On a note

On a note

Extend your youth or slow down the aging process? It is quite possible, if to get a good habit.

1. Apples every day

There is an English proverb: «An apple a day — and the doctor does not need it.» This is especially true in the autumn apples, still retaining all the vitamins and nutrients.

2. Smile more often!

Do not be afraid of facial wrinkles — a smile can be called a rapid facelift. It not only adds shine eyes, but also tones the muscles.

3. Fat — in moderation!

A diet low in animal fat — the main rule here is your power.

4. Watch out for hands

Caring for the face and body, focusing on the hands. They are constantly exposed to UV light, so your hands are also in need of protective equipment, even in autumn and winter.

5. Female vitamin

Vitamin E, which is called «women’s vitamin» delay the onset of age-related changes. His sources — tional grow cold-pressed oil (especially olive, almond, linseed) and nuts.

6. The weight has a value

There is a remarkably simple method that is guaranteed to prolong life. This low-calorie diet and weight control body.

7. Take pleasure

Studies have confirmed that moderate and regular physical activity prolongs life by an average of 3.7 years. Trained people and look younger!

8. Less red meat

When the digestion of red meat stands homocysteine ​​- a substance that adversely affects the condition of the vessels and bones.

9. curl and purified

Simple twist of the body — a wonderful yoga posture that helps you feel and look younger. As Joseph Pilates said, we are so young, how flexible our spine.

10. Strengthen gums

Gum disease can be indirectly responsible for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Brush your teeth two times a day and do not forget to clean after eating special interdental brushes.

11. Dangerous habits.

Smoking in combination with obesity, if you do not take control of up to 40 years, reducing life expectancy by 3 years.

12. Think: «I am young!»

Thoughts really affect biological age. The more you believe in their abilities, the more feel good about yourself, the more active you are and look younger!

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