On the wall of the main shooting club Los Angeles hangs a warning: «Warning! Do not be an idiot. Do not point the gun at anyone, least loaded, unloaded though — you can quickly become a dead stuffed. » When I, in spite of repeated warnings instructor Eugene Zarapina, sent him a blank Glock 17, he patiently averted my hand to the side, took my finger off the trigger and calmly repeated: «The trunk is always directed toward the target.»

I met with Eugene, certainly not in the American club and the French. More specifically, in the «French shooting club», located in Mytishchi in the former Olympic shooting range «Dynamo». Olympic roots are still visible in the emblem of the club, two looking up the gun form the base of the Moscow high-rise that we have seen in the logo 0limpiady-80. Only instead of rings, of course, the bullets. Or shots. Or a hole in the target. I did the first time several of these holes, but strangely at the left side of the plywood box. I tried to explain something to Eugene about my astigmatism and short-sighted, far-sighted eyes, but he also steadily and patiently, as before, said: «This is the brain, not the eyes. The brain is necessary to adapt. «

A similar idea I later read of the 20 Commandments hand, posted on the club’s website http://www.fsc.su. They contain aphorisms, which include Zen («The gun just a working tool — a weapon you yourself»), folklore («The volume of the biceps on the speed of a bullet does not affect») and practical instruction («The winner is not the one who shoots first, and the one Who gets the first «). And of course, «to the normal battle must not only weapons, but also the head of the arrow.»

With a head I had some questions. But it is not mine. Top plywood rectangle target is asking for someone’s head, or at least her likeness in the form of yet another piece of plywood — after shooting something practical. I asked the director of the club Peter Krylov, why not make even a distant resemblance of human figures. It turns out that political correctness has reached and the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC), which at some point decided that the practice on humanoid targets do not need.

Despite the rich history of shooting — on it at one time shot and «Marshal Voroshilov, the first red officer» and Budyonny, immortalized in the same song about the red cavalry («Lead, Budyonny, we are bold in battle») — the club was formed entirely recently, in 2011. In fact, in Moscow, there are dozens of shooting clubs, but they are still not enough. It’s not just that the Olympics in shooting sports played 15 sets of medals, and all they want to win. The matter of conflict of our national character — a Russian does not like rapid fire! — And national legislation, according to which short arms still remains a distant dream enthusiasts.

Here for such enthusiasts Mikhail Gushchin and created his own club. He is not just an enthusiast, a high-class professional. 10 years ago the team was the winner of the FSB, he first Cup Golden Ring of Russia, conducted by the Federation of Practical Shooting. By the way, another multiple champion of competition in practical shooting World Barinov, is an instructor of French Shooting Club. Her record includes the title of world champion for practical pistol shooting champion and Russia’s practical shooting in triathlon (pistol, rifle, shotgun).

The word «French» in the name of the club is associated with little street Silicate Str. 41, in Mytishchi, where the registered office of the «private educational private institution of additional vocational training.» Legend has it that the «French» was called one of the founders of the club at that time, when he mastered the skills of practical shooting (and not only) in a very specialized institution of higher education. However, the first president of the International Federation of shooting sport was once again elected as the Frenchman Daniel Meriyon, so that the French trail there. Or maybe not. French Shooting Club differs from the «normal» shooting sport its practical orientation. It is expressed as a formal attributes, and the material. The partners of the club are the International Practical Shooting Confederation (ISPC) International Association for the protection of the gun JRA, and the World Association of PPC (WA) in 1500, the abbreviation of which can be decrypted and how Precision Pistol Competition (Competition pistols accuracy), and as the Police Pistol Combat (Battle police pistols). And the club is designed primarily for professionals, including employees of Special Operations Center of the FSB, the Interior Ministry guards senior government officials and various other lucky ones who can afford to — or rather, who can afford — to keep to yourself short arms.

But casual visitors like me, too, can easily use the services of the club. The main thing — that they have a resolution of at least for some kind of weapon: traumatic, smoothbore or rifled. And soon the club expects to get permission to study the safe handling of arms of those who make their first steps rather shots. On completion of their training they will be issued the certificates that will enable graduates to obtain a weapons permit. Meanwhile, the owners of the licenses that have no experience with handguns — not all have the same «in trauma»! — Can take advantage of the seminar «Introduction to arms», after which the arrow can safely, effectively and, most importantly, on their own — that is, without my instructor Eugene — To make all the necessary manipulations. Given that they will be available to 100 rounds of 9.19 and a Glock 17, the entire theory can be easily put into practice — in the walls of the club, of course.

However, a trip to Moscow to Mytishchi, especially on a weekday is hunting you do not walk anywhere in the mouth of the Loire: it is necessary to prepare no less than to fire. But the French shooting club, you can relax with the whole family. And even unlicensed relatives will not consider themselves disadvantaged, because in their possession will be shooting with air rifles and small caliber weapons. In addition, very wild vegetation in all respects on the territory of the club will allow to put into practice the skills orientation, even without weapons. The main thing — not to fall under attack paintball, which is allocated a special area. It is possible, however, and just a walk through the woods, to the benefit of 56 hectares it is more than enough, or ride a scooter «Segway». And while the summer, you need to have time to use the barbecue, because what kind of outdoor recreation without a barbecue! If too lazy to cook — a cafe. And Bath also has, as in Greece. Or, as in France?

And still have time to take advantage of half-rifle galleries until the season is not over — frost unless special forces will shoot. However, the director Peter Krylov, being a practical man the same as all the other members of the club, is already working on a plan to heat the room, located behind the firing line. In it the shooter could projectile to reach the line, the right to work small exercise and return to heat. Construct is entirely indoors insanely expensive, primarily because of the hood. And the status of a non-profit organization and the cost of firing 13 to 20 rubles is unlikely these costs will ever be recouped.

And the exotic disappear. Now in the open galleries, in addition to plywood and metal targets, are to cover crumpled barrels, piles of tires of different height and grows its own grass. There is a surreal feeling Stalker caught in «Fast and Furious» to blame Diesel. But if we ignore the esoteric, the task of the club akin to those pursued by the international association of partnership: preparing the shooters to practice skills aimed fire from handguns in extreme conditions and in the real world self-defense in different situations. French and shooting club fully meets this task because the actual conditions of self-protection, all (except MPs) know well — it is not self-propelled loschёnye ranges with targets. Or, in the words of another commandment arrow «In the melee, winning the one who has more ammunition.» So come — rounds in the French shooting club at all enough!

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