My friend Hottabych

My friend Hottabych

For half a century of life I fell a lot of luck. But the main, I think his meeting with Nikolai Yefimovich Martyanov. Here’s how it happened. For several years I worked on a series of inventions based on relatively little-known phenomenon when NATURE phase transitions of the second kind. Its essence is that the material without changing its state of aggregation, that is, staying either solid or liquid, all of a sudden abruptly changes many properties at a certain critical temperature. There are many unusual and curious for the inventor. I have developed and received dozens of copyright certificates on a variety of methods and devices based on the phase transitions of the second kind. Perhaps the most significant of them were e. from. Number 266 471 and the number 23S104 on the heat engine and a method for converting thermal energy into mechanical energy.

One day in 1968, «did not call friend and advised to get acquainted with a small note is, the newspaper» Komsomolskaya Pravda «. «There is described a heat engine, similar to yours,» — he said, and I hurried to find a newspaper. Indeed it indicates a very witty and at the engine. from. № 225620. (For more on this was discussed in IR 11, 67) Unknown NE Martianov I managed to build a high speed engine with a solid working body Martyanova essence of the invention was new kinematic scheme of conversion is very low thermal expansion of thin wires in the torque motor torque Regarding the choice of the material conditions of the working fluid and thermal energy conversion, are the essence of my inventions, this in as well. from. 225620 number was not mentioned. I once appeared attractive and natural idea to combine their technical solutions and Martyanova More precisely, kinematic scheme of the engine to take martyanovskuyu and materials and thermal modes of my inventions. I decided to explore the NE Martyanov and his work.

Nikolai Yefimovich was low, lean man of retirement age, with a wrinkled face and warm eyes smart. He says complicated, uses «scientists» of the word, so it is difficult to understand leeks. To him it is necessary to get used to overcome the «language barrier». Self-I combine it with great talent and extraordinary natural data. As usual, he could see the unobvious, paradoxical.

In the first meeting with Nikolai Yefimovich Bcego struck me most of its models. He pulled them out of the closet, tucked in boiling water, lit a tiny spirtovochki and suddenly whirled vigorously models, swayed, jumped on the table, the windows on the floor. It was surprising that the models confidently and clearly worked by very small heat fluxes; internal energy effectively turns them into well-organized mechanical movement — vibrational and rotational.

And it was made with these models! Pieces of tin cans, smoothly planed boards, rolls of normal wire — all the familiar, simple. A man who understands a lot about F engineering, could immediately see in them a rational consideration of each line, conciseness and undoubted elegance of the main technical solutions inherent great master of the experiment, a talented mechanic. Our first meeting is gradually turned into a permanent friendship. We both benefited from this as complementary to each other in our common work. We now have more than a dozen joint inventions. Now we are working together on the problems of using solar energy for agriculture — solar desalination and motors to drive the pumps.

…Martyamov born in 1910. The seven-year made his first airplane model with rubber motor. Model good summer, even though it does not have anything original. This «first debut» took place a little later in the Tver school apprenticeship rail transport (SZU), which entered Martianov after seven-year period. From then the journal «Science and technology», he learned about the work of Tsiolkovsky. Martianov pondered how to make a rocket to overcome gravity to fly using only what they possessed Appliances thirties. And soon, a seventeen year old boy brought to the court the midsection of his teacher, mechanic Kulikov.

It has already been «martnovsky handwriting» -ruka talented inventor. Rocket weak — he reasoned Martyanov.-

Valveless solar pump for a few minutes to pump several liters of fluid.

If no special fuel. That means we need to help her. Give some extra effort due to known sources of energy. It can be a gun shot. By sharp jolt when fired, a tremendous acceleration of the construction will not withstand any missiles or people. We need something else. » And Martianov offers a new type of rocket in which the jet thrust is created by mechanical energy.

Mechanic Kulikov was surprised considered unusual «construction», just born student. On a wooden stand was fixed vertical * metal spokes. It is something that resembles a cargo parachute. His double dome was open, like two one umbrella in the other, with a gap of about twenty millimeters between them. At the top of each umbrella — on the edge of the hole rigid umbrellas attached slings to the sleeve placed over the needle.

— What is it? — Said Kulikov.

