Musical tastes of people are very fickle, so sometimes MUSIC IS THE SAME FASHION «.

Musical tastes of people are very fickle, so sometimes MUSIC IS THE SAME FASHION

When the compact blonde Victoria Hesketh was in our hands, we first rushed to her feet — from the side it might seem that we behave like electro disco ecstatic fans, but in reality we are just checking how British women alias corresponds to reality. Let’s face it, less waiting — 35th the size is not so unique to the pair of women’s legs, in their honor to call themselves Little Boots. Noticing our perplexity, Victoria immediately confirmed apocryphal walking on the network that his stage name was not obliged feet and Roman petty tyrant Caligula, more precisely, the same film Tinto Brass, who defeated her in his youth. Nicknamed the ancient emperor just in Latin means «little boots».

29letnyaya Hesketh was the decoration of the secret party Johnnie Walker Walk of Taste, along with frontman Adam Bainbridge Kindness. In Moscow, where there were already four times, she brought a new album Nocturnes. «I decided to — end mainstream enough to chase commercial success. That Zaluche comrades in Andy Butler of Hercules and Love Affair and James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco », — Victoria chatters.

Along with sound and image has changed: «I became much more confident now everything is under control, and other people’s opinions I care little. At least I do not compare with Lady Gaga.

Thanks for nothing».

In late August, Little Boots plans to die down in Ibiza in the role of DJ. Yet free time between gigs, she promoted her own label, she laments the fact that the album Daft Punk do not have any women, and promises in the near future, powerful duets.

Scots surpassed in an instant. Another thing is that the whole competition when Franz Ferdinand was indeed purely formal: they have always had their own agenda, its own model of behavior, and even, strangely enough, their sound — a lot of whom resembled, but quite distinctive and generous on hits to crash into memory. The second album Franz Ferdinand was released shortly after its debut (the award Mercury Prize and Prize NME) and was nothing he was not worse, but instead continue to forge information occasions until cooled magazine covers, the Scots have dedicated themselves much more enjoyable and much less energy-intensive classes.

In recent years they have signed with Jane Birkin (for a tribute to Gene ASRA), Marion Cotillard (advertising Dior) and Debbie Harry (for their own EP) pereinachili hits D veins Stefani and Britney Spears took a habit to perform live Feel Love Donna Summer. In the course of intensive world tour has acquired new shapes and, for the first 4.5 years of the album Franz Ferdinand. Almost all included in his ten songs have sounded live band, and that none of them is thus no second Tak Me Out, no new Do You Want That hardly threatens Scots half-forgotten fanfare and spotlights. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action be glad with nostalgia and faith in what is to them we have put in their time is not wasted.

David Brooks «BOBO IN PARADISE: Where does the new elite» M., Ad Marginem Press


• Nonfikshn American journalist David Brooks of the emergence of a new social class (bourgeois bohemian, or bobo, known here as hipsters) comes here more than ten-year delay but for the missed time this class was formed in Russia. It’s about the creative educated intellectuals who, earning no less than bankers, and sophisticated at the same time seeks to consume, and not to betray the ideals. The line between the intellectual and financial elite is erased — just not distinguish sipping cappuccino from swallowing the financier on the run espresso artist. Describing bobo inside, Brooks feels a new class of mixed feelings. On the one hand, «where there is the educated elite, life becomes more interesting and varied, and the like — softer.» On the other, he constantly repeated that the price of this well-being was the superficiality.

Jennifer Egan «TIME last laugh»

M., Corpus

• novel, won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize, talks about the lost youth invented punk rock veterans. Like a book about old age, but to replace the lost illusions comes the new generation, designed, according to Egan, to correct the mistakes of the past.

• To hipsterovatoy bohemian idol Allen, though, because the processes that Brooks relates to 90m, Allen happened in the 70s: white Protestant elite eroded Jewish intellectuals, rich and creative are synonymous, map of the world made up of the address of the New York coffee shops.

• The first volume of the adventures of the hero, genetically linked with Sasha Savelyev from «Bury me for skirting».

From my grandmother’s suffocating embrace it gets to the dashing 90th, where torn between the status of the Orthodox musician and jovial tempter MGIMO. Came shortly bobo such nonsense as moral choices, no longer in pain.

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