Ointment. Inwards

Sauces and other gastronomic putty is not only tasty, but also useful. And each in his own way. Tell.

1. thinning

• What: Wasabi

• What are the benefits: Wasabi as aspirin: thins the blood. This prevents overload of the cardiovascular system and reduces swelling muscles after workouts.

• Side effect: Use with caution if you have problems with the stomach or liver.

And horseradish, and wasabi belong to the cabbage family, but strictly speaking, wasabi — THIS IS JAPANESE EVTREMA

2. disguises

• What: Pesto

• What are the benefits: The sauce is rich in vitamins C and A, which are involved in the production of collagen, whereby the skin (face) looks fresh and youthful.

• Side effects: The pesto lot of fat (4 g per 1 tbsp. L.). The dose should be moderate.


• What: Hummus with red peppers

• What are the benefits: Powerful blend of protein and fiber does not cause spikes in blood sugar, allowing a long stay satiated.

• Side effects: In the cheaper grades of store hummus sometimes added sugar, and this is bad.


• What: Mustard

• What are the benefits: Reduces inflammation in muscles after powerful workouts. Accelerates metabolism, helping to burn more fat.

• Side effects: It can be a lot of salt, because of which increases the pressure.

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