«Moments of Joy».

& quot; The moments of joy & quot ;.

I am absolutely immaterial people. I do not know how to save money, will never know how much I have in my purse, and often falls because of this mess: I can dial into the store a mountain of products and find that in your pocket just a couple of lats.

I am on television cooking program (she is on vacation), and many recipes that do on-screen with your guests, repeat at home for the family. To please the home — the real happiness. We try to make each other surprises, without hesitation, how much to spend. More happiness — are children. When my son, sleepy and warm, barely awake, grabs me with his hands, everything inside me screams: «Stop a moment!» I would like to freeze, remember every second, to save on memory.

Fortunately, when the United Arab Emirates, I was lying on the bank of the gorgeous warm sea and kept saying to myself, «Remember! Remember it!»

Happiness was to visit Venice. This is the city of my dreams, a fairy tale, and represent — I won a trip there! My husband and I like mad roamed the streets where no cars, the air is fresh and clean, and this beauty — the palaces, gondolas! And I like to walk, walk-even in Riga often go for their own power, even in the cold winter, unless, of course, no ice or slush can easily pass from Ziepniek-kalns to the center and back.

Happiness — just wake up and realize that you granted another day and you can spend it for the benefit of themselves, to do something right, to call my mother and say that you love her, or meet up in the middle of the day with friends. Buy takeaway coffee and stroll through the frosty winter park, holding coffee in hand, bask on him, to talk about everything.

Together with her husband to climb on the roof — I really like the roof! — And drink a bottle of champagne. Or in the day to sit on the bus and go at random to one of the Latvian town, walk there all day, and then jump into the last bus to Riga. We often do so. Sometimes spree and miss the last bus. We call then friends — that rescued. When you have friends, ready the night to come and pick you up from anywhere — it is also happiness.

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