, the training process can be carried out at the highest level. Thus, in the Kharkov Higher Military Command School of Rocket Forces named after Marshal NI Krylov created a display class in which students engaged directly on the monitor screens are able to see the so-called machine movies, in popular form explaining the physical processes occurring in the various radioelements (capacitors, transistors, resistors) and assembled on their base circuits (oscillating circuits, generators, counters). Experience shows that after the first viewing of the film almost all the students and the audience can understand the logic of digital and analog integrated circuits. Software for computer classes designed by teachers and students of the school. Special attention should be proposed by the head of one of the departments of the school doctor of technical sciences professor Colonel V. Chinkova laboratory facility, which allows to simulate the physical processes occurring in the measuring device. With the use of such facilities the students quickly master the device modeled on their devices — frequency counters, generators, voltmeters.

Improve the quality of metrological support troops also contributes to improving the recovery of measuring technology. Thus, the head of the metrological service of the Land Forces, Colonel Semenov, in his speech summarizing the experience of leading workshops measurement technique showed that some of them because of a substantial reorganization of its activities and technical re-equipment were able to in the past two years to increase the amount of testing works 3 times and Repair — 7 times. Such results were achieved due to the active use of computer equipment and modern instrumentation, program-controlled via common areas. Their union in the automated measuring systems has allowed, along with increased performance testing works to automate the process of diagnosis of measurement. In addition, for the repair of measuring equipment with built-in microprocessors and digital integrated circuits used a special diagnostic equipment, the principle of action is based on the most modern methods, including signature analysis and logic.

The meeting exchanged views on the further improvement of metrological support troops. Thus, the technical documentation supports rapid recovery of measuring instruments, said Lt. Col. Alexander Shilin, in the unit which have developed and implemented these materials. More familiar with them, the meeting decided to recommend them for use in all workshops of the measuring equipment.

Colonel Alexander Myasnikov shared experience of minicomputers to process measurements and automation of the process of verification of certain types of devices. The introduction of minicomputers significantly reduced labor costs verification officers during complex mathematical calculations. After completion of the checking operations metrologists need to enter the data obtained from the panel, a special program where they are processed and issued recommendations on the feasibility of further operation of the instrument. Programs are developed mathematical processing unit. It is planned to put into operation another minicomputers, which will significantly expand the range of measuring instruments, calibrated in automatic mode. For this is supposed to create an automated measurement system under the control of minicomputers. For primary data processing and control model equipment in the workplace verification officers will be installed PCs.

The original version of the organization of jobs offered Colonel Vladimir Logunov. In the workshop measuring equipment, which he heads, jobs are racks with exemplary apparatus designed for testing specific types of equipment. Practice has shown that, thanks to this organization significantly increase productivity as metrologist do not need to collect the verification schedule.

Increasing labor productivity also helps set up in the studio workstation for verification of electronic computers of frequency.

Presentations were made by experts-metrologists various branches of the Armed Forces. Chief Metrological Service of the Air Force Colonel V. Shalivilya shared experience in dealing with similar problems using a mobile laboratory measurement technology based on the transport plane, which positively established itself in recent years. The representative of the Air Defense Forces, Colonel N. Oleinik proposed to enhance the performance measurement technique workshops broader introduce a shortened calibration for those devices that are used in a narrow range of measurements.

With great interest listened to Major N. Schupki performance of the organization in his workshop verification and recovery operations. In order to identify the reserves time at each workplace named in a schedule of operations — from the reception of measuring instruments on the inspection and finishing of the minutes. To improve the efficiency of the workshop, Major N. Schupka offered to introduce them to set up a so-called tape method of verification of measuring instruments. In this method, each workstation is equipped with a rack with cassettes, which are necessary for the reference instrument. This rack is designed in such a way that the left were all sources of current and voltage, to the right — accessories. The composition of the model instrument is determined by a special help line (by the way, she also developed a major N. Schupkoy). It is most effective to use in the preparation rack to combined calibration devices requiring a large number of model equipment. As the experience of operation of such a reception, metrology makes no unnecessary movement, his work performance increased several times.

Interesting and other development innovator — but only in the workshop introduced 17 of its innovations. So they set up a remote control for large size of the source voltage, which allows the calibration of voltmeters at the installation site without dismantling facilities. Metrology, using a remote control (cable length 12 m), supplies on the test voltmeters different in magnitude voltage.

According to the results of the competition in the last year, Major N. Schupka metrologist named Best Ground Forces. Such contests are constantly held in the army and in many ways contribute to the quality of metrological provision of arms and military equipment.

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