On this happy note

On this happy note

In the world there are at least two good things: music and girls. And today we have a holiday at all: we have united with one another in our traditional rubric «Woman and the world.»

Vibrators help women take the high notes. This knowledge enjoys sharing Canadian singing teacher David Lei, who once casually discovered that produced sex toys vibration great relieve tension in the larynx, so that the range of his students seriously expanded. If you want to take advantage of this advice, consider that Lei massages charges are not inside, but outside.

Sex-coach and relationship expert Megan Fleming asserts the right music makes sex even more striking. According to women’s bible, called Cosmopolitan, a list of the most suitable for the exchange of fluids songs now looks like this:

Kings of Leon, Sex on Fire

Rihanna, Cockiness (Love It)

Bruno Mars, It Will Rain

Mary J. Blige, I’m Goin ‘Down

Chris Brown feat.

Kevin McCall, Strip

Fiona Apple, Criminal

50% of women in question "you are more likely to listen to music?" answer: "on TV, I watch music videos."

31% for as MEN increases the chance to get a new friend PHONE IF in his hands the guitar. At least so CLAIM behaviorist from the University of Southern Brittany (France).

If your lady is interested in karaoke, but you do not understand it slightly, then fine, let them interested. Professor of Medicine Takeshi Tinagava from Japan (and Japan, as you know, obsessed with karaoke) says: "Cheerful evening with songs and a small amount of alcohol in the company of friends — a great way to take care of health. When a person sings, he took a deep breath, and this positively affects the nervous system. The applause and the support of others — an excellent anti-stress factor. » By the way, since 2003 held the world championship for karaoke.

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