Motors War

In Moscow, the third meeting of collectors and restorers of military equipment «engine of war».

The three-day meeting of fans of military automotive history has passed on the basis of the State Military-Technical Museum in the vicinity of Chernogolovka, which arrived about 8o restored cars, motorcycles and tanks. And all of them were released before 1945! The post-war domestic appliances and a few who joined her pickup Hummer Hi stayed outside the fence formal exposure without passing the age limit.

Risen from oblivion

View at the exhibition was something. For example, light artillery tractor GAZ-64 commander and GAZ-61-73. They miraculously survived in one piece and carefully returned to the undercarriage of the workshop Nicholas Khripunova from Samara. Or first shown in public the German heavy SUV Mercedes-Benz 1500A, just renovated by experts of the Military Technical Museum. More than 6o years he spent at the bottom of the river, and now with a fully operable units looks like new. About the same way — from years of neglect in the swamp and through the painstaking restoration — done and flamethrower version of the famous T-34. Now, it does not apply only to the gun and flamethrower, and then only in accordance with the law.

It has been presented and several cars had never appeared in our country. German heavy passenger vehicle Phaenomen 1500A was captured by the Americans in North Africa and Italy, and then taken out as a trophy in the United States. Having changed many owners, he was in Russia at the Museum «engine of war» Vyacheslav Lena. At the moment it is the only surviving this type of SUV.


A pair of British army multipurpose vehicles Humber Heavy Utility FWD not only attracted the attention of the audience straightforward design of their bodies, but also ventured to go to the rally in the surrounding fields and woods. Distance of 45 km was divided checkpoints at several sites for the additional military entourage accompanied by «ambush» with shooting and explosions. And just retrogonke attended a good half of all exhibits rally — 35 vintage cars and motorcycles. There is life in veterans!

Spectacle with battle

The second part of the gathering was devoted to the reconstruction of battles of World War II, gathered about a dozen military-historical clubs and a lot of self-propelled combat units. Particularly impressed by «The Battle of Khalkhin Gol» with the application of this Japanese art. In addition to the light tank Ha-Go in it were involved in the pre-war motorcycle Ri-Kuo, one of the two arrivals from Samara and triple commander car Kurogane Type 95 with a two-cylinder motorcycle engine. One look at the independent front suspension and a continuous rear axle of this tiny machine was enough to realize how deeply rooted SUVs are famous Japanese brands.

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