Moscow of my childhood.

Moscow of my childhood.

I lived on Plyushchikha, near Baksheeva Vasily Nikolaevich, who was with us at the Art School in memory of 1905 consultant. Russian painter, academician of painting, he studied with Valentin Serov, M. Nesterova, Alexander Arkhipov, K. Korovin, was friends with many famous artists.

Due to this circumstance, the school’s authority and instructed me to patronage of the famous master. This commission is often allowed to visit the house at Vasily Nikolayevich, to see his work and the work given to him by fellow artists who were covered all the walls of his small apartment. Old artist really loved his homeland, and his every word, and the blade of grass, they depicted on canvas, carried in itself this great love.

In those postwar years, young art student fond of creativity of Konstantin Korovin and Valentin Serov, Arkhipov, Ryabushkin, Malyavina, Vrubel, Kustodiev …

Ongoing controversy arose in our environment around the artists «World of Art», «Jack of Diamonds», «Donkey’s Tail» Impressionists from the collection of the collection Shchukin — «the Museum of New Western Art,» which at that time was closed, and we knew Matisse, Picasso and other artists of this trend and post only thanks to the excellent library of the school. Vasiliy taught to love what depict, whether a single tree, a bird or a house. Everything has a soul, he said, and can not be painted, as a fence, a random color.

Most importantly, repeatedly master artist should not only paint all the time, but also to think about what you draw and what, not simply depict, imitating the manner of a painter.

In addition, Vasiliy taught careful attitude to paper, canvas, paints, brushes, palette … The most modest his sketches and drawings advised to store. With these simple instructions I and many of my comrades, who were lucky to teachers, managed to save precious material: yellowing leaves are now in the old albums, numerous studies made in different years, alas, places long gone. This is an old, destroyed Moscow and Moscow region, once covered with forests clean and beautiful Volga … until its «development» we .Risovali wherever possible — we live it. Vasiliy knew Russian literature, music, theater. It was an example that at first I just wanted to emulate, and then become a necessity — the necessity of initiation to the great feast of life — to the Russian culture.

Until now, I confess traditional approaches to work: drawing from nature, assembles small plots next to the outline, write something that does not have time to paint, I try to walk more, talk to different people, do not use the photo (perceive photos only as a memory about meetings with people and how to help about technology — machines, lights, costumes).

With my hometown all the time something happened, and, unfortunately, not very good. Various invasions, fires, destruction of temples, streets, houses, areas …

I like to talk about my childhood Moscow.

I remember how in the old two-story house on one of the streets of Moscow, not far from the bustling Taganka Square in the populous second floor room, smelling kitchen, kerosene stoves and kerosene lamps, was «unworldly» dresser. On it lay a track with a simple linen embroidery «Richelieu» on the edge.

In the center of the chest-pedestal he occupied a place of honor SVD-9 — One of the prewar local radio that he was like a chest of drawers, but it is true, had a cheerful green eye. It was interesting to look as if there in this live view, flying airships, sailing ships, jumping on white, with flowing manes of horses Boudin — all with swords and a mustache.

To the left of the receiver were several albums of gramophone records and a box with games, «Fisherman» and «Flying caps», and in 1940 there appeared a «Children Calendar», bought a book on the Agricultural Exhibition Hall. Closer to the window looking out on the dusty tram street was gramophone. From it came the special plates and smells him, dressed in a triangle painted brown leatherette.

On one wall of the room was a «marketplace» picture — two cats, one in a short skirt, the other in short pants with straps on children’s fashion of the 1940s. Under this picture, quite independently, tear-off calendars hanging annually. Leaf 22 June calendar 1941 accidentally preserved for a long time wandered with my drawings from one room to another, lived in the kitchen until I moved into my small workshop under the roof of the former insurance company «Russia» on Sretensky Boulevard, where he is caught in the eyes, then hid among the naive children’s drawings. Since then, many years have passed. From the «academic» drawings created during and after the exercises, I was almost all destroyed, and children really love the beach, and not only his but also his daughter Katie, although it did not become an artist.

For me, Moscow — it is not only the streets of my childhood, it’s — my teachers, friends, colleagues. This Institute Surikov, the heir Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, preserving the tradition of the realist school, experiencing, as well as the long-suffering Russian culture, not the easy days.

The city now breathing heavily, but every patient — always helped Faith, Hope, Love.

And if we, the people who love the city, there will be more, we will renew.

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