My friends — colored pencils.

My friends - colored pencils.

Each artist chooses a material to work with, which gives him a great opportunity to express themselves, their experiences and observations. My formation as an artist took place in the sixties of the last century. The country rose after the destruction of war, to build, acquire new features. Artists traveled a lot, like everything I saw and felt sketch, keep up with the rapid pace of life. Graphics became the most popular form of art, and thus a pencil tool mobile equipment. Figure transformed from a subsidiary, the preliminary stage of the work on the painting in the painting. A new exhibition hall in the Arena: large spaces, high ceilings. Artists increased their works. I remember, at the exhibition in 1967 was exhibited my drawing — painting «in the Kuril Islands», 60 x 110 cm, made with colored pencils.

Sales were solid crayons «La Gioconda» or «Mona Lisa», the color palette which has been drawn up, as it was then I realized, copying various masters of the past in museums but reproductions, based on the frescoes painters of the Italian Renaissance, such as, for example, Piero della Francesco. The colors of crayons were pleasant gentle tones, their combination has always been harmonious, exquisite.

Nearby worked such remarkable draftsman. our teachers how V.Goryaev. A.Kokorin, L.Soyfertis K) .Korovin. A.Kanevsky. Their drawings were truly masterly. Dominated fast, sharp drawing from life. There was a cult of blank paper — do not use an eraser. But there again, very comfortable and erasers from Czechoslovakia — «Klyachko.» It was the soft gum, they can be easily removed once the pigment, without spoiling the paper. In Bulgaria, it was called the «bread of the gum» — rolled as grain pellets.

At first I worked as a prime, but still leaves space quickly otshtrihovat impossible. The oil painting is done first underpainting, to see the whole. I began to use colored chalk — then let his brick factory near Leningrad. The box of crayons for children six monstrously wild color aniline colors. Perhaps drawing on the blackboard. There were two nice colors — pale blue and light ocher. For heaven and earth, given the general tone.

Pastels like had not yet been sold. With art materials it was tight. Just as with the paper. Someone from experienced colleagues advised to use the back side of wallpaper, pleasant in texture and color. Then there was a pastel, but running tight layers of one to the other, using white, I could not (classical method pastels — painting). My drawing closer to pastels. Pastel I close a larger plane — such as the sky, as if the plane of shade and then colored pencil, and they zafiksiruesh.

I do not like liquid retainers — flies small colorful pollen and the work loses velvety. Generally, the combination of different materials, particularly in the graph will give many possibilities artist. You can work with pastels on paper raw as he worked M.Z.Rudakov. The result was greater density, but that’s another expression that is close to painting.

My advice to young artists: always and everywhere draw — on the street, in the subway, at a party, traveling. Take soft pencils «4B» and «6B» and just try to outline the next link in the list. the sheet was beautiful, had a view of the exhibition — will understand what the composition — that is, the location depicted on the sheet. In the kitchen, draw a saucepan on the stove, the exhibition piece speaker and even better it in different positions, it is interesting to make different colored pencils. You can then easily move house watercolor, as did Alexander Kokorin. You can even draw ink stick, but it is inconvenient — often have to dip into the bubble, but it is better to keep a job, but will not stick to the elasticity of the line.

But if you want to make a drawing of a small size, «hone» all the details, take a solid stick, only it all the time necessary to erode. I once asked a famous painter S.Nikireeva how long he makes his drawing. «Most of sharpened pencils than paint,» — he said. It is interesting to combine soft and hard pencils.

Because colored pencils are usually poorly erased — it is necessary to draw certain, as you would like, for example, to insert into the drawing extending shape — draw it first on another sheet, all calibrated -movement, angle, size, and then insert the conceived composition. Yes you do find a lot of ways to work, study different properties of art materials, if you draw a lot, and in the museums scrutinized the works of old masters.

My friends for many years were colored pencils. I think they are very suited to the lively and vivid impressions, which were saved from childhood.

My childhood passed the summer with her grandmother in a provincial town of Nizhny Novgorod, on a quiet street, where I once was born. Balcony door led to overgrown with vines terrace and manicured garden park of the English sample with flower beds, birch and linden avenues, lilac and hazel bushes on the far fence, a centuries-old oak tree with a swing on which we flew to a nearby courtyard.

Sometimes beautiful cousin-sister Galya took me ive evening hum of «repose», a high embankment on the Volga. Now, looking at the pictures Kustodiev, depicts the «Promenade», the «sitting» on the benches of the sparkling river, with views stretching into the distance on the trans-Volga flood meadows, it seems that I am among them depicted characters. Often secretly fled to swim, wallow in the shallows huge Volga. Somewhere on the navigable part of the river steamboats hoot, gulls gogochut and hot sand is clean and open space, open space. Go back up the steep stairs «Escarpment» bare, tanned, past cozy mansions on the waterfront, quaint architecture in Art Nouveau tram depot, abandoned columns for pumping water.

I remember the first «Meteor» — a miracle hovercraft, fairy flying over the water. This is the end of the 50s. Modernity began to break in the old days. The landscape appeared cranes, flashed colorful scarves stroitelnits, embankment began to dress in stone. On the Volga scurried more boats, barges, ships mnogopalubnyh majestic, what is now, the minds, no. Again Volga empty. Before my favorite Gorodtsa can only be reached by land. Bathe only in the Volga lakes. The river itself has become a dirty, shallow, overgrown.

But tourism revived, and again on the docks and berths blossomed bazarchik different products: mushrooms, cucumbers, berries in the street or the local products of any kind (painting, crafts) on the memory. On the other wharves greet tourists whole costume show with dancing, singing. various entertainments. New museums, guides the eyes shine with love for their city, town, village.

I have worked in many old Russian cities located on the banks of the Volga in the province or its tributaries, which had to get something and potholes, and even wading. But not always in vain. Everywhere great Russian architecture of times past: a luxurious seating yard (often overgrown cobblestone square) or manor with stables in the Empire style; in the high windows of Italian mansions burn bright colors of geraniums; Obelisk necessarily those killed in the revolution and in the Great Patriotic War (always with a wreath and bunches of flowers); be sure to bench over a cliff, or where you can enjoy the best scenery — oddly curving rivulet, expanses, sunset. I worked in places favorite Kustodiev, Shishkin, Rylova, Krymov.

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