— Launch, almost like Tsiolkovsky, — said Martianov.

— She will fly?

— Already flying.

— Where is the fuel?

— That fuel replied Martianov featuring delicate lace. On «raketodrom» — the school yard went all the pupils v teachers. Martianov wound on a wooden sleeve lace, raised stand and sharply pulled the cord. At first slowly, then faster and faster spun umbrella, he went up the spokes pulled away from her, went up by four meters and then just float to the ground. «Start» followed one another, the missile flew smoothly again. In the schoolyard kids came running to nearby houses. And then in a crowded classroom Martianov painted PA circuit board and explained the rocket principle. Lifting force in it, indeed, created by the reaction of a jet of air ejected downwards. The fact that rotation umbrellas rotates and an air layer therebetween, centrifugal force throws it from the center to the periphery, edges down screws, and the reaction force pushes up the umbrella. The essence of the proposal was two hundred rocket speed in which the first step was to work on the promotion by standing on the ground of the motor and create a primary impetus to the momentum for take-off. Then turn on the second stage with a conventional jet, not now weaker engine uses the available fuel.

Martianov experimenter was for life. Our joint invention, it is always carefully winnow, examine on existing models. Each of them is fulfilled in the several embodiments, many modes. But «played enough,» Nikolai Yefimovich then throws them — do not clutter up the apartment. I am everything. so I try to save the model, take them home and carefully stored. It gives me! great fun to run them into the work and show your friends. My «Museum» is constantly growing is a pity that there is in the «museum» first martyanovskoy missiles, and ask him to do it again is awkward. Besides, I know that it will not deal with Nikolai Yefimovich «nonsense.»

At the All-Union Competition in 1971 the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water Resources of the USSR and in the water lift VSNTO pastures of Central Asia, which works only by solar energy, our proposal, supported by models Martyanova was accepted and noted a large cash prize. According to the decision of the jury work on our water lift it continued a Moscow Institute Minodhoza USSR. Both of us were invited to a permanent job I’ll tell you about our first day at the institute.

Young scientist took us into their lab and lecture on the art of suspended particles in the water. Several showing off in front of us, he put in long tube tripod with muddy water. Started to precipitate particles. Most krupn01e already at the bottom of the test tube, the smallest hardly settled. Sedimentation rate, he instructed defined particle size and constant. Increase or decrease the speed is impossible, unless you use chemicals to particle coarsening or centrifuge. Without this tube has cleared completely only after two days.

Then something unexpected happened. Martianov squinted and grinned slyly suggested ,,:

— I do not know how the centrifuge, but if you want two minutes, all the dregs at the bottom would be without it, and without chemistry.

Candidate of Technical Sciences, looked at him. The technician fills the same muddy water a second vial and handed it to Nikolai Yefimovich He turned away, and a few minutes later in a rack next to the first, still troubled second swab was almost completely transparent. There was a silent scene.

— And you do not Hottabych hour?

— Surprised girl.

That can not be! — Cried the candidate of technical sciences. He was not alone.

The experiment was repeated again, this time explicitly. Nikolai Yefimovich took from the rack a tube closed finger hole and shook vigorously. Turbid water, and all the particles are evenly distributed throughout the volume of the tube. The tube was then he turned to a horizontal position. At the sight of all the particles quickly settled vpiz. The fact that their way now stat. a lot shorter! And the passage of the short path course requires less time.

Next Reception — tube turned upright and almost immediately all the sediment from the bottom wall of the tube a solid compact tape slipped to the bottom. It’s simple, clear, beautiful!

However, there was a new technical solution and disadvantage. The process proved to be intermittent, one time followed by one with a small stop. For the purification of small amounts of water, e.g., «laboratory installations scheme was more acceptable. However, on an industrial scale process must be non-stop. Nevertheless, the scheme Martyanova was rational. It is as if the whole mass of water divided into thin layers of tubes in which all the particles very quickly went to the bottom in the future, taking the scheme as a basis, we improved it by making the deposition of particles rapidly and continuously (a. A. №469477, 488,596 ). Then we designed a whole range of compact sump performance on different agricultural settlements, livestock farms. A respectful title of «Hottabygt;» since then firmly stuck to Martyanov

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