My body — my rules

My body - my rules

MEN lose weight extremely rare and even more rarely talk about it. Keeping fit have the stronger sex is seen as something unusual, peculiar to women ASAP. If your loved one feels the same way, I tell him about the hero of our column.

I have been doing sports since the late 1980s. Personalisation — a train and a half to four hours three times a week. Forty minutes of work with a punching bag, twenty — parallel bars, horizontal bar, plus a couple of exercises for the biceps and triceps.

Half an hour — run and press. But my food was very ordinary. For example, I could easily eat at night bread with bacon and tomato snack. But while you are young and your metabolism quick weight appears. At age 23, I — sports guy — weighed 80 kg.

In 2001, becoming chief accountant of the two restaurants, I almost gave up training. The work was sedentary, all the patrols took the assistants. The food was delicious and satisfying me, besides …. I’m addicted to the milkshakes. As a result, every month my weight increased by 2 kg. Eighteen months later I had reached the mark of 115 kg. Although the surrounding convinced that I’m so good looking and equally moving as before, I knew that boxing abandoned because of shortness of breath, football with the boys running was difficult, dumbbells and weights while giving a sense of power, but the proportions of the body completely changed.

At that moment I decided that I need to collect will in a fist and go back to your usual way. But how to lose weight when you do not know how to do it? Only through trial and error. I went this way. Surprisingly the results came quickly — in less than a year I lost 25 kg! Helped rules that I brought for myself. You just need to:

1 Exclude from the diet of fried, fatty and spicy to normalize metabolism.

2 drink at least 2 liters per day. I completely switched to green tea without sugar, although I loved only black and sweet.

3 Eat separately.

By this I came himself -up as there were numerous books on a separate feed.

In 2000, we brought a German shepherd. After a while it became apparent that the porridge with meat should not have a dog — only vegetables with meat, porridge with vegetables, cottage cheese with yogurt. Otherwise it will hurt. And I began to eat uo the same principles as my pet. Soon, we both began to look athletic and fit.

I already weighed 90 kg.

But from these 15 kg, I got rid of entire five years: they went very slowly. But I was harder than my fat, and by the summer of 2009 has lost 73 kg!

To keep the result more difficult than to achieve it. Lose weight once, all you need to change the diet, otherwise the body as soon as possible take its toll. Lipid coins are just waiting for their piece of the pie. There are some «swing» in my life. And the reason that weight back enough — we need only change a job or get sick. I, for example, during these periods from 75 kg up to 82, then back down, and lose weight exactly twice slower than typing. The main thing-not to panic when he gets back the rhythm of life, go and kilograms.

My diet:

Here’s my usual diet (wife knows it by heart):

8:00 — 400 g 1% kefir. This product will set the body to the rhythm of work.

11: 00-11: 30 — breakfast. Something carbohydrate like buckwheat, oatmeal, brown rice, red beans with cooked vegetables (serving no more than 500-600 g).

14:30 — Lunch. 200 g of cottage cheese 2-5% fat and 200-250 g 1% kefir. Low-fat cottage cheese has not recommended: it can not absorb calcium.

17: 00-17: 30 — snack to dinner can be done easily. I eat the same as in the previous meal or two bananas with yogurt.

19: 00-20: 00 — dinner. Meat with boiled vegetables.

So, my food — separate, fractional and sometimes balanced. You do not need to copy it: I’m such a diet to choose for yourself, you can not approach it. Look for your own know-how. Maybe you have a slender hamster home lives, and should pay attention to what he eats?

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