Once rising sienna, any person becomes an actor. No matter what kind of scene — a theatrical stage, a political tribune or dais on the concert scene — people change. Of course, the actor on the stage much like the actor behind the scenes, but it inevitably puts on a mask role for which is presented to the audience. All this applies to musicians. But what role it chooses — matter. You can restrict the musical genre stereotypes — staring at the shoes, strumming, looking thoughtful or rush here and there and jump into the crowd, shaking her hair or other body parts. It is clear that the genre affects the image of: folk-rockers wear torn bags, doom — skin and sullen expression on his face, and pop singer in general almost nothing wear.

However, some musicians are going on — they create a whole image, the legend does not become just another group, and almost medieval troubadours, for which there is an even border between music, acting and playing tricks.

Once I was at a concert band Graveworm, in front of which the opening act played Moscow team Arcane Grail, visitors metal concerts know how to generally refer to groups as the opening act — either indifferent or hostile. But this group has left a good impression, not only music, but also acting game. Well-chosen costumes, the exact look and movement — and the story told by two vocalists literally comes to life on stage. Of course, not all musicians are so willing to work out the visual side of their music. For many go on stage — an achievement. Record an album — an incredibly difficult task. Make it popular — an impossible goal. But many of her reach. And there are a lot of musicians that permeate all of his creative idea — image, speech, concept albums, videos. Such artists today and we will tell.

More than music

In the world there are tens, hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions of music projects. Naturally, that at least one in a hundred comes up with something more original than copying an image of Bob Marley, the Beatles, «Elvis and Sid Vicious. Musicians in different ways to create their images: one using masks, others — make-up, the third — the costumes. As a rule, the first rare-developed invent a legend — they usually say that masks enough to stand out. Among them — the French musician Danger, whose mask is inspired by the group Daft Punk and black magicians of Final Fantasy, and album titles (BRUSH, EPIV) refer to the «Star Wars.» Original cartoon masks vegetables mutants are punks Radioactive Chickenheads,

Grim has long been the main attribute of musicians playing black metal, as well as the direction of visual kei. The founders of the bright make-up in rock music considered Americans Kiss, Their complex, researched makeup, apparently inspired by comic books, another interesting example of a make-up — the American horror-rap duo Insane Clown Posse. Its members act in the way clown-killers and perform appropriate songs. And the Swedish rock band Ghost vocalist depicts demonic pope.

Musicians in costume usually carefully study their own fictional biography. Since the guys were able to go at full strength in the studio, they will find the strength to come up with an interesting plot and characters. The sources of inspiration for these groups are often science fiction and horror, fantasy and reason are not held in high esteem.

Do not forget about the steampunk. Until now, there are disputes, there is the eponymous musical genre — even in our editorial office there is no consensus. Anyway, musicians, inspired by the romance of the Victorian steam, it becomes more and more, and almost all use in their work the elements of acting,

The first thing to come to mind Abney Park. Initially, the US team played the industrial and gothic rock, but in 2005, they dramatically changed both sound and image. Abney Park appeared in the image of the hijackers with the airship «Ophelia», time travel. All subsequent albums tell the adventures of the crew. In 2011, the group’s leader, Robert Brown, even published a novel based on this story. More some time traveler from the Victorian era — Americans Unextraordinary Gentlemen, inspired by Alan Moore comic «League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.» Their songs are dedicated to the history of the fictional XIX century, who often told in the first person, and among their heroes have such characters as Give the Barker and Elwood Lovekraken. To conditionally include steampunk and German group Coppelius. Its members represent the beginning of the XIX century aristocrats and play on the appropriate instruments — cello, clarinet, bass Performed they are, interestingly enough, metal. And one of the band members on anything does not play — he is the butler. More some aristocrats, this time from the XVIII century, are known as The Upper Crust There are guests from the future — an American electropop singer-team Euromotion states that appeared from 3012 year.

Many groups do not even have such a rich biography, but elaborated impressive image. One of the first of these musicians were Americans GWAR- their incredible, detailed and original costumes are dazzling. Every concert — a bright, shocking show. However, the themes of their lyrics are far from fiction. Another thing is the Finnish hard rockers Lordi, whose images of monsters from cheap horror films created by using a multilayer make-up and costumes. Songs Lordi also devoted to horror movies, with composed they are quite ironic way — musicians make no secret «that all their work is serious. Not inferior to them in brightness makeup American metallers A Band of Ores — very real orcs with guitars playing death metal. More among fantasy creatures on stage common trolls — you can recall, for example, Norwegian or Finnish indasgrialytsika Mortiis humppa metal band FinntrolL These demons played in the Japanese heavy metal band Seikima-ll. They came from the world of the Mac, to spread the teachings of Satan, Another striking example worked costumes and performances — collective The Residents, existing from the end of the sixties. However, performances in the group play a significantly larger role than the actual music.

There is a group in which a part is played by robots. American rock band Servotron entirely composed of robots, and the theme songs were appropriate — from classics such as NF laws Asimov to Bendery «Kill all humans!». Other robots enslaved its creator, and in combination — frontman Captured! by Robots. In addition to the singer, the only person in the group includes headless robot, doll’s head and two toy monkey. His team has mechanical and Dr. Steel — mad scientist of the Victorian era, who dreams of taking over the world.

There are many groups inspired by comic books. The first to come to mind, The Aquabats. who wear suits classic superhero — fighters against evil. There on the music scene and supervillains — for example, rap collective Soopa Villains, its four members are called names card suits and wear appropriate costumes.

But most of the theme that runs through all the work of the group, it is science fiction. One of the first musicians to create your image of space-based NF were glam rockers Zolar X, gathered more in 1973 (by the way, they are also considered to be one of the first glam-rockers). Musicians maintain the image of space aliens. Other aliens, famous Clintons play in death metatsya group Stovokor. All the songs, of course, performed in their native language. In the universe of «Star Trek» live and American punk Warp I. Their work is frankly comic character — which are nothing but the names of albums, such as Borgazm. On the stage, there are many other astronauts — for example, pop-punk Supernova, Japanese Peelander-2 surf-rockers Man or Astroman? or Japanese project Genki Rockets, whose lead singer Lumi. according to legend, he was born pa International Space Station on Sept. 11, 2019, and have never seen the Earth.

The music scene gave the world a lot of talent, and this in the article did not grasp the immensity. Therefore, there is not a well developed group with live shows such as Pink Floyd and Alice Cooper, or virtual groups such as Gorillaz or Dethklok.

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