Mr. euzheli nearing the point at which a group or with the dignity breaks are automatically booked himself a place of honor in metal encyclopedias, or falls into a senile and peel the strings until stir hand (as opposed to the brain), making unnecessary even imagine sounds, supposedly called » great music. «Frankly speaking, in relation to the WASP would not like neither one nor, moreover, another.

In fairness, however, it should be noted that Blackie Lawless has never been famous for a particularly zealous innovation, invented a long time to procrastinate occasionally chips. But such a setup does not yet exist. ‘Still Not Black Enough’ is essentially a smaller version of ‘The Crimson Idol’ — with a brief songs, and without there akkusti-cal vstavochek. Lawless maestro himself adheres, however, somewhat different opinion, considering his new formation, if not radically different, the logical continuation of ‘The Crimson Idol’,

«Without the past there would be no album, and this"- Says Blackie. «I just could not make it so. Many little wrongly perceived ‘The Crimson Idol’: Jonathan — it’s not my nickname! History Jonathan Steele is a generalized history of many musicians and people involved in show business with whom I had to communicate in their lives. The only part of the story is autobiographical episode of Jonathan’s mother. On the new album, he has repeated my name in the form of the ballad ‘I Can not’ — probably the most important part of the plate. I have long had the idea of ​​the album, which would constitute the basis of my feelings, anxiety, feelings. In 1992 I made the first step, but now I think that my dream has come true. I believe that the title of the album is very succinct, informative and speaks entirely for itself."

Undoubtedly, after listening to ‘Still Not Black Enough’ felt that the depression of volume-ness and gloom on ‘The Crimson Idol’ Blackie Lowe loess was not enough. And it seems that this is a new fad WASP

But the man whose name is the personification of this abbreviation does not consider it a novelty: «I got the nickname Black because of the color of their hair"- Says nee Steve Duren. "However, now I can confidently assume that this also applies to my inner self. In fact, even very close friends do not know me really."

A Black inside (and in this there is little doubt) as hopelessly gloomy inside the booklet ‘Still Not Black Enough’, where even the entire text is printed in dark gray on black! Especially since it is not clear presence on the album, daring track Rock’n’Roll That Death ‘, also included in the collection of previously WASP ‘First Blood … Last Cuts’.

«This thing for me is very important,»

— Says Lawless. "I certainly wanted to include it on the album, because that rock and roll is also my essence, my second «I". With certainty and responsibility I can say that this is my religion and my God, if you will. I think that not all of the so-called rock ‘n’ roll schiki might say something like this."

It is unlikely that such a pathetic statement can be considered one of the symptoms of megalomania, because it is spoken by the mouth of the drummer did (though vocalist) rock work, which, even with a broken arm continued his musical experiences. By the way, this happened just when recording ‘Still Not Black Enough’, where Blackie again prescribed all the instruments (except drums and guitar solos). Nevertheless, returning to the top of the article, I would like to wish all the Black Law-less little more variety in the music of his activities. To paraphrase a famous communist cart, credit team fans surveyed can be considered something like:

We say «W.A.S.P."

— Podrazumeaem Blackie, we say "Black" — Mean W.A.S.P. To date, we are quite black enough, but it is not very WASP’a.

Alexei Glebov

Probably for all WASP fans three-year wait after a magnificent creation Blackie Lawless ‘The Crimson Idol’ turned strong disappointment or, in at least bewilderment. Not only does the new album ‘Still Not Black Enough’ has not made absolutely nothing interesting in the creative heritage of this team. Giant was just obscene repetition of its predecessor. In memory of any connoisseur of WASP a failure occurs for the first time. What’s the matter?

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