Moslift: Results and Plans

Moslift: Results and Plans

By long-standing tradition in February of each year, employees of the Moslift going to the City Hall on Novy Arbat for economic asset. This is not only a business event, which takes stock of the past year and set goals for the future, but also a kind of corporate event that always takes place in a warm, you can even say, homely atmosphere. After honoring and rewarding the most outstanding employees and partners, always held a gala concert sound toasts.

And this year, on February 9, a conference hall of Moscow City Hall was full. Before the workforce were made by the leadership, representatives of departments and special guests Moslift.

With great attention mosliftovtsy listened to the report of the Director of AA Zolkina.

Anatoly said that intense commitment in 2010 successfully implemented, although it was given is not easy. Most attention in accordance with the collective agreement was given to the social aspects — Save all the social payments to employees, accrued «thirteenth» salary.

At the end of 2010 to increase profits and profitability analysis of costs and effectiveness of spending from payroll and changes to the Regulations on wages.

— For his great contribution and greater effectiveness must be paid and a greater reward -ubezhden AA Tzolkin. — If a fee is unfair, it may be possible consequences of the loss of interest in the work of the staff, the search for parallel income.

Director General Moslift briefly lit up all aspects of your business.

More attention to the development of new services and enter new market segments

To this end, radically reorganized management sales. The changes were made and its structure, and continuing professional motivation of sellers. As a result, sales plan elevators and special equipment made by 100.3%, mainly — it works on replacement and modernization of elevators and installation of wheelchair lifts.

Anatoly urged his colleagues to more efficiently develop new types of services, such as installation of automated building equipment, sprinkler systems, cable TV, telephone and radio in the new construction. In his opinion, it is necessary to solve the problem of integration of ODS with building automation equipment, which will increase maintenance and, consequently, the profits of the enterprise.

Last year Moslift managed to master a new market segment — the installation and assembly of car parking systems with subsequent maintenance.

No — outages and malfunctions lifts

Today Moslift serves 60,170 elevators and

673 platform lifts for the disabled. The main criterion for the quality of service of lifts is considered to be the number of emergency orders. In general, they were reduced by 42%. The number of failures in the elevators as compared to 2009 decreased by 16% — with the commitments made by 10%.

For prompt emergency service in December 2010 introduced a system for monitoring the operation of elevator equipment. It allows you to track all planned and unplanned downtime of elevators in apartment buildings and determine the best routes from emergency crews.

Changed the main tasks and duties of controllers Central emergency dispatch service. Now they control the run-time application, the process of rescue and recovery operations and the efficient use of vehicles.

Guarding the health and safety

Since 2003, the team Moslift works without injuries and accidents. In 2010, experts of management of occupational health and industrial safety, at least three times to check each of the 250 production sites, paying particular attention to compliance with personnel safety and labor discipline. Deservedly MOS LIFT awarded a diploma for active participation in solving the problems of labor protection and participation in the exhibition «Labour protection in Moscow in 2010».

In the annual «contest for the best organization of labor protection» team won first place SU-8; in second place SU-5, and the third — the Su-14.

Safety first

According to the National Center for Crisis Management of Emergency Situations Ministry in Moscow, rescue calculations Moslift branches during the year 160 times involved in the implementation of joint tasks to eliminate the threat of explosions, fires, accidents and other emergencies. Embarked on the preparation of certified lifeguards from among electricians emergency services paid off, for this purpose trained 120 people.

Terrorist attack at the Domodedovo airport, demanded that the managers and all employees of additional measures to ensure the safety of Muscovites. In this regard, enhanced access control, video surveillance everywhere, locking devices, modern security and fire alarm, panic buttons, objects are guarded by private security companies. In addition, the entire staff of the rescue service of the enterprise must be certified in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

It is expected that the heads of the branches in the near future will hold a practical evacuation training with employees of administrative and industrial buildings, will be held unscheduled inspections of foreman and workshops, will be tested pits and machine room elevators. Questions antiterrorist security and safety are always in the zone of active management attention Moslift.

System installer requirement of time

In this direction, we expanded the range of customers, including — Department of Education, the Ministry of Communications, Department of Culture, Department of Physical Education and Sport, Office of the President of the Russian Federation.

During 2010, 20 people have mastered the work in the field of installation and operation of fiber-optic communication lines. This will allow for dispatch of lifting platforms for people with disabilities in programs and HCSD B. Another 25 people trained in construction, installation, maintenance of security and fire alarm systems.

To make better use of specialists in the field of fiber-optic communication lines decided to buy missing equipment and to organize on the basis of CSF-1 pilot production site.

In the area of ​​special attention — a new technique

In the past, the Office for the new technique of «LiftAvtoServisa» continued to develop new models of elevators and equipment for carrying out their modernization and overhaul also -krupnoseriynogo equipment for a variety of control systems.

The most significant development — a series of elevators MLPM capacity of 400 kg and 630 kg on the basis of equipment Mogilev plant management system UKL, which have been certified for compliance with the technical regulations «On the safety of elevators.»

