Mikhail Boyarsky.

Mikhail Boyarsky.

— What kind of questions you ask most frequently? Why do you think? (Dragomiretskaya S., N. Kudrin, Nakhabino, the Moscow region).

— Perhaps these two questions: how is it that I became an actor, and you do not intend to continue shooting in the television series based on the novels of Alexandre Dumas Three Musketeers. Why ask the second question is easy to answer: the film «The Three Musketeers» has attracted the attention of viewers. Why not continue to wait …

As for the first, it is clear that some viewers took, how it happened that my parents did not protect the boy, and he took and went «to the artists,» for capturing loyalty guitar. Well, seriously, trying to keep me from acting paths still undertaken. Parents dream to see me only musician in a black frock coat, the piano … On their insistence, I graduated from music school at the Leningrad Conservatory. And when it’s time to chose all the same theater, the acting profession. Affected family tradition, childhood dreams and impressions. After all, my father and mother, and uncle-actors.

— When did you start singing? (V. Blinov, Leningrad)

— How many can remember, so I sing. At home, in the school choir. The ensemble, which we organized together with classmates. He sang in his student years, for the evening, in the dormitory, in the skit. Before distributing accidentally found out that the main theater director Ivan Vladimirov Lensoviet needed an actor who owns a guitar and a little singing. I decided to show. And … I was enrolled in the troupe, where he works to this day.

— What is your relationship with the cinema? (Kuznetsov. Saratov). Are their kinosudba? (V. Mizonov. Leningrad). The most memorable and the most difficult part? (AO Pozdnyakov. Chelyabinsk: Sokolov, Novosibirsk)

— If you allow me, I will answer in order. So, if I’m pleased with their lot in the movie? Yes and no. Yes, because the cinema and television have brought me popularity. and most importantly, a number of interesting and diverse tasks acting roles. No, because that in itself is «satisfaction» -the first step to stop on the chosen path, if satisfied, then there is no place and no need to go further. The relationship with the cinema began at me quite a long time: he made his debut as a schoolboy. It was a short film on the theme «Children matches are not toys!», Where I played the boy, not yet fully assimilated the fire postulate. The first work in the «big» movie was the role of the traitor Gitsu Moldovan film «Bridges.» The most memorable and still-beloved role of Silva in the TV movie «eldest son» play A.Vampilov. But the most difficult in the «production-technical» attitude was the role of the wolf in the musical film «Mum.» Besides purely acting tasks (among other things «clear and convincing» to play the role toothy predator is not so easy as it seems), in this picture, I had to solve even the problem of sports-dancing on the ice, run fast and jump high, and even language , lingvisticheskie- speak and sing in English and Romanian.

— How often do waive offered roles? (E.Shahbanova. Makhachkala)

— Now yes. I believe that it is better not to appear. repeating what has long found. Other directors, remembering the painting «Dog in the Manger», «Mom» or, say, «The Three Musketeers», if you want to «insulate» their own deflating film singing with a guitar, immediately find salvation: the former musketeer, he’s in love Teodoro, aka wolf-actor Boyarsky. And neither do you any worthwhile and clear roles, tasks or acting-Sing, robin, sing. That’s all. Boring. I think that very few people need, except the director.

— What are the qualities you need to possess to be an actor? (Nekrasov, Kemerovo)

— We must be able not to despair, no matter what happens.

— What is your favorite sport? (S. Lyakhov, Volgograd)

— Ice hockey, boxing, soccer, pole vaulting. But only in cases where the sporting event becomes akin to a bright spectacle. I am proud that the Leningrad football team «Zenith» became the champion of the country.

— Do you like solitude? (S. Goomozdin. Moscow)


— What day is the happiest in life? (Skripnikova. Leningrad)

— Birthday son.

— What would you like to see your son?

(L. Regal, Mr. Zhdanov)

— I would like to. that the son also became an actor, and thus continued the family tradition. He himself is that he dreams to combine work sea captain with acting work in theater and cinema.

— Recently, we often see the «other» Boyarsky-restrained, lyrical, sometimes sad. What is the age-or revise any aesthetic positions? (Podolynsky. Minsk)

— Probably both.

— How about the audition? (A. Guriev, Kuibyshev, N. Fadeev, Balashikha, Moscow region)

— For me it’s part of the job. And quite substantial. During screen tests not only me audition for the role, but I’ll try to understand if it works with the director, whether he knows what he wants.

— Do you like songs of the past? (Shcherbakov. Vladivostok)

— Yes, in particular repertoire Leonid Utesov.

— Are there any plans to record a new album?

(pensioners Petrov, Kuibyshev)

— Of course. I would like to make a disk-giant, which would include brand new songs written by M. and G. Gladkov Dunayevsky and still very young, but in my opinion, a gifted musician, a song which I have already played in some gigs.

— In what film we see the weight in the near future? (I. Van. Khabarovsk)

— In the film directed by V. Gorkovenko «hero of her novel», where I was assigned a small role as a man, can not imagine life without a guitar and songs. On the Odessa Film Studio co-starred in the film «Season of Wonders» (directed by G. Jungvald-Khil’kevich).

— Do you read the magazine «Soviet Screen»? (Grishin, Lyubertsy, Moscow region).

— Yes. True, not very regularly. However, the article, which criticized me and movies with my participation, try not to miss, it is useful.

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