Situation writing

Earlier this year I took a new group — the kids. Has diagnosis of the development of speech and found that more than half the children find it difficult to make up a story on the picture story or tell something from my personal experience. I realized that it was my pupils require special educational care. To encourage them to it, I decided to organize a situation of writing on the topic «My favorite toy.» After all, this issue should be close, understandable and interesting to children.

First, I decided to talk with the children, who often play alone during multiplayer games to sit in the side of the bad go to the contact with peers and adults. Offer to tell about your toys at first they did not meet with much enthusiasm. But I do all kind of showed me how interesting to hear their story, ask different clarifying questions. The children began to show interest in the conversation back. Soon they will gladly talked about toys as you can play with them, play with them at home if adults.

I suggested that all of the recorded stories collected in the book titled «Tales of a favorite toy.» This prompted the construction of new children’s stories and motivated by a desire to make the story more interesting.

The finished book for children very much, they are happy to have considered it many times. Parents, too, are interested in the book, they read children’s stories with surprise and joy. Then I invited the parents home with the children to write a story about some incident that happened to them, and bring to kindergarten, to create a new book. So we have established «release» their books. And it is bound to affect the development of speech of my pupils.

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