Mission: Taisiya

Mission: Taisiya

Usually Award InStyle within MIFF receives promising young actress, but this time we are happy to make an exception. It appeared on the horizon promising young director. The full-length debut of young talent was taken to the Russian program of the festival after a successful show in Cannes. To walk but the red carpet of the largest European review, it is not making any visible efforts, as well as last year, when I came to the Cannes Film Festival with the student short film and unexpectedly for itself not only applause, but also became the first Russian film director, winner contest Cinefondation. So, it seems, our movie had a good chance with a rare name — Taisiya. The new film Taisiya Igumentseva, apocalyptic comedy «Cast off», comes out in theaters October 10th.

At the party InStyle magazine in the restaurant «Zolotoy», where she had to hand over the prize, Taisiya Igumentseva did not look triumphant. Was confused, awkwardly posed for photographers, apparently very few people here know and do not feel at ease, even the plates and serving were lovely.

— Taisiya, and that the media attention you are not happy?

— And why should it please?

— A lot of girls happy. Even those who have not removed a single film.

— They must overcome so that any complexes.

Thais Igumentseva until half of the film. One and a half, because there is a short film «Road to» which showed at the Cannes Film Festival last year, and has a full-length «Cast off», which landed on the Croisette this.

What is so fascinated Cannes jury first film — hard to say, well, except that Russian protagonist scream «Go to all …», where no later honed and perfectly articulated ending. Taisiya said that it was very difficult to choose the subtitle: adequate structures because there is no European languages. Well, «fuck off» and why?

Two consecutive years of her films at Cannes. No matter what is not in the main program, the fact that to be on the Croisette — it’s just a holiday of some sort. And she seemed to care. Taisiya said that last year, when he first came to Cannes, her soul was occupied by quite different — and more significant — experiences. Later he confessed that purely personal.

— A red carpet and the dress?

— Well, I got a call from Louis Vuitton and offered to put me. I said thank you on time. Generally I do not understand brands. I like our girl designer Les Paramonov, but it is little known.

Taisiya with a grin said that this year the Cannes get-togethers especially did not go, but with his whole group, they spent much time in the pavilion of a well-known vodka brand, which managed to take one just six accredited cocktails.

In principle, quite in keeping with her current film «Cast off», where a small village suddenly taken wait apocalypse. They are there, however, they were better things to do vodka, but then the apocalypse was cinematic, metaphorical.

— Taisiya, but the shot you’re talking about an apocalypse, albeit in a particular village — Well, you had to rush there as a Valkyrie, instilling fear operators one of its kind!

— No, I’m on the court a gray eminence, I will not see or hear. Do you think the late Balabanov was a lot of news?

— God is with her, with a platform. Let about Cannes, about the party, you have to walk everywhere.

She shrugs.

No, not particularly obliged. Yes, I was pleased to stand two meters from my favorite actor Christoph Waltz, and what else? Ah yes, I remember. He was talking to a man who at a major independent US festival Sundance, he called me to study at the school of their screenplay. Well, so great is it?

The name «main man» Taisiya could not remember, but in fact the chief there — Robert Redford, a really great actor and director. This, by the way, he was.

Probably as it was difficult to interview the same Balabanov. But the famous heavy nature and distaste for reporters. No, Taisia ​​like is not severe, and the team that worked with her, she was betrayed. And journalists are simply indifferent to it. If you do not want to answer the question, is not trying to invent coquettish wording. «Who are your parents?» — «They were asked not to talk.»

But thanks to a mysterious Igumentseva parents decided to enter the directing VGIK. They decided that it is better to be able to be realized daughter. It is important to note that parents Taisiya movie have no relationship, and when she came to the course to Alexei Uchitel, not even know what movies he directed. Why Teacher (aka Master) chose her, Thais still do not know: «Our first frank conversation took place only at the last» Kinotavr «, but we talked about other things. Not on my director’s fate. «

It is now inevitably be compared with two ladies-antagonistkami who guess the devil to make a film in Russia: ice glamor goddess Renata Litvinova and Valeria Gai Germanicus, predatory gargoyle Jean-Jacques. Uselessly. Thais — the third female subsistence, if they can be counted at all. By the way, comical if someone so eager to genre definitions. Just watch her film, and funny. It all came here to amuse, not clever.

In both her films starring Sergei Abroskin, part-husband Taisia. But is not it a Abroskin — Actor touching texture — road as a performer. Now he starred in the series for the first channel and teachers about playing the teacher of mathematics. «He’s out there right Nestor Petrovich of» big changes «, — says Taisa. — By the way, it’s a good movie was wonderful, Now these are not removed. We have lost the formula for Russian cinema. «

And then we calculate Taisia ​​accept this formula, and the conversation she finally becomes interesting, she finally looks not a cup of coffee, and conversation. We come to the conclusion that the Russian cinema continues to do the same thing, and Russian literature. That is exciting, dizzying adventure of the soul.

Taisiya suddenly agrees to talk about the new film, which makes a company «Glavkino» Fyodor Bondarchuk and Konstantin Ernst: «It is called» Bui «. About how in one provincial town arranged bodybuilding competition «Ivan» under the motto «Everyone can become Nicholas Ivan!» And all the events take place against this background. The film is about how the city starts to come to life, as life takes on the paint due to such seemingly insignificant things. «

Play it and be her husband, Sergei. With whom, by the way, Taisa likes to fool around when both houses: play PlayStation, karaoke or dance. And walk in the nearby Izmailovo Park.

Yes, the movie, of course, they are also watching. The director has Igumentseva favorite entertainment — Russian Cinema 90: «Those who lived then, is to look nasty, but I have fun. I was little, just do not remember. «

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