Modernization of elevators in the Research Library at Brown University

Modernization of elevators in the Research Library at Brown University

Day and night, this building is full of the life of the students and teachers work, conduct meetings and discussions, conduct scientific research in the 16etazhnom building overlooking the other buildings college College Hill, Providence, Rhode Island.

The impressive building, and not like the brick body entwined with ivy, which are better associated with Brown University, it is one of the nerve centers of the prestigious campus. Welcome to the University Scientific Library, simply referred to as among their «Sailau». The library building is a training center Susan P. Friedman and Richard A. Friedman, where you can practice around the clock, having at hand several floors of books, periodicals and reference materials, as well as the service center of university media. In periods of intense training, especially during examination sessions every day in a building is more than 3 thousand students and teachers. But in a more quiet time every day the library is visited by hundreds of students and staff of the university.

Students on the upper floors gives a group of three elevators, and the fourth stands apart, serving the faculty and staff of the university. The three main service elevator 14 floors above ground and one underground, and the service lift make another stopover in the basement of the building. By the end of the school year 2006go becoming increasingly clear that the initial gearless traction elevator company Otis, established in 1969, is outdated, worn out and become less reliable. Some of the problems include inaccurate positioning.

In addition, Brown University recently announced its intention to make the campus more «green» this trend is more prevalent in light of soaring electricity prices and growing environmental concerns. Old elevators were not very effective in terms of energy consumption because of the outdated system of regulation of the generator, ineffective supervisory control and other functional deficiencies.

Brown University, as well as many other institutions who care about the environment, trying to take into account the environmental aspect in all projects related to university equipment. As informed the university website, «it is assumed that the projects should provide a high level of environmentally friendly structures. Environmentally friendly design allows designers to use the best, environmentally friendly, high-efficiency and energy-saving solutions. Worth for hut to reduce operating costs, improve health, increase productivity occupants of the building, to minimize negative environmental impacts on the life of the building. «

With all of these factors and the project was initiated modernization of elevators in the scientific library.

To implement the chosen company Atlantic Elevator South Co., Inc. in Seekonk, Massachusetts, which is serviced by a lift at Brown University. Family corporation with years of experience began the project with a thorough study of the viability of old equipment. For all four gearless mechanisms Delta Electro Power Company of Cranston, Rhode Island State, comparative analysis, which showed a high probability of insulation failure in the future with possible problems ground. When, Atlantic saw the condition of the existing mechanisms, she decided that the best project will be the introduction in the region Lift newest technology to hit the market: direct drive technology AC. While it may seem unusual that a small regional company became the first to use the new technology, John Driscoll, head of production company Atlantic Elevator South, I thought otherwise.

Small does not mean backward, he said. In fact, small companies with a good clientele and established relationships with suppliers are often much more convenient first to start using the new technology.

Since the technology was completely new, Atlantic prefer to work with suppliers that provide extensive technical support with extensive experience in design and good results of previous projects. Of Atlantic it believed that the principle is the ability of different suppliers to join forces and equipment. After consulting with various producers and received recommendations from a consultant Noel Herschell Company Lerch Bates and Associates, Inc.,, Atlantic decided to implement the project with the use of controllers GALaxy company GAL Manufacturing, actuators and mechanisms of Magnetek AC permanent magnet company Imperial Electric.

Additional energy savings provided by the use of regenerative GAL devices for Yaskawa drives supplied by Magnetek. When tested in the test tower companies Hollister Whitney such regenerative device provides energy savings of up to 50%.

The company has provided Magnetek drives HPV 900 PM and regenerative energy saving modules which are used in the gearless AC systems company Atlantic. Adding regenerative modules creates a system that returns the energy generated during the trip, helping to implement the decision of Brown University with respect to providing environmentally friendly campus.

Drive HPV900 PM is specially designed for large accelerations and high operating temperatures. It implemented vector control with closed-loop ensures a precise start and stop. The drive 900 HPV PM, is part of a series of drives HPV 900 companies Magnetek, use software that allows you to easily customize the system.

The modernization project at Brown University has provided an ideal opportunity to use our high-performance drive, said engineer equipment Lift Company Magnetek Hongsermeyer Heide, who has worked with the drives in the facility.

The actuator includes components with long life, including bus capacitors provides higher nominal voltage, and diode bridges which allow to make the current 2.5 times greater than in other industrial drives.

Gearless mechanism of AC permanent magnet is an element of the future in the present. Vice President of Imperial Electric Sales and Marketing Geyri Ward explained:

These are small in size but very powerful gearless mechanisms AC revolutionized in lifts. Machinery spaces have become cleaner, since no new mechanisms of carbon brushes, as in the old DC gearless mechanisms. Atlantic Elevator Company has selected a series of mechanisms Imperial Electric Frame 500 due to their compactness, durability, strength and low maintenance requirements. These high-speed machines are designed for intensive use in buildings such as Brown University.

Eventually replace all but the cabins, and they have changed: to refresh their appearance, set new downward facing lamps and textured steel wall panels. For your convenience, Brown University wished that in the main lobby, Atlantic has installed a video monitor, which was raised by CE Electronics. This also includes the position indicators and the possibility of issuing of relevant information to students and staff of the building, including posts and safety warnings.

