On the hunt with Ilyich

On the hunt with Ilyich

P. Kwiatkowski

P4 1919 to 1923 I worked as head of state farm «Scherbinka-Zakharino» Podolsky district, Moscow province. I had had while two hounds harlequins named Cathay and Kara. On the hunt I had many occasions to meet with Nikolai Krylenko, with an experienced and well-known while in the Podolsk district forester MF Lukin, a forester from the village Korobovsky Bogdanov, who are often on the hunt with Vladimir Ilyich. Krylenko knew that my hounds work perfectly.

And once, during the second half of October 1921, on the hunt in the parish Voronovskaya Krylenko and Lukin suggested that I prepare for the hunt in these areas for the next Sunday. In this hunt, he said, he will take part, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

On the appointed day, at dawn on me and my dogs I came by car comrade. Krylenko. Take us, the car rolled on the Warsaw highway in the direction of the village cross. Here, not far from the road in a forest clearing, I noticed the fire. Beside him sat a few people. One of them got up quickly and walked towards us. It was Vladimir Ilyich. He greeted me warmly and asked whether I was torn away from direct business. I said that today, Sunday, holiday. A lively conversation about the upcoming hunt. Vladimir Ilyich asked, What is the name of my dog ​​for a long time I go hunting.

I am delighted at meeting with Ilyich, his sincere simplicity, first as a worried and lost in the answers. Vladimir Ilyich is immediately remarked, «Oh, my friend, my calm, at rest, we take a closer look, and now it’s time to do the» what came … «

The hunters went to the appointed place. Lenin hid at the edge in the shallow bushes Fieldfare. Soon, the tense silence voices were heard dogs, they are removed into the depths of the forest, it grew with new vigor.

At about two o’clock ended the rut.

Many of us came back without a single vystrela- I looked in the direction from which Lenin had to go and where recently sounded doublet. My expectations were met: to meet Vladimir Ilyich was in his hands was a trophy — a hare.

— Dogs your good, Peter Antonovich, — asked me Lenin.

I am immensely happy success of Lenin and the fact that he was satisfied with the work of my Gonchakov. On a halt Lenin joked a lot, and he was happy.

— And now let’s take a closer look with you — after a short pause, ‘I said Ilich.

He asked me who I was in the specialty, where he worked until the revolution.

I briefed Ilyich that by profession I am an agronomist, and that the old regime was the manager of the estate Count Zamoyski. Vladimir Ilyich asked the farm life that I led. «Tell me on what grounds to organize your farm, what connection it has with the local peasantry?» — Asked Lenin.

I briefly told him about the work of the farm, mentioned the difficulties we face, the attempts to apply elektropahotu. After listening to me, Ilyich spoke about the tasks of the state farms, about what they need to do to become exemplary farms, where they could learn from the peasants. He noted that the farm will be assisted, inter alia, the organization elektropahoty.

Halt our long, we rushed to go to another tract where a new pen Krylenko killed one hare.

Time is right for the evening. We had to go home. They began to shoot with rutting dogs. However, despite our thorough search, one of the best dog was not there. This greatly upset Vladimir Ilyich. He did not want to leave out of the woods, until you find the dog. We wondered: either from poachers who shot the dog with the rut, or it killed a wolf.

Home from the hunt were returning late in the evening. Along the way, Podolsk Krylenko ran the local executive committee. Quickly he returned, he told me, «If your dog wolves devoured, it will certainly find.»

And so it happened. Three days later, the dog brought to me.

My second meeting with Vladimir Ilyich occurred in the first half of November 1922, in Korobovsky forest near Gorki. After greeting me, Lenin apologized for not having been able to visit our farm, and expressed regret that he had come to the farm, the Commission gave a negative opinion on the application of elektropluga on the state farm fields for technical reasons.

Hunting in the day was a success. Dogs for its excellent work pleased Vladimir Ilyich. In this hunt, he got two birds with one stone.

And this time we ended up hunting halt. It was constructed at the intersection of two roads — one went to the village Korobovo, the other — in the woods. Somehow unnoticed for us lively conversation on hunting theme Ilich moved to talk about electrification of the plan of industrial reorganization of Russia. One of the hunters, Korobovsky forester, said: «Vladimir Ilyich, how to make life better man, and that it is necessary for this?»

We shushed forester. But Lenin pretended not to notice our intervention, spoke of the need to organize societies for the joint cultivation of land and other measures to improve the peasant economy.

It was already dark when we returned from the hunt. Saying good-bye to me, Lenin advised to visit the farm «Forest Glade» where well-organized industry, asking not to be discouraged by failure to elektropahotoy. «Soon we will have his tractor, they are much easier, and cheaper elektroplugov» — said Lenin.

I heartily thanked Lenin for his attention and advice.

The third time I met Vladimir Ilyich in late November 1922 in Gorki themselves.

When I arrived in Gorki, Lenin was already waiting for me at the sled. I noticed Krupskaya, who was at that time on the porch of the house. She beckoned to me with his hand. I hurried to her. Nadezhda said: «Vladimir Ilyich is unwell, try not to linger too long.»

I promised to return as soon as possible.

This time the hunt was scheduled to hold as follows: first alarm advance zaflazhennuyu tons. Lukin fox, after the hunt with hounds.

We quickly got to the place, everything was already prepared. Lenin was the first number to the exit flags Lukin — away. I and others have gone to make some noise in the circle. Soon he heard the shots. According to Fox missed.

When all the hunters agreed on a forest path, he heard laughter and jokes were heard. And when the laughter stopped, Vladimir Ilyich, a good-natured smile, said: «Friends, at us not only laugh but also prosecute such failures; People prepared for us, we can say, put in a bag the fox that could catch the tail, and we are her only to succumb to the heat … «

When we switched to hunting with hounds — of the hare, moved to another place, let the dog …

But the weather began to deteriorate soon, climbed blizzard. Dog running was difficult, Here Vladimir Ilyich came up to me: «You see, your wish and desire to Nadezhda Konstantinovna true: probably have to go home.» He added: «Despite this setback, I’m still very pleased with today’s hunting …»

I often regret that I do not own the artist’s brush. And we would like to draw Lenin sitting in the circle of ordinary hunters, a campfire and intimate conversations with them.

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