To modernize the elevator equipment designed four types of booths coupe elevators of different carrying capacity and design, clerks modules and devices for different control systems lifts, ceiling lamps in the normal and low-power options, as well as leaf car and hoistway doors. All these innovations are already in place at the facilities of the company.

By order of Ministry of Emergency Situations issued a stand for education and training of rescue teams.

In order to improve the energy efficiency of elevators developed electric drive with frequency converter FC 302 company «Danfoss», which provides energy savings of up to 50%, increasing the service life of the equipment, ride comfort, reduced maintenance costs and repairs. Lifts with the electric drive tested, commissioned and has already received positive feedback. It is supposed to apply widely developed system of electric drive with the modernization and replacement of elevators.

Importantly, the implementation of all these developments will significantly reduce the cost of a basic set of elevators.

Future — for information technology

Much attention is paid to information technology. Created automated accounting systems of vehicles and auto service operations, ensuring their integration into a single production system «Moslift-INFO.» As part of the accounting system for the protection of health and safety module is designed to account for the knowledge test, and the data obtained as a result of the passage of members of the medical board.

Based on ACS ‘Workplace superintendent «created new modules: accounting staff on production units, taking into account the areas of materials, accounting schedules return to work and the formation time sheets. Commissioning of these units will take place in the first half. Today, ACS ‘Workplace superintendent «has risen to the system, covering many industrial problems, and it can rightly be called» Moslift-missile defense. «

Last year, in the territory of the SU-5 quickly set up a classroom for training courses in the field of information technology. Class is equipped with computer facilities per 10 students and one teacher. Employees of departments implementing new software systems, have already been trained and apply their knowledge in practice. In 2011, learn to be emergency services dispatchers and skilled production sites.

A comprehensive system of «Moslift-INFO», encompassing many of the financial and operational aspects of the company, continues to expand. An important task, which is scheduled for 2011 — enhancing its performance and reliability.

— We are not satisfied — said A. Tzolkin — when loading the car in the «center of supply» is faster than prepared all the necessary documents. Now we need a quick and convenient product. And this year is required to pay particular attention to this and to work to improve the efficiency of the whole system.

Moslift today is actively using information technology to promote products and services of the enterprise among its customers, residents serviced houses and Internet users in general. In 2010, the advertising department and management experts have launched a new, user-friendly and intuitive for users, corporate site. By regularly updating information fails to interact more with customers, including the regions. Home office Paet month about 100 requests both in the elevators, and on other matters relating to the various activities of the enterprise.

Cadres decide everything

Currently, Moslift are 3 600 people, including 1 505 electrical engineers for lifts, 302 Electrician equipment and dispatching teleautomatics. Still, the company needs young skilled workers.

In the past year came to work here 30 new employees, graduates of specialized schools, while in 2009 — 49 people.

— Apparently, an effect unfavorable demographic situation, — says AA Tzolkin. — And it seems that it will be even fewer graduate. Therefore, the personnel office should think about where to look for pictures and how they teach. Moreover, the average age of our employees is increasing every year. Currently, at the expense of enterprise in universities and colleges learn 96rabotnikov Moslift.

V2010 year for outstanding work in the field of jobs graduates of specialized colleges and universities, MGUP «Moslift» became the winner of city competitions: «Keeping shift» and «Best Employer in Moscow» in the nomination «For the development of human resources.»

Within the framework of the city target program «skilled workers» in the last school year Moslift spent a great job of career guidance among pupils 425-minute school, through which the base Electromechanical College number 55 fulfilled the plan enrollment for 2010-2011. In the current year it is planned to expand even further this activity, cooperating with the relevant departments MGSU, MSTU. Bauman and colleges number 55, 54, 64.

During the event, presentations were made Moslift employees and guests of honor welcome addresses. We felt that it was not just a duty performance, and sincere words are not indifferent to the business people, and, of course, they found a lively response from colleagues. And this is quite understandable, because highlighted the important and urgent issues for liftovikov.

After the meeting, an economic asset and the procedure of awarding the most active, conscientious workers, and business partners Moslift, held a traditional festive concert. The real surprise was the performance of Joseph Kobzon, everyone noted that he sang great, from the heart, with this inspiration. And the audience responded to him as sincere applause. However, other actors, though not honored such as Joseph Davidovich, Hall welcomed very cordially. It seemed that all were united by the atmosphere of the corporate event. As I commented on what is happening, one of the officers bridges Elevator:

— We have always, just like in the proverb: to work hard — rest. Therefore, we work from the heart, not to let down our Moslift.

Director General MGUP «Moslift» urged employees of the utmost endeavor to implement decisions of the meeting, to increase the level of professionalism and always a responsible attitude to their work responsibilities:

— The terms of the success of any business known. This — the knowledge of the business, self-confidence, high intellectual and cultural level, and the ability to bring the case to the end. All these qualities and have our team as a whole, and most of the staff.

I am sure that only bonded by common aspirations MGUP «Moslift» can adequately overcome any difficulties and achieve success and prosperity.

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