Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

«My brother and I collected from the scene of fans laundry father — gum from pants suited for slingshots and of bras we wanted to make a hammock»

Day Miley Cyrus goes out of the house. Thanks to the Disney TV show «Hannah Montana» Cyrus became famous at thirteen, which means that she can do whatever she came into our heads: to live in a house the size of a college or, for example, to produce the new album for three consecutive years. She was going to introduce a new record last year, but postponed the release («And thank God that so decided, because after meeting with Mike Uilom my life has changed.») Her producer Mike WiLL Made It — industry veteran from Atlanta, who worked with Kanye West and Rihanna. He helped spur her career Cyrus song about sexuality in the context of a nightclub where Miley sang about whether ecstasy, whether still there. Let’s go straight to the question that all the incredible care: B «WeCan’tStop» you sing «dancing with molly» (molly — slang designation of ecstasy) or «dancing with Miley»?

I accent! So when I say «Miley», on the radio this may sound like «Molly». So in fact it was «Miley». I knew that people would not understand what I want to say this song.

You deliberately did not clearly articulate the word to make it controversial? You hear a song where Rick Ross reads: «I’m in the» Chevy «sitting bitch. Which sells Miley Cyrus? » People in hip-hop called my name cocaine. So even when I’m just saying, «Miley», it is easy to see some second meaning. The song mentions your great ass and cocaine. Just four years ago, you sang all about other things.

In this song the first time people hear my new sound. I’m not trying to write music solely for teenagers. I’m not a prince, but I want to write music that can listen without disgust and parents. People thought I was going and that stupid white girl who dances all the time, and whose mind is completely empty. Ever since I was thirteen, the main thing for me was the work.

Now I’m twenty and I take my life and career with the same attention.

You actively advocated for the rights of gays. You had to deal with the negative reaction? For yuzhanki I’m very liberal, so when I go home, I look like the alien. But my grandfather (Ron Cyrus) was a Democrat and was a member of the legislature of Kentucky. He wanted to do good: for white, gay, straight — for him it was not important. So it’s in my blood. Someday my children will ask, «Wait, what do you want to say, there was a time when gays can not get married?» Most of my friends are black, and I find it hard to believe that my great-grandmother, and even my grandmother could not hang with black guys when they were young.

You’re much more actively express their opinions on political and social issues than other pop singers who come from projects Disney.

I’m just too honest. Such I have. I can not sing, and then to be shy, private man. I never liked to play in the television series, because there you can not be yourself. I do not want to be an actress, I want to be a singer.

Your father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has released a powerful hit in 1992, a few months before you were born. You were not strange to see how women react to it?

Oh yeah. We were with my brother had to collect her panties on the stage after the concert.

It was funny. Sometimes I found the pants size XXXXL, and said: «Dad, you have a hot groupies!» We used them as gum slingshot and tried to make a hammock from bras.

Are you still engaged to Liam Hemsworth? Rumor had it that your relationship is over.

I continue to wear the ring.

I do not discuss my personal life, so that others would not answer.

In your new album already has a name?

Yes, but I’m not going to disclose it. If I tell you, I’ll kill you.

Okay, tell me and then kill me. (Laughs.) No, you have time to write it down. I’m not so stupid.

Have you ever heard of the Australian rocker Nick Cave? On his latest album, a song with the words «Hannah Montana does the African savanna / As the simulated rainy season begins»?

What nonsense? Nothing else I can say about it. Probably, everyone must decide what it means, because I did not understand what he meant.

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