This modernization project is the largest project of the company Atlantic. It began in late December 2006 and completed in accordance with the work schedule and budget, about a year later. At the site full-time work, two technical specialists Atlantic Elevator South, and the other employees and contractors of the company appeared on the site and left in the project.

We have a very demanding customer, remarked project leader Jeffrey Parker Brown University. There was no room for error, and the guys from the company Atlantic is quite ingeniously provided the correct course of the project with minimal disruption of existing structures.

«… In the first place, it was necessary to take care of the smooth operation of the elevator, even during project implementation. Staff at Brown University emphasized great importance that during the modernization of the operation was deduced only one elevator at a time. «

To choose the right partner, Atlantic shifted to the development of a detailed plan and timetable for the implementation of the modernization project. Meeting with Jeffrey Parker, manager of Brown Business Service Barbara Schultz, a consultant Noel Herschell and university electrical engineers to better coordinate and formulate a strategy to work in a vibrant building with minimal disruption to its operations, carried out throughout the project, ensuring that the work of graphics and achievement of the relevant results at each stage of the project.

Since the library «Sailau» plays a vital role for the university in the first place, it was necessary to take care of the smooth operation of the elevator, even during project implementation. Staff at Brown University emphasized great importance that during the modernization of the operation was deduced at the same time only one elevator.

During the execution of the project, at least two of the four elevators remain in operation, and in most cases it was possible to use three of the four elevators, said Driscoll.

To buy time from the beginning of the project, Atlantic established between cabins safety net Pearlweave. This allowed the crew to work safely with a cab in close proximity to other elevators. Taking advantage of the opportunity to work early in the morning and late at night, a team of installers of Atlantic has managed to avoid interference to the public library when I had to drag mechanisms and other components of the building and to remove them from the building.

Another obstacle was the noise, which is not too welcome in libraries. Throughout the building signposts permissible volume in decibels, and although it is impossible to perform work on the project without causing any complaints regarding the noise, Parker said, Atlantic has reduced the noise level to «the lowest possible level.»

While waiting the arrival of the main components of professionals of Atlantic converted Door Systems Otis’ in all four lifts, including changed rollers, door locks and other related devices. New door components supplied by Unitec. Of Atlantic explored door drives model 6970 company Otis. It was found that the mechanical components are in perfect condition, so decided to leave the existing drives, replacing the electric control device sets the closed loop of the company IPC.

Works on modernization began with a service elevator for teachers simplex cabin, serving 15 floors of the building. Since much of the work took place in the shaft or machine room above the shaft, away from students and teachers, Atlantic beginning of the dismantling of the old mechanism and controller and delivered new equipment for the machine room through a hole in the floor care machine room and the second floor above him. After installing new wiring, controller mechanism, instruments of Innovation Industries of Atlantic Brigade start up service. In addition to the master technician, mechanic and assistant to the company’s present site ready to assist engineers and companies GAL Magnetek. Having worked with their participation minor problems with management, Atlantic resulted in the preparation of the elevator, and by the end of the first day he worked at a high speed of 500 feet per minute. From start to finish the modernization of the service elevator it lasted about 12 weeks.

Complete the modernization of the service elevator, obsessed with a group of three elevators. From that moment, Atlantic when upgrading faced with the problem of separation cabins, exacerbated by overcrowding in the engine room. To solve the problem with working space, the new controllers are moved to the ground floor, located on the existing equipment, which previously housed only the engine-generator sets. This would leave in place the existing controllers and selectors with their wiring, so that each elevator is not necessary to remove from the group mode of service. In essence, the modernization of the wire around the existing equipment, which provided space for the removal of old gearless mechanisms and setting in place the new AC machines. Because the controller is the distance from the mechanisms of them, on the next floor, installed cameras and monitors with closed loop, allowing technicians of Atlantic observe the work machine during maintenance and adjustment of controllers. Upon completion of each object on the elevator came to an engineer from the company’s GAL, to help with the final configuration of the new equipment. The last phase of the work consists in dismantling and removal of old controllers and selectors.

Reviews have been positive campus.

When I first took the elevator after the conversion, I hardly noticed that he was moving. A few seconds later the door opened and I found myself already in place, ten floors up! says graduate student Allison Brown Kerbel. They do not bounce, they are quiet, and they are cleaner than ever in my memory.

The customer was very pleased with the new elevator system, said Parker. That is the distinctive features of a relatively small of Atlantic allowed her to get to the implementation of this project, and she did not disappoint us. They clean up all the garbage, cleaned and even the garbage that had to do with them. They are without any objection eliminated small faults present in the building, and often did so even when we have not asked them. The work they have done at no extra cost may seem small, but for me and the university, it is invaluable.

In new elevator components fewer moving parts than with older devices, which leads to lower probability of malfunctions and fewer service points in the system as a whole. Elevators got a lot quieter.

Even while moving all three lifts can talk to people in the engine room, without shouting, says Parker.

The new control system provides an effective motion, saving time and energy. Microprocessors are able to study trends in passenger traffic for the elevators, and determine the best floor, being on that elevator can quickly and efficiently handle the call. The new controllers provide more rapid diagnosis of problems and in many cases may themselves immediately identify the problem and suggest attendants what to do.

The project has demonstrated the desire of Atlantic Elevator South to prove the efficiency of small independent contractors in the elevators

«When I first took the elevator after the conversion, I barely noticed that the elevator moves. A few seconds later the door opened and I found myself already in place, ten floors above! «

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