My kochia and higher and more beautiful

My kochia and higher and more beautiful

I love ornamental shrubs, especially kohiyu. Familiar proudly showed me his half-meter kohiyu growth — a beauty! I thought, and you can grow it even higher? Before the rain fed by a bush conventional potash fertilizers — soon grew kochia, it counts twice!

And plants can give quite any form. I take two wires: steel and knitting. I form a steel frame — for example, a ball or animal figures. This design fetter binding wire. The completed form carefully sit down on the plant and start a haircut. Indescribable beauty!


Do you want to get a cheap and simple insulation for summer use? Between the two unfolded newspapers put the old polyethylene film and iron her iron. Such «sandwich» can be pasted wallpaper for insulation under the garden shed.

«Lata» the roof of the old bag

Last year, after winter has arrived in the suburban area — looking, and the roof sprung a leak in the house: the slate burst. Well, that turned out to be handy jar of nitro and the old bag. Cracks in the slate thickly smeared with paint, put on top of a piece of burlap and dyed fabric is also good. And so I am repeating until you get 4 layers. This year I had the patch is correctly and securely! By the way, I can tell you how to whip up, field-patched and leaky bucket. Melt polyethylene «soldered» hole

That was a long greenhouse

Harvest? It’s time to think about next season. For example, make blanks for the greenhouse. And here is my advice useful.

Everything in the garden

At whitewashing of fruit trees add 1 tablespoon of the PVA glue (na1 L). Breath it does not harm the tree, and whitewash lasts longer than usual.

Hose? Not for irrigation

I do not water the plants with a hose. This is best done from a watering can through a strainer with water heated in the sun to 20-22 ° C. Because the root system is not eroded, the moisture is evenly distributed in the soil. Watering with a hose tap cold water stops the growth and development of plants, the pollen from the anthers knocks

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