My Name Is Nobody

My Name Is Nobody

REVIEW OF LIVE CD, provides encryption and user information stay anonymous NETWORK

Among the great variety of Linux distributions, there are projects honed to ensure the protection of personal data, internet surfing privacy and security correspondence. Some of them can be installed on the hard drive, but most of them are designed to run with a Live CD / Live USB. This is useful when you want to quickly deploy environment for private works on another computer. Gentleman’s set of such distributions, usually includes:

• Tor — without it anywhere;

• I2P — Anonymous Internet;

• encryption IM-correspondence.

Many of these distributions are based on the Hardened Gentoo, as it contains improved protection against exploits such as PaX, and low system resources.


Developer: Tails License: GNU GPL

System requirements: PC with USB / DVD, 1 GB of RAM Russification interface: yes

Tails stands for The Amnesic Incognito Live System, is a descendant of the Incognito Linux, however, unlike the grandparent is based on Debian. Key features in version 0.19:

• kernel 3.9.1;

• GNOME 2;

• Tor / I2P;

• browser is configured with the default SSL, all traffic goes through Tor, unsafe connections shall be installed in Unsafe Web Browser.

There is also an interesting opportunity — to disguise under Windows XP. From a careful look, it certainly does not hide, but an internet cafe is quite enough. At the conclusion of the contents of the memory is overwritten with zeros.


Developer: Maxim Kammerer License: GNU GPL

System requirements: PC with USB / DVD, 1 GB of RAM Russification interface: yes

Libert ^ is based on Gentoo, more precisely, his Hardened-version. Accordingly, defense against exploits enabled by default. List by:

• kernel 3.4.7;

• LXDE / Openbox;

• Tor;

• Virtual Keyboard Florence.

Unfortunately, user-friendly interface to the I2P missing. One of the highlights of distribution — Cables communication, which allows you to anonymously exchange messages in the style of e-mail. To do this, use the same e-mail client, as for ordinary mail, — Claws-Mail.

Just as in Tails, organized cleaning RAM. To be precise, this feature was first introduced here, and Tails picked up the idea and implemented it at home.


Developer: D’Youville College License: GNU GPL

System requirements: PC with USB / DVD, 4 GB of RAM Russification interface: no

The basic idea is that, based again on the Hardened Gentoo distribution is to use, wherever possible, tmpfs, so it is demanding of memory. Loading a DVD, but not a Live-distribution in the modern sense — it is boot the entire root file system loads into memory, which takes a considerable time (about five minutes), and encrypts it. Thus, even though the key and physically stored in the same memory, it is also necessary to find, and this requires special equipment.

If you need to store data used for encryption loopaes, because after the encrypted data can not be distinguished from random noise (it can not be ignored that the NSA, is rumored to be more opportunities for cryptanalysis).

Tin Hat kernel in a monolithic, so inject code into a zero ring complex.


Developer: FreedomBox Foundation License: GNU GPL

System requirements: Plug-computer (for example, Raspberry Pi) Russification interface: no

This is a fairly advanced development. Her idea is to create a mini-server that can easily carry in your pocket. In this mini-server software will be installed, allowing, for example, to create a mesh network of several such devices. For design, it should allow to create a «cloud free». However, FreedomBox also aims to circumvent censorship in countries where it is, or soon will be.

However, not all so rosy. The project seems to have quietly stalls due to lack of development and financing of small …


Developer: License: GNU GPL

System requirements: PC with installed VirtualBox, 2 GB RAM, 10 GB of disk space Russification interface: you can put the appropriate packages

Unlike other anonymous Whonix distributions — split it into two parts: Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation. The first allows you to anonymize all the traffic going to or from the second. This avoids many of the leaks, such as leaks real IP via Skype / Thunderbird / Flash-applications, for the simple reason that the real IP is not available to them. Also supports billing Windows — as, indeed, any other operating systems; Nevertheless, for greater anonymity it is recommended Whonix-Workstation.

Based on both parts of Debian, respectively, configuration problems should arise. As the desktop using KDE.


Developer: JonDos GmbH License: GNU GPL

System requirements: PC c DVD / USB, 1 GB of RAM Russification interface: no

This Live-distribution is based on Debian (surprising, but this time not Gentoo) and Xfce. It is worth mentioning the two most interesting features:

• anonymizer JonDonym, acting similar to Tor. Premium account fee, output nodes are not so much. The only advantage of paid accounts as compared to the Tor — declared speed.

• MixMaster — software that allows to send anonymous email. Briefly, its operating principle is: a letter sent to the final destination is not directly but through the remailer; possibile their cascade.

On Live DVD has all the necessary software, including LibreOffice, Gimp and more.


Developer: US DoD License: Closed

System requirements: PC with USB / DVD, 1 GB of RAM Russification interface: no

This distribution is developed by the US Defense Department for their needs. The goal of its development — to create a secure environment for communications. There are three versions of the distribution:

• LPS-Public includes Firefox with Flash, Java and supporting smart cards (CAC and PIY) for access to the US officials closed government sites from home;

• LPS-Public Deluxe includes LibreOffice and Adobe Reader for documents with a digital signature;

• LPS-Remote Access is designed for internal use only. Apparently it includes VPN-client.

These distributions are not meant for anonymous surfing. Rather, they are suitable for secure online banking.

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