On the tactical field, tank ranges … (1981)

On the tactical field, tank ranges ... (1981)

Of particular interest to me are the huge advances made in recent years in the field of space exploration, a deep penetration in the economy and in the Armed Forces of electronic computing equipment, the development of nuclear energy.

Me, a military man, the closest achievement in the field of military equipment and weapons. Thanks to the efforts of Soviet scientists, engineers and inventors of our army and navy are armed with everything you need to protect our homeland against any aggressor. For example, it proved to be excellent small arms, created under the leadership of the remarkable designer and inventor, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes Mikhail Kalashnikov. Fighting qualities have it modernized AKM rifle, machine gun RPK and variations thereof, gun PC PKT machine gun for the tank and armored personnel carrier PCB. And here’s what else is important — it is the first in the world series of standardized models of small arms that are identical to the principle of action and a unified system of automation.

As for the events of recent years relating to the creative activity of inventors army and navy, the most significant seems to me their contribution to the creation of high-performance, first-class training facilities.

Modern teaching aids developed by them on the basis of the latest achievements of science and technology and their application allows soldiers to study in perfection entrusted them with weapons and military equipment.

Thanks to the creativity of innovators in the fields of tactical, firing in towns, in landfills, shooting ranges, tank ranges, autodrome and other educational facilities used means of automation and mechanization in the practice of training introduced training complexes simulators for various purposes.

Scientific, technical and economic problems, to solve which it is appropriate to bring inventors — clearly stated in the speech of Comrade Leonid Brezhnev at the October (1980) Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU. I would like to highlight in this speech is the place where it is said about the need to aim at solving problems replacement of fixed assets and modernization of different spheres of the economy, along with the Academy of Sciences of the strongest research teams of scientists and engineers working in the defense industry. I think that the military and the inventors could make a considerable contribution to the solution of these problems. Proof of this are the many inventions that are not only military, but also economic value created by the Military Engineering Institute named Mozhaiskii, the Military Academy of Armored Forces, and so on. Etc.

With regard to the scientific and technical problems of a military nature, the inventors of the army and navy must continue to improve the means and methods to improve the combat readiness of units and ships, create meeting the growing demands of training troops training facilities and deal with other important, specific for the Armed Forces questions.

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