My life — not just food

In our life, with its crazy rhythm, the best gift for women becomes a time. Happy owner of this value is more room for development, communication, recreation and entertainment. There are several ways to free up time. One of them, in a letter to our readers.

When I had my own family, I was faced with a shortage of time. The lion’s share of it, like most women, went on cooking. And before his culinary art, I could not boast of: the soup run away, the porridge will burn. My cooking was often tasteless and it was good enough, perhaps, why I could not lose weight. On the advice of a friend I bought multivarku and tried to prepare food in a new way. His choice, I stopped on the popular model of the company MARTA — MT-1937. This clever device can prepare the most complicated dish that will be useful and thus, as I pondered. The ceramic bowl allows you to cook without adding fat and keeps useful properties and a true taste of the products, and this is a big plus. In addition, hundreds of recipes from the chef MARTA and 69 cooking programs help me every day to please the family with something new! It is also important that the cook multivarka MARTA easily and safely, and even my 11-year-old daughter can easily cope with the selection of the desired program. And if I want to cook your own masterpiece, then choose the function of «Chef» from which all settings are adjusted immediately and, for example, the meat can be done or crispy or soft. With a helper, I not only became a cook and spent a lot of dishes, but also thin for 3 months to 8 kg! But most importantly, all multivarka cook without my participation at the appointed time, you only need to put into it in advance the necessary products. So I had more free time, which I’m happy to spend on what really matters. «

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