Among my favorite reservoirs there are some that are very close to Moscow, and despite this, they delight anglers trophies. For example, recently I was from a friend at a party, and he lives near the reservoir Klyazminskim (came on the subway, and then by shuttle bus). Send as to walk alone on his boat, suddenly caught on pit kilogram zander. Catch is small, but nice. Aspic of the two perch was excellent! Below is a brief description of the most close to the Moscow reservoirs.


After the Khimki Reservoir is the closest of those who enter the system Canal. Moscow. Created in 1936-37. during the construction of the waterway in Moscow. Its length is 25 km, the average width of 1 km and an average depth of 6 m, maximum 18 m. The western part, adjacent to the dam of the Pirogov, called Pirogov Reservoir.

In the summer on the banks of Klyazma a lot of tourists, and on the waters of a yacht, so fishing is practiced with boats mainly in the early morning hours, sometimes with berths with bait. It happens that with piers and jetties in the normal float rod catching good roach and perch.

Everywhere along the flooded riverbed Klyazma live bream, bream and perch. Bream and bream caught on well zakormlennyh places onboard gear, realistic summer walleye catch all the circles. In winter, looking fanged with baubles and zherlitsy. Sometimes walleye are at leschovym flocks, which often accompanies this predator.

Catchability places can be found opposite the village Semkin, in Alexander Bay and in the Gulf of d. Sorokino, which is more or less concentrated on the big fish are dumped. The catch is dominated by bream, perch, roach, ruff. Here are caught in summer boat. In winter, on the edge sometimes can get to the big perch.

Good fishing in the beginning and end of winter in the dammed river Klyazma. Jig and Vertical spinners to catch roach, perch, white bream, sometimes zander, burbot.


On Pyalovskoe reservoir also had to spend a lot of time and it was nice to me, studied, and because catches of bream, white bream and other fish were fairly stable. Sometimes in the early summer dawns managed to catch a spinning fatliquoring in the shallows of a predator: pike, walleye, perch.

This reservoir has arisen as a result of flooding floodplain Uchi. The length of 7 km, width up to 1 km. The maximum depth of 12 m. Channels section in two parts. The proximity to the capital and the picturesque wooded shore of the pond make this attractive for the rest of Muscovites. On the right bank is fishing base «Sunny Meadow» with boat rental.

Predator is not too much, but sometimes you can get into the summer output zander, big perch and chub at catching spinning. Pike looking mainly zakoryazhennym bays. Bream caught in the Donkey and the boat closer to the channel. Pike autumn goes well mugs on the outputs of the pits.

In winter, perch and roach caught on jig in Yuryev Gulf. Catches of medium, sometimes small. Here there are suitable areas for pike zherlitsy. Roach, white bream caught in the ice lured wells. To do this, choose sites with a depth of 6-9 m and pitted bottom. Sudak in the winter looking for a spoon on the channel depth is closer to the channel.

And Uchinskaya Pestovskoye

These two picturesque reservoirs with coniferous and mixed forests along the banks were very attractive to me in the days of his youth. Alone or with friends, and sometimes in the company of girls, I quickly get here to «Rocket», which came from North Port, located near the metro station «River Station». We put up tents, played volleyball, collecting mushrooms, fished, swam. Nearby stood a lot of the same tourists. We quickly got to know, went to each other’s homes, there was no problem to take someone something from foods or utensils. Times were good …

Uchinskoe Pestovo reservoir and also belong to the system of reservoirs on the channel it. Moscow. They lie in the valleys of Teaching and script. The total length of 19 km, maximum width of 3 km. The maximum depth of 21 m.

In the waters enough bream, pike, perch, roach, perch, ruffe, white bream, bleak. There are carp, catfish, tench, crucian carp, minnow, ide, burbot.

Large bream successfully catch spring float rod with a hook baited crusty white bread near the village Tishkovo. Here on the other nozzle caught after spawning carp and crucian carp. In July and August, lured bream caught on the ground from a boat near Crimson Islands. Sudak catch bleak circles along the edge of the pits at depths of 7-12 m. On summer dawns perch often leaves fatten on the coastal shelf, where it can sometimes take on spinning lures. For catching roach as vzabrodku and boat, better to choose a glaze near the algae with a depth of 2.5-4 m. Some anglers catch quite successful bream bottom gear from the shore near the pier ‘coniferous forest. » From the very pier with bait on the float rod it is sometimes possible to catch roach well.

In winter zherlitsy with varying success to catch pike in the river mouth cocotte. Rather capricious behavior in winter perch and roach. They are caught in the stretches with depths of 5-7 meters. Bream and bream for freeze up hatch of the islands closest to the channel.


Located in the Dmitrov district of the Moscow Region and adjacent to the first gateway on the Moscow Canal. Completed in 1937, length 5.6 km, width 1.5 km, maximum depth of 8 m. In winter, the water level is somewhat reduced. Ikshinskoe reservoir is connected to the connection port Pestovo reservoir. Quite a picturesque location in the «Zagradvorot» Black and villages. In summer there are caught from the shore at the bottom and float tackle and boats with on-board float rod, spinning and mugs. Caught perch, roach, bream, silver bream, ruff, pike, perch, sometimes ide, carp, carp, burbot. Poplavochniki often placed at the dam. Good fishing is a float rod in May. At this time, roach caught on Tink and larvae of aquatic insects. Bream catch Donk, throwing on the bed’s edge. In June and August, the fish are biting well here in the semolina, cooked and brought to the state of clay, as well as a bunch of maggots.

In winter mormyshechniki, zherlichniki, poplavochniki blesnilschiki and placed the islands above the dam and in the Gulf of Ermolinskaya flooded riverbed. With bait successfully catch perch, white bream, roach. Pike and walleye are looking to go and zakoryazhennyh sites.

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