Mobile Office for Android

Mobile Office for Android

Simultaneously with the first BlackBerry device appeared stories of office workers, who trains on his way home like crazy, banging one hand on the keyboard, making operational reports. In those days, at the mobile terminal to enter an e-mail, not to mention the text that contains more than a few sentences, seemed unthinkable.

Back in the present, and it appears that the text input on the phone — not such an absurd idea. The screens become bigger, brighter and more comfortable to view. The close button keyboard for the most part fallen into disuse and gave way to larger on-screen keyboard. Thus, it became possible to put in the pocket of the hardware for the mobile office, and the solutions proposed by the programmers did not disappoint us.

Changing criteria

Getting acquainted with office software for Android, I wanted to find in them the basic tools desktop office complex. It is not necessary to have all the functions of a single, but the ideal mobile software should ensure the creation and editing of documents Word, Excel and PowerPoint, have some of the advanced editing functions, such as adding comments and change tracking; be easy to use.

During the test program, I introduced several additional criteria. For example, I like the programs that are not used nested file menu, and more convenient ways of presenting information on smartphones. Cloud storage also became an important factor, especially because of the close integration of Google Drive on Android-powered device. There were less than the essential requirements, such as the ability to embed images in a PowerPoint presentation, or add a cell in an Excel formula allocation.

The best candidates

As a result, I could not find a program meets all these criteria, but the decisions were pretty close to the ideal. Some features, such as version control through change tracking (Track Changes) in Microsoft Word, almost impossible to find. At the same time mobile office software is constantly changing as the programmers better understand what is required of a good office software. Even some free products are of such high quality, thanks to them that this niche market is completely transformed.

I must say that the technology is not yet sufficiently mature to allow write a novel using the phone.

On the screen, you can still see a few lines, so the author, as shown by my experience, unwittingly will seek to unduly compressed, telegraphic style. In addition, input text, running his fingers over the glass screen, is still uncomfortable, even on the tablet.

Probably from the perfect device to enter text on the fly separates us another generation technology; So far, these excellent products can help us to cope with almost any office task.

Polaris Office

Through the program, Polaris Office, I realized that the free office software can be a worthy competitor to the paid counterparts. It is equipped with elegant, modern interface, unlike its rivals, which look rather boring and old-fashioned. Large, clear menu, easy to use and standardized throughout the program. Compared with other office applications for Android software Polaris Office more compatible with PowerPoint, making easier to add images and even run a presentation from the device. The attraction of this is very well thought-out program and adds the fact that the version for Android is free, and for a version for iOS you need to pay only US $ 12.99.

Nothing is perfect there, and a serious lack of Polaris Office (at the time of this review) is that it can be installed only on the Samsung Galaxy S III. If it worked with other devices, it certainly would have been awarded the distinction «Editors’ Choice. In addition, it is compatible only with the cloud-based service Dropbox — glaring omission for Android-program.

Kingsoft Office 5-3-4

My experience with Kingsoft Office is small, but the fullness of the functionality of the program, which does not need to pay, made a strong impression on me. It is compatible with most popular cloud storage services, creating documents is simple and well thought-out interface. As in other programs to access the different functions need to click the icons on the tape, but the developers have completely given up submenus. It features an elegant unified interface, and in this respect competes with Polaris Office.

Impressive also means working with Excel, allowing you to easily enter data and build complex formulas. However, the program has a limitation: you can not work with images in presentations PowerPoint.

Documents That Go 3.0

Documents That Go — the progenitor of office solutions for Android, and, like the venerable crocodile, who has evolved since then, both crawled out of the primordial ooze, the program Documents That Go 3.0 also stopped in development. It is clearly lagging behind the cloud computing as only compatible with Google Drive (which was still called Google Docs), and for compatibility with PowerPoint gives all considered in the review of the program. A very attractive advantage — the ability to show the changes made in Microsoft Office. It is impossible to keep track of new developments, but at least you can see the previously made. To my knowledge, this is the only Android-program with such a function, but there is hope that in the future the situation will change.

Documents That Go — it’s actually a desktop document manager, and creates the impression that the program was designed as a mobile complement to the main program. Update the structure, improved cloud features and significantly reducing the price, Documents That Go can be converted into an elegant mobile editor, but the program is stuck in the past.

Google Drive

Choosing Office software for Android, decent differences «Editors’ Choice, I deliberately ignored the Google Drive, as it is more a service than a standalone program. However, it has a great program for Android and not only the possibility of creating and editing documents, and secure storage of files.

As a website and Google Drive program is very easy to work together and commenting on documents. There is even a version control, though very limited. In addition, working with documents, have to get used to the whims of Google Drive. For example, there are the very serious problems of compatibility with PowerPoint, and Excel documents. Google Drive documents can be converted to a common file types such as docx, but it requires an extra step. A read and edit files created in other programs, performed somewhat cumbersome.

Google Drive — a great tool, but not the best mobile office. I readily recommend it as a backup edit or create documents, a tool for collaboration and, of course, the storage of files.

OfficeSuite Pro 7

For the first time making a review of the Office-Suite Pro, I thought it was a very good program, which fade-esteem due to poor design. Fortunately, the interface in the latest version is completely updated and corresponds to an extensive set of editing functions.

OfficeSuite has almost exhaustive possibilities: works reliably with the cloud, it has designed interface and successfully fulfills all the important editing functions. Polaris Office is hardly better suited for working with PowerPoint, but OfficeSuite offers a wide range of functions and is compatible with a large number of device models.

One drawback: at the time of preparation of this review could not show italic font on devices Samsung. This defect must be removed in future versions and is excusable. The price is quite high, but OfficeSuite Pro — a very useful program with very attractive user interface. In addition, over the past few months she has been seriously updated (at least once), so we can hope that the developers will not leave without attention the program in the future.

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