My favorite topic.

My favorite topic.

Moscow, its historical and architectural monuments — this is a favorite theme of many linocuts students the art studio of the Moscow school number 600 at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR.

Of course, the most important thing — to see what you want to portray. And if what he saw reinforced by the knowledge that work is always interesting and the result is better, more convincing. Learn closer our capital helped excursions, for its streets and squares, a close study of architectural buildings.

The children were lucky: they live and study in Moscow. But it imposes high demands of their work. Therefore studios-tzu, before taking up the paper and pencil, addressed to the history of the city, to the creative artists who have dedicated their works to Moscow.

When the subject of the image was a historic event, referring to the ancient past of our homeland, there are excursions to the Kremlin, Red Square, the Novodevichy Monastery, Kolomenskoye. When the themes for the engravings were the events of the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Great Patriotic War, we went with the guys on the field of Borodino. Here, in the legendary land, in 1812, Russian soldiers fought valiantly to the French army, and in 1941 were fierce fighting Soviet soldiers against the Nazi hordes.

At the 23rd kilometer of the Leningrad highway to the great patriotic heroism of the defenders of the hero-city erected a monument in the form of anti-urchins as a symbol of inaccessibility borders of Moscow in a dangerous time — the fall of 1941. Not for nothing on a granite stele engraved the words of a popular song: «And the enemy will never get to tip your head.» Impressions of stories about heroic soldiers — defenders of Moscow, the capital of the exploits of the workers who built fortifications around his native city, formed the basis of the plot of linocuts.

We visited other places associated with the heroic defense of Moscow, and every time learning about new developments of stories, poems, songs, memoirs of veterans. Everything that got to know the guys, and then reflected in their drawings and gravyurah.Vypolnyaya job on «Today the capital», we visited the largest construction sites. When sketches from nature, teachers explained the possibility of transfer to an engraving seen. For example, Borodinskiye monuments, Ostankino television tower, cranes silhouette viewed on a light background of the sky; how they were portrayed. Bright silhouettes landmarks guys passed on a dark or gray background.

Much is due in our area with the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Next to the school is Vladimir Ilyich plant, where in 1918 the great leader has spoken at rallies and meetings of the former factory Michelson. August 30 there was committed villainous attempt on the life of Lenin enemies of the revolution. At the site of the assassination a granite slab. On the square stands a bronze statue of the leader.

Students performed sketches and other places associated with the name of Lenin. Before that, the teachers conducted a conversation with them: for example, by drawing the housing Pedagogical Institute named after Lenin, they knew that there were placed before the Higher Courses for Women and the building Lenin spoke to the workers of the Khamovniki district on the I All-Russian Congress of Educators.

Make sketches on Red Square, where every year on the birthday of Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization parades Young Pioneers.

The children learned about the history of the Lenin Mausoleum. Many sketches done inside the Kremlin, where from 1918 to 1923 he lived and worked Ilyich. Painted building of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Assumption, the Annunciation, the Archangel Cathedral, the ensemble of the Ivanovo area; drew the Kremlin Volkhonka Street and the waterfront Maurice Thorez.

The linocuts placed on these pages, and sealed with our favorite topic.

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