Mobile Internet — Retail HELP

Mobile Internet - Retail HELP

— What classes of equipment in the field of IT and telecommunications, in your opinion, are necessary for the retail sector is now and why?

— Retail, as no one else knows how to count money, so all the new technology necessarily examined for the possibility of obtaining benefits from the use. It is a great help in the work was the active development of mobile Internet and all that it involves. Mobile technology will significantly reduce prices for Internet services and telephony, for large retailers is a significant cost item. Mobile Internet is also widely used as a backup communication channel, given that many shopping centers provide communication services "small-town" monopoly structure does not grant other providers and dictate their terms of service with the amendment to its monopoly. You also need to pay attention to the POS equipment. Cash terminals and computers — a sore point for each retailer, they are increased requirements for reliability and stability of operation. Given the long process of opening new stores, often have to change the hardware on one another, because the current is removed from the production and analogues not fully meet the requirements. This often occurs degradation that is a headache for IT-departments.

— What are the trends in the field of IT and telecommunications are priority in 2013 for your company?

— Currently actively analyzes the solutions in systems of counting customers. Already, almost twice the result achieved savings when the system is technically easier and less costly to maintain. There is also a project for the organization of video surveillance systems, are now actively testing various equipment.

— What projects in the field of IT and communications were realized in 2012 in your company?

— In 2012, it was finally completed integration of BI-system, a system of management of reserve communication channels.

Especially I want to stay at the BI-system, because it is difficult to underestimate the possibilities of this tool. What got our company:

• a clear understanding of where the goods (receiving, in the warehouse, in transit, in store) that allows you to build an analytical report, where up to the minute to see all stages of the journey of the goods;

• Analysis of sales by 35 product parameters (color, size, length, article, etc.);

• information on the number of checks in relation to the number of customers who have come to the store in real time. The so-called percentage conversion indirectly allows to evaluate the performance of line personnel, the work of the advertising department and the feasibility of a particular store location;

• sending an SMS each hour managers information on the amount of revenue. Wherever the manager, whatever he was doing, he always finds time to look at an SMS-message, which is much easier than to go into the system remotely from a laptop or similar device;

• operational podsortirovku goods. Managers in the office can see the real balances and the sale of any of the stores and can make podsortirovku goods. Also, every store sees the remnants of the goods at any store network and, if necessary, may issue the transfer of goods from store to store, bypassing the central warehouse.

— What measures, in your opinion, can improve the efficiency of the domestic retail market?

— One of the main problems I see retailers "zoo" BY. To understand say, in our company just one programmer and all features front- and back-office written in a programming language. In a previous company where I worked, there were 5 5 programmers and systems. Payroll coordination and maintenance of these systems have been considerable cost. Eliminating such situations would allow very dramatically improve the efficiency of retail. To raise the efficiency of retail also allows the implementation of business intelligence systems. When the possession of operational information about sales, buying activity with a delay of no more than half of top managers with a powerful tool for managing sales.

— What factors, in your opinion, can change the familiar face of retail companies, pulling it up to modern international standards in the field of IT?

— Oddly enough, but not the fact that it is necessary to hold out in retail IT to modern international standards. Retail more flexible in this regard than other industries. For example, in the company back in 2011 it was a test deployment of RFID-systems, and it has been successful, but the price has crossed all the advantages of RFID-tags. It is widely used IP-cameras, wireless technology, video count of visitors the latest novelties of the market of commercial equipment.

As an example I can mention the emergence of low-cost detectors of currencies broaching the type that determine the authenticity of the bills on their own, thereby reducing the likelihood of errors due to human factors.

— Whether retailers interested in cloud solutions?

— Special interest there. Since there is no confidence in the safety of confidential data, and many services are not in demand. For example, in the shops do not want the usual MS Excel or Word, and the cloud — all the more. Some data is put into the cloud is also problematic, most of the information is confidential.

Also, the store must be able to operate independently if necessary, in the absence of the Internet. If we consider the office, the amount of server hardware and power consumption low, to think seriously about the transfer and computing services to the cloud. Therefore, cloud computing is not cause special interest among retailers.

— What are the problems associated with the construction of the IT infrastructure occur when opening a commercial enterprise in the regions?

— At the moment there are no problems. This could be said 10 years ago, but currently opening a store in the regions does not differ from the opening in Moscow. I can even say the contrary — the prices for telecommunications services in the regions of lower than in Moscow, and the maintenance of adequate and faster.

— What, in your opinion, especially the Russian market of e-commerce?

— E-commerce fur market is not well developed due to the specificity of the product and will most likely not receive development. On the one hand, not everyone dares not cheap to buy a fur coat without trying, but On the other — not every seller agrees to carry a fitting a certain number of expensive products.

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