Moscow lifts replace the hands of professionals

Two months have passed from the time when the Department of overhaul of the housing stock of the city of Moscow has launched a broad program announced replacement of elevators, which resulted in the Muscovites will have modern, comfortable, safe, energy-efficient elevators, relevant technical regulations «On the safety of elevators.»

As reported in early February, the Moscow government decided not to spend money on a partial modernization of old elevators, and replace them with new ones. These are the procedural requirements for the upgrade of elevator equipment makes technical regulations.

This year, all will be replaced by 3718 lifts, the safe operation of which will expire in 2011, these lifts serve more than 400 thousand inhabitants of the capital. Budget expenditures for this purpose amount to 6 billion rubles.

Commenting on the problem, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin said that the previous two years, due to the crisis, the modernization of elevators was funded enough, and as a result lifts «fully developed their resources.» Organize the work of urban renewal elevators, said the capital’s mayor, is necessary so as to «deliver a minimum of inconvenience to residents»:

— We must inform them in time, in what time frame it will be done, and do it as quickly as possible. Set deadlines for carrying out the work and provide an opportunity to live normally, and not to create discomfort for the residents.

Already prepared to address lists generated based on the conclusion of Rostekhnadzor. Head of department overhaul housing in Moscow Arthur Keskinovym decided «not to patch these lifts gradually, and change 100 to twenty-five percent of the term, this would solve the most important problem — will not be forced to stop elevators taking into account scheduled lifetime.» This is especially important, since Moscow is a quarter of all elevators operating in Russia, «and we will be the first region, which will take the elevators to the new technical regulations in existing housing.»

As a result of careful planning work on the program, requirements specification and distribution of the state order is planned to save about 30% of the funds allocated to this problem that extends the capabilities of the Department’s decision «elevator problem» of the capital.

Given the implementation of the program in 2011, there is a formation program for 2012-2015 to upgrade older lifts 1992 until the requirements established by the technical regulations. This takes into account the necessary volume of 24,709 replacement of elevators in Moscow in 2012-2015.

Following the policy statements President Dmitry Medvedev on modernization of vocational education by building public-public relations system of educational institutions and employers, the Moscow government is not limited to just a matter of replacing the elevators, and making efforts to ensure that these activities are carried out competent experts, as lifts are technologically complex objects, professional installation and operation which are key to the safety of residents of the city for the use of an elevator. This is especially important, since the elevators in homes and offices in Moscow every day carrying up to 20 million people. This is more than the subway and surface transport combined. In total, the city of about 92 thousand elevators. Once a lift with hinged doors in frame-Extra mines and mines custom design.

With the assistance of the Moscow Department of Education is opened on the set of adult education, including elevator employees organizations, Evening form of training (on the job) at the expense of the budget. Training is carried out on the basis of colleges with modern lifts polygons acquired by the Moscow government, and, last but not least, constantly cooperates with the largest elevator companies in the city under the social partnership, and therefore have a concrete idea of ​​the level of competence needed to work on modern equipment with current technical standards.

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