Mum’s advice

Mum's advice

New taste

In the summer a lot of berries and fruits. Many parents try at this time to give them to your child that it «reserves» vitamins, and not think about the adverse reactions.

Remember, all new products, including fruit and vegetables, should be administered in the child’s diet gradually, in small portions, so as not to trigger allergies. Since the body can more easily «tune out» a new taste, a new substance. At the same time in any case can not deprive the child’s usual food. Offer him a small piece of something new, not focusing. Even if the baby is very like a feast, do not let much distract anything.

With their toys

Prompt, whether the baby go to kindergarten with their toys? Recently we witnessed how the girl was crying near the cabinet, not wanting to part with the doll.

Up to 3 years old baby does not know how to share their perceiving it as an attack on freedom. To take or not to take a group of toy, you decide. Even if the child has grown up and insistently asks you about it. They can move the desire to boast in front of other children, or improve their status so. But you must consider that ifushku can break (intentionally or accidentally), away from the child, or he just did not want to share it with others.

If you want to allow the child to go with his toy in kindergarten, explain the possible consequences. Be prepared for the fact that ifush-ku can break, so as not to abuse the child and not to make a showdown with other children or their parents. You can consult with educators, not whether it will provoke some conflicts.


In the summer at the cottage, you can teach a child very much. And in the most convenient form of a game to him. It may be the definition of the skills of the world, something of botany, biology and mathematics.

Look at how many opportunities around! Fresh flowers bloom? Come on, count the new buds. How many butterflies flew to them today? How departed, and how much is left? Believe me, it will be interesting to the child, and he will tell you that you can still count: and things to do.


Earlier in our yard every summer kids playing in the sandbox. And now we have no sandbox is not, and the court too — range cars are parked. Although I think that even if the sandbox remains, not every mother would permit her child closer to her, you never know what’s there.

But this year with grandchildren went to the public beach (we have close to home recreation area on the banks of the river) and was pleasantly surprised to see the mountains of pure golden sand. It pleased romping children of all ages, and sometimes adults. Built cities, erected towers, just molded mud pies and «baked» cakes. Everything is clean, tidy. At night, the beach is closed, the area is protected.

Thank you for that smart people have thought about the children bothered about where they can play in the summer, to tinker in the sand.


I want to advise all mums with small children: do not throw away the little sliders. Of these, you can build a new, very comfortable pants. Our experience has shown, they will last another six months.

It is advisable to take two sliders of the same color and size. Sledochki if they are cut. Rubber is also cut off with a cloth. Some panties set aside, while others strut on each side, from the inside the whole, and not from the outside to the place doparyvaya cut gum 5-7 cm. Put on the whole strut pants waist to the waist and sew. Top straps are obtained (from the strut leg). They must sweep off on all sides, and then sew on buttons or buttons that can alter growth.

I do not want to see him

With my husband, we have divorced two years ago. It was very painful, messy, mother in law tried to take away my daughter.

Now everything is relatively calm. We live separately. My husband stopped drinking, got a job again. Sometimes it comes to us, it brings money (alimony). But Helen does not want to see him, and a visit to Grandma stopped going altogether. Of course, everyone thinks that I tune it and shoot.

If the daughter knows that his father will come, trying to go somewhere, he invents himself or hiding things. I’m trying to explain to her that you can not do what he dad, and she just cries and cries, he does not want to see him again. It turns out that my grandmother tells her all sorts of nasty things about me, and it hurt her so. Why inflict so much pain the child, because she knows she is already 10 years old? It is very hard to calm her down.


In the group of kindergarten, which goes our Alyosha, there is a strange boy. He takes all (!) Toys, a bunch of pitches in the middle of the room, literally falls from the top and not let anyone. Screaming hysterically: «It’s mine, I will not give anyone!»

Children at first tried to take something to play, but he started to fight. I had to call my mother to teachers, to talk to her. At first she did not want to believe, do not listen, thought that her son was abused until he saw with his own eyes. Now they go to school with a psychologist, and his behavior in the group watching someone from relatives.

WATER bombs Remember how fun it was when as a child you were allowed pooblivatsya in the heat? We did bryzgalki of bottles and old rubber toys and worn all the yards. And the country staged the whole battle, using home-made bombs and water pistols.

Now water pistols can be bought in the store at any age. But bombs can be done with children and allow them to play when it’s hot. It is best to do them from the old soft sponges for body, plastic bags and small inflatable balls. First it is necessary to dip into the water, and secondly, to gain water instead of air.

Should I treat?

The son were holes in the upper incisors, and with the inspection at the pediatric dentist told us that there is tooth decay and other Zubkov. Doctors insist on treatment, but is it because baby teeth fall out soon, and pain in the child there.

Yevgeny Frolov treat milk teeth need to be sure. Carious tooth is a hotbed of infection and may be the cause of diseases of various organs. In addition, in the future, deep tissue damage of primary teeth can cause permanent dental disease.

It is necessary to monitor the state of the milk teeth, regularly visit the pediatric dentist, to teach a child to clean teeth (there is a special children’s toothbrushes and toothpaste). The enamel of primary teeth is not strong enough, and inflammation can develop very quickly. That is why young children is not recommended for products containing a lot of sugar.

Children’s toothpaste should be tasteless and without smell pleasant, that the child had no desire to eat. But manufacturers do the opposite, so clean the baby teeth should be under adult supervision, and paste it enough size of a pea.


If you have a box in the house, you can make them a lot of useful toys for children. The biggest can be turned into a children’s house. Cut the door (they can even open) window obkleyte paper or paint the wallpaper to your taste.

Because smaller boxes can be made in kitchen with appliances. For example, cutting out the front door round and stick paper or plastic toggle buttons (bottle caps), you do the washing machine. Square door opening down the front switches and unnecessary CD-di-ski from the top (they are tiles) — and your box does not distinguish one from the electric stove. The same principle can be made cabinets, sinks, furniture for dolls. Believe me, these toys is much more interesting shops